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Top 2012 Trends Party

brookepolThank you so much, you are so sweet :)
niceusajewelry@brookepol Thank you for following my closet! 😊 I will ship them tomorrow and hope you like them 😘
puddpudd0@justprincessj 🎉👏🎉👏🎉👏congrats on your hp👏👏👏👏
valorieann🎉🎉Congratulations on your fabulous Downtown Chic Host Pick🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏👏💃💃💃💃Let the celebrating Begin🎉🎉🎉💗💗🎶🎶🎶🎶🎻🎺🎷🎸🎤🎧🎵🎹
kallismommy@justprincessj yes mam! I am actually posting a brand new professional hair straightener, and some more items.
kallismommy@justprincessj do you see anything in my closet right now you like?
cfluhar1@justprincessj selling any toms?
sanfranstyleGreat closet! I am following you now... if you are not already will check out my closet and follow me? Happy Poshing!
girlsnyder@justprincessj awesome! I'll ship tomorrow. Great trade.
justprincessjI will ship yours out tomorrow as well. Thank you so much @girlsnyder and I agree it is a great trade!!
buster46246@francescapenko hi, there were a lot if attempts by people to buy this dress. So, do you still have it? Would you trade with me perhaps? Lmk
francescapenko@buster46246 its still available! I don't do trades. Sorry!
bettyrage442Hey girl just saw these are still on thread flip....might want to remove them!!! 😘
justprincessj@bettyrage442 shoot you're right. Thanks will do that!
terrishotts@justprincessj I will do the same. This will ship tomorrow-can't leave work today!
irisandraCould you please share my Tory burch posting, I really want to find that bag? I would really appreciate it. I am trying to get the word out :)
kirbe81Sounds good! And okay I will keep that in mind :-) thanks again!!!
justprincessj@xpeanutshopsx sorry Hun I only have one and its my fave towel. I have other coverups and bikinis only.
justprincessj@cskari I just came down 10 I can do another 5. Does that work for you?
justprincessj@tiffy1977 thank you for your purchase!! It is out in the mail waiting to be picked up. 😘😘
izawiz15@eunicera hooray!!! Rock those girl!! Like I said it takes a real veteran to wear those😃
dfortuneGreat thank you! My son has this item on his Xmas list. Merry Christmas and many blessings to you and yours!
dfortuneHi. Has this been shipped out yet??
zhoujen929Hi! I just wanted to thank you again - I love the wallet/wristlet and I will definitely take good care of it! Also, thanks so much for taking the time to wrap it and write a note! I'll definitely be shopping in your closet again!
izawiz15@zhoujen929 thanks girl I appreciate the feedback!! Def take care of that one cuz my momma gave that to me lol. As long as she's not on this app then I'm good😜 Have a good one!!
jessicayflores@trisstinn I'm in Queens so the hurricane/power outages has had most businesses closed, so I haven't been able to take them anywhere. Now that the power is back on, I'll see if my local repair shop is open. No box. Yes, they are true to size. What's the most you'd be willing to pay if repaired? Poshmark suggests sellers don't publicly post their lowest prices bc if the you don't decide to buy it, then the next person will just start the negotiation from the lowest price. Hope you understand.
jessicayfloresHey there @linaabusali. I had the shoes cleaned, shined and replaced the tabs. The new price reflects the amazing condition these gorgeous shoes are in but I'd be willing to lower the price for you since you have been interested in them for a while. Let me know if that is still the case.
lchouser👏👏👏congrats on your Host Pick!! Woohooo!!😀🎉🙌
rebeca3Congrats HP for tonight 🎉👏💐
pamelam🎊🎈🎉CONGRATULATIONS🎊🎈🎉 - So exciting to get 🎊🎈🎉HOST PICK!!! 🎊🎈🎉
splendeurCongrats on your 🎊🎉🎈 HP 🎈🎉🎊 tonight!!! Shared 💕 and then some!!!
cstallbaum@kaiiileee - Did you perhaps have the tracking number for this??
kaiiileee@cstallbaum I'll look it up for you, it should be in laptop, I'll do it when I get home
selenebowmanCan you possibly post another pic? Difficult to see material and texture of this GREAT top ... Thanks!
jlu2006I'll take this for $13 if you change the price now. =)
yadii@jlu2006 their you go Hun 👍
jrezaguiPerfect , shipping and pleased 100%!!!
jbrown13@jrezagui Great! 😃 I'm so happy to hear that! Enjoy your bracelet! 👍
phoebescloset11@angelcutie21 I am so sorry. How I got that mixed up I hv no idea. I hv so many scarves & you will be the first person I tag when I post another one that looks similar to this.
shanlynHey @phoebescloset11 ik this one is gone but should you post any similar can you please tag me:)
mf_beauty_space@krisbra1306 hi dear, let me know if interesting, I do bundle to save your shipping cost. 😃
krisbra1306Ok thank you :)
alyssaa@upsnowgirl thanks for the like! Interested?
alyssaa@kyliann thanks dear for the likes! Do you wanna bundle all 4 likes and get a discount or are you just looking for now?
joho91I'm really short and I'm afraid it won't fit - how long is it?
annabellev@joho91 it is appx 30.5" long and I am 5'3" for reference, so you can see it where it hits me in the picture.
noonYou're welcome, no hurry..I hope it fits. This is my first time buying from poshmark, are returns an option or does it vary seller to seller?
styleandtaste@noon Right now PM does not do returns unless the item is damaged, wrong, or missing something. But I hope it fits. Idk, if you saw but I mentioned in the comments before that this is a Jrs. Large.
pinkprincess789I received it thanks so much
pardave72@pinkprincess789 no problem that was kinda fast ! Hope u like it thanks for ur purchase again
yadii@a_moral55 i have to say their about 5 inches.
christie69Really want these
jbrown13@sherry1957 I jus saw your question! Yes, I can lower to $15! They are brand new, never worn and very stylish!
jbrown13@lcampos732 Thank you for your purchase! 😃 I will get those bangles packed up for you tonight and shipped out to you tomorrow! 👍
samiam11Sounds good, I'll throw the skirt in too. I've never done a trade. Where do we go from here ?
mf_beauty_space@kattkatsis hi dear, thanks for like :) feel free ask if any question about this magic scarf 😃
mf_beauty_space@sydney_clay any question about this magic scarf maybe? 😃
tracyweigandVery cute
rkgeyer@tracyweigand hi! Thx! Let me know if you have any questions!
thaotramCan it come in black maybe?
jbrown13@thaotram No, I'm sorry! I only have it in weathered red which is pretty much, "pink!" The bracelet is only made in weathered red, navy and white according to the website.
liqhtskin_Yes but it might be a little short for my my bits kinda big 😔
anaabigailI'll give you 10
anniea44@thanhie trade?? They're my size.
thanhie@anniea44 Sorry but currently not trading bcs in saving money for an item I have my eye on. 😊 Let me know of you would like to bundle these with anything!
cynthiaasalas@katjo juniors or ladies?
katjo@cynthiaasalas It doesn't say on tag junior or ladies so I can't be sure..sorry. Also on one of the cuffs there is a one inch split in the seam I just noticed. So I will be reducing this to half price if anyone is interested.
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