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Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle & Hollister Party

abbs1204Just the pearl and brown bracelet- would u consider a trade?
steponmeeeee@abbs1204 thank you for the offer but sorry hun I'm not trading
steponmeeeee@tbunton sure do you want me to hold this until tomorrow (which is Thursday) or hold this until Friday? & I have a few pairs of jeans that I've listed: you can browse my closet. I will also tag you in the listings.
tbuntonHold till fri. Morning. Then I can pay by credit. I'd love to look at your jeans. Thanks girl!!!
cleanfaithOmggg I love them! You added the. Cutest. Romper. Ever. All of it fits perfectly and makes me ache for summer. I hate NYC winters! Anyway, you're awesome, thanks so much. :)
sw33tt@cleanfaith glad u love it!!! Hope summer comes real soon for u or just come to Hawaii lol
juliepointer1"@neat2repeat 😄thank you for sharing:) everything in my closet is getting a discount right now:) let me know if you see anything you like:)"
zabrinacordovaXS can fit on size 26?
steponmeeeee@zabrinacordova according to the size chart, an XS is equivalent to a 23-25. It might fit a 26 bc the material is stretchable. But no guarantees hun
petite_shopgirl@mintedvintage I got your last msg. Thinking about it and will get back with u soon. Thx!
mintedvintageGreat thanks! Remember theres no risk to you! Plenty items sold! Xoxo
nanchintapa@ashlee12345 Thank you. I see that you just join Poshmark, welcome to the poshmark family. 😃
ashlee12345Thanks (:
jayne@pokwang hi thank you for your purchase but i just want to make sure you know its only 4 shirts in this bundle (theres 2 that was already sold, see picture)
pokwangYeah I see it. can I get discount I buy some more. I look some more. Thanks Hun .
jdevore@charldian I'm glad you got it, sorry I couldn't respond earlier I'm out of town but I'm glad you receive it on time (:
charldian@jdevore yup! I <3 it! I could use it for college since I have to carry along the books with me sometimes :)
stefanielee89@helpfshnfairy haha! Aww she's trying to be fashionable like her mom! 😉
helpfshnfairyYa, and the funny part is she HATES anything girly! I haven't let her try that top on, tho. I know when she does, it's going to look better on her than it does on me!
katelyn09Yes! I got the necklaces Saturday😊 love them, thanks!!
charnaekayla@katelyn09 oh yay I'm glad! That was the first shipment I have sent that I didn't get a tracking email with so I was super worried lol!
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