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Juicy Couture, Betsey Johnson & True Religion Party

sw33tt@savrich yes I can do $30 I changed the price for u
sw33tt@savrich thanks for ur purchase ill mail it out Saturday 😘
mikahscloset@uniquelyloved30 also yours if you want 😉 can bundle with the other if you wish
uniquelyloved30Great:) is this a true small? Do person in pic wear small?
karlielove@arieltaylor will u be shipping today?
arieltaylor@karlielove hi! I get off at 5 and I'm going to run down to the post office (last pickup at 5:30). If not it will go 1st thing tomorrow.
sw33tt@sthawer I added a pic for you . Hope that helps. Its super cute its just that i havent gotten a chance to wear it yet. If ur still interested I can do $26, which is the lowest I've ever done. Lmk what u think
sw33tt@sthawer thanks for ur purchase! Ill ship Monday 😘
mechelle118I'm so excited! Just made my 1st posh purchase!!!! My own closet will be coming soon<3
thegreeleygirlsGreat price! I'm too late
brandyhamby@katjo sweetie thx it was worth every penny. I'm very pleased & Thankyou
katjo@brandyhamby Yea!!! I'm so happy love it, it's a gorgeous set. Use it in good health and have a wonderful week.❤😃
sw33tt@hemikat thanks for your purchase ill ship it out tomorrow happy holidays 💕
sw33tt@hemikat btw did u want any of my free gifts? Lmk
cathccIt's ok lol I'm trying to match a top to my pants and it's so hard cuz juicy has like 800 shades of blue!!!!!! I have gone through this before w my teal set and failed I got like 4 tops that did not match but they looked like they matched on posh and I really don't want to do it again w my blue pants lol...my pants are "royal blue" according to the seller and they are blue gray to the eye so it's gonna be tough for sure😜😰
fionajean908Would you take 8?
carenhelm@tcart045 TY for your purchase! If I can find the belt buckle again, I will include if you think you'll use it. You would just need a plain Leather strap for it.. The belt buckle is not authentic JC but it's really cute! LMK & I will see if I can find it in the black hole known as my closet. (T-shirt is authentic )
tcart045Hello. Please include the belt buckle! Also, I purchased another shirt from you that was really Cute!
msaquino1I love these sunglasses! I got compliments all the time wearing them. I had a pair and they broke a few months ago and I have been sad ever since. I had them for about a year and travelled all over the country with these bad girls. I even left them at a restaurant in Annapolis, MD and the waiter found them and offered to ship it back to me to Cali :) Since they broke I have been looking for a new replacement pair for a WHILE. Of course for a reasonable price :) I saw them here and had to buy them for the awesome price!
lhuyen716@msaquino1 sorry but I've been out of town. I'll ship it tomorrow!
sweetdhelie@susieb0807 package sent📦📦 I will send u the tracking # in ur email address.. Have happy holiday!!!
susieb0807Thanks for mailing 🎁so quickly!!😀🎅🎅🎅Merry Christmas!!
joanne0716Very cute purse, wish I could afford it :)
uniq@jnn hi hun just wanted to let you know I am open to a reasonable offer!
mikahscloset@mikka Yay! ☺ glad you got it. Perfect weather for it the next few weeks. I added some more of my Betsey jackets, so be sure to check back 😊 have a Happy Halloween! 🎃
wenrella@mikka Hi, I think u will like some things in my closet. 👀Take a looksie
esalajean@sovanaddo thank you for the like ❤️ in order to get rid of everything in my closet I'm doing a Buy One Get one free . Browse my closet and let me know if you have any interest 😘
esalajean@sovanaddo BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ALL MONTh❤️
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