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Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior & FENDI Party

jgajewskiHi there! Is the color more like the first picture or the second picture? Thank you for your time!🌺
artiffact@jgajewski hi it's more like the last pics.
steponmeeeee@riahdoesmakeup it's okay. To clarify, I only own one Louis Vuitton handbag in this style. The other one is the actual listing. This is just for additional pictures but before I was able to add more photos someone decided to purchase this. Please read the description: "ADDITIONAL PICTURES" is written in the description box.
riahdoesmakeupThat's what I figured.
titisclosetLove it!!!!!
toohaute2handleI just bought a fake one. Can u post more up close pics since im on the hunt for a 2nd papillion 19?.
justjessi@janicegw WOW‼️‼️💜💜💜 In @artiffact closet. Had to 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 💋 #xojessi
lalamarieeWould you be willing to sell me the watches pillow that's it sits on?
steponmeeeee@nanadep hi hun what is your absolute best offer for this item? Because your offer is significantly lower than the listed price. Im willing to compromise. Please let me know :)
daw12021996Hi so I really like a bunch of your items and I want to bundle soon but I need to make some more sales before I can do that. I just wanted to let you know that I'm interested and that I love your closet!
artiffact@daw12021996 ok I will totally bundle for you. Let me share some of your stuff!
artiffact@nanas88 the heel is 3.5". I can do $10 off.
lavieboheme<3 if these are still here after my sales go through in a couple days...
inanciWould u consider partial trading at all? Anything from my closet + cash? I've been looking for this wallet
steponmeeeee@inanci hi hun you have a nice closet but sorry I'm not trading ;)
artiffact@tiabia hi already shipped out. you should receive them any day now!
tina_nguyen@artiffact let me know if you come across something like this in an 8.5, thanks!
ccimino@steponmeeeee love your closet 😊 just followed you follow mine back and check out my closet ❤
isabellzz215Whats your lowest thru paypal?
faantazyWhat's the least and I saw you mention that you would sell with a trevi may I have a peek?!👀👀👀
lolafardI have this purse that I bought direct from Dior 8 years ago and the tag is off to the side if this is a fake it looks pretty darn good
emamli@lilo68 , I had no idea !
tina_nguyen@artiffact do you have any other designer sneakers? Thanks!
artiffact@tina_nguyen hey none to sell at the moment but if I do I will tag u.
jusprynHi, I see you haven't commented in a while. Is this still available I am interested !! Like-- purchasing today! Lol
beautifuldonnaHi there! I purchased this item a few weeks ago & have YET to receive it...I sent you a reminder a few minutes ago. If I don't receive it by the end of next week, I'll be forced to cancel my order. Thx!
monacco@artiffact hey, do u have anymore vintage fendi's similar to this line? I am a new collector of this style fendi. I did research and noticed you sold this to another posher months ago. So I contacted her in her closet and asked if she would be willing to sell it to me next week altho it wasn't listed. She says yes and now it is listed....when I asked her why it's listed she says, oh it's not listed for others, it's listed "just for you"...ok....so no one elses "buy now" button works but mine until fri of nxt week...Sorry I'm so pissed. I'm about being an honest seller and buyer but I guess others have games. So...now that I typed that novel :(....will u be listing any other ones?
monacco@artiffact Please disregard my message. She ended up being an honest seller. I feel like an idiot....smh:(
ploypingIt's beautiful! How come it doesn't come with a box?
steponmeeeee@ployping thank you! :) Unfortunately I misplaced the box.
alicatstrut@budgirl - I'll do $35. On hold in your name for up to 24 hours.
alicatstrut@budgirl - I'll be packing this up and dropping it in a blue box tonight for a 7AM EST pickup tomorrow morning. Hope it arrives quickly!
sassylu@lisasimon I will take a look if I do find it ill let you know!
lisasimonThank you. Really appreciate it.
sfox45HI would you do 40 for them pay pal? thank you!
msagnew31@shoegotit still available? 50.00 right now
xvegasx@rorodoinit thanks for the fast shipping, the bag looks better then it does in the photos:)
rorodoinit@xvegasx ur welcome hun. Im glad ur satisfied. Take care of her! 😜 Xoxo
angluvu969@bargainseller75 got em 😃 they're very pretty. Thank you! They'll be at my station tomorrow!
bargainseller75@angluvu969 - Fantastic! Glad you received them ok. Thanks for purchasing... you're gonna get a lot of compliments on them 👍😃
alicatstrut@bosslady705 You bet. :) It's a very addictive app and the more you share other people's listings, the more they share yours and that exposes you to a broader audience.
bosslady705@alicatstrut thanks for the info....I'm "sharing" now:)
arjakabcin@srwb98 good choice 😊 just listed it today! Thanks for shopping my closet 👍
arjakabcin@srwb98 hey girl, tracking says its been delivered please remember to hit accept if you've received it! Thanks again for shopping my closet ❤
jason05Trade ?
asianone02@jason05 hi! I am trying to get rid of stuff at the moment. I am willing to lower the price.
aligeraldeHello, I was wondering if your purse still available for sale? And how much is your last offer? I love small purses:)) pls. You can send me email at aligeralde19@yahoo.com
allie_ya@aligeralde so sorry but this was sold about two weeks ago :(
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