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Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior & FENDI Party

beantownerbThanks for the info. Would you take $150? I can pay immediately.
beantownerbMy offer is still on the table😃
steponmeeeee@riahdoesmakeup it's okay. To clarify, I only own one Louis Vuitton handbag in this style. The other one is the actual listing. This is just for additional pictures but before I was able to add more photos someone decided to purchase this. Please read the description: "ADDITIONAL PICTURES" is written in the description box.
riahdoesmakeupThat's what I figured.
kdaggSorry, should ave said two behind me at 100, I'll go 107
plsosinWould you be up for a trade for some black designer shoes?
linditaBeautiful watch I wish I could 😊
lalamarieeWould you be willing to sell me the watches pillow that's it sits on?
myrisbrows@lynncapri I was looking and I saw you asked for this price so thought I let you know 😊
nak_cole@artiffact how about $30
inanciWould u consider partial trading at all? Anything from my closet + cash? I've been looking for this wallet
steponmeeeee@inanci hi hun you have a nice closet but sorry I'm not trading ;)
artiffact@tiabia hi already shipped out. you should receive them any day now!
tina_nguyen@artiffact let me know if you come across something like this in an 8.5, thanks!
ccimino@steponmeeeee love your closet 😊 just followed you follow mine back and check out my closet ❤
isabellzz215Whats your lowest thru paypal?
_fab_finds@artiffact 🎉💞Whoop!! Whoop!! Congrats Girlie on your Host Pick!! Oh so beautiful!! I hope it sells soon!! 💞🎉
jenkan23CONGRATS on your beautiful HOST PICK :D ♡★☆★☆★
lolafardI have this purse that I bought direct from Dior 8 years ago and the tag is off to the side if this is a fake it looks pretty darn good
emamli@lilo68 , I had no idea !
tina_nguyen@artiffact do you have any other designer sneakers? Thanks!
artiffact@tina_nguyen hey none to sell at the moment but if I do I will tag u.
heaterbug79So are these authentic?
aijaUgh why so high for fake Dior
artiffact@laudev123 hey I will miss this bag so much. It's one of my favorites ever. You should get it in 1-2 days.
laudev123Thank you @artiffact !!! I promise you it's going to have a great home :) ❤ so excited
steponmeeeee@demitria67 @lye03 thank you ladies! :)
ccimino@steponmeeeee Are you interested in selling the white coat you are wearing If so how much and size is it ? And is it in good condition , no stains, years etc :) ?
alicatstrut@budgirl - I'll do $35. On hold in your name for up to 24 hours.
alicatstrut@budgirl - I'll be packing this up and dropping it in a blue box tonight for a 7AM EST pickup tomorrow morning. Hope it arrives quickly!
carlybstone@melbilbow @girlsnyder I have same bag if you want to check it out! If still looking for it!
carlybstone@sctwnchic I have same one if you are still looking! :)
sassylu@lisasimon I will take a look if I do find it ill let you know!
lisasimonThank you. Really appreciate it.
sfox45HI would you do 40 for them pay pal? thank you!
msagnew31@shoegotit still available? 50.00 right now
lbcharmis this available still? do you have the dimensions in inches?
ennaid18@lbcharm No sorry, this is no longer available
xvegasx@rorodoinit thanks for the fast shipping, the bag looks better then it does in the photos:)
rorodoinit@xvegasx ur welcome hun. Im glad ur satisfied. Take care of her! 😜 Xoxo
starcodeny@ginger785 hello,if you will have more used gucci for sale please let me know 😻😻😻😻✨
angluvu969@bargainseller75 got em 😃 they're very pretty. Thank you! They'll be at my station tomorrow!
bargainseller75@angluvu969 - Fantastic! Glad you received them ok. Thanks for purchasing... you're gonna get a lot of compliments on them 👍😃
alicatstrut@bosslady705 You bet. :) It's a very addictive app and the more you share other people's listings, the more they share yours and that exposes you to a broader audience.
bosslady705@alicatstrut thanks for the info....I'm "sharing" now:)
arjakabcin@srwb98 good choice 😊 just listed it today! Thanks for shopping my closet 👍
arjakabcin@srwb98 hey girl, tracking says its been delivered please remember to hit accept if you've received it! Thanks again for shopping my closet ❤
topbrand@asianone02 do u want the coach set and 80$ on top of that??
asianone02@topbrand sorry I'm not a fan of coach. Plus I just moved and I am trying to downsize now
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