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Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci & FENDI Party

jourdaneHi, I'm new on Poshmark. If this bag is sold, why at the bottom of the pic it gives you the option to "Buy"? Nice bag!!
leah_cBeautiful !! U sold it?
kaya1221@cinderella I have not received it yet. Maybe today ;)
cinderellaYes!@kaya1221 it should arrive by today then ;D. I hope u like it😘❤❤❤
cinderella@nyk hi there, I was looking to sell. But if you were still interested, I can give you a discount :)
amandasavala@emily_10 Okay thanks for letting me know in the morning when my mom wakes up ill ask her for the tracking number and i will let you know when it should arrive..ill keep you updated
emily_10Thanks for let me know plz ;"
ploypingIt's beautiful! How come it doesn't come with a box?
steponmeeeee@ployping thank you! :) Unfortunately I misplaced the box.
titisclosetLove it!!!!!
toohaute2handleI just bought a fake one. Can u post more up close pics since im on the hunt for a 2nd papillion 19?.
dominiques20@ceceliacarmona hi! Just wanted to let you know that I'll be shipping the necklace after work today or before work tomorrow :)
ceceliacarmonaOkay. I shipped the clutch yesterday :)
lalamarieeWould you be willing to sell me the watches pillow that's it sits on?
steponmeeeee@nanadep hi hun what is your absolute best offer for this item? Because your offer is significantly lower than the listed price. Im willing to compromise. Please let me know :)
inanciWould u consider partial trading at all? Anything from my closet + cash? I've been looking for this wallet
steponmeeeee@inanci hi hun you have a nice closet but sorry I'm not trading ;)
ccimino@steponmeeeee love your closet 😊 just followed you follow mine back and check out my closet ❤
isabellzz215Whats your lowest thru paypal?
lolafardI have this purse that I bought direct from Dior 8 years ago and the tag is off to the side if this is a fake it looks pretty darn good
emamli@lilo68 , I had no idea !
forjoseyes@eemjewelry I also have LV if interested;)
eemjewelry@forjoseyes I'm interested! Didn't see your listing....email me with a price/pics, erin@eemjewelry.com
lynn4478Whats ur lowest price
aher1019@silverandplum hey.. If you don't mind me asking.. How much did this go for? I have the black one in great condition and am trying to decide what to list it for! Thanks :)
myclutterfix@kawandaj sold it already
designerfashionI 💝 your closet!! Please shop mine so I can ship yours. 😍 Trades are welcome!
_brrendaAnymore of these? Love how the inside looks
crystalmclain@lmarks111 hello :) what's the best price you can go on this? I want it for a gift for my husbands bday :) lmk I will purchase now If you can take off for shipping if not would you consider a possible partial trade please lmk
mckenziedHello love if you have a buyer go ahead and sell idk when I can purchase..
diamond900k@mckenzied okie honey thanks!!! @jackie23jacob it is available:)
diamond900k@flaviablair it's one of a kind and never been used since I'm more of a collector!
flaviablairSorry I never wanted to trade, which I dislike as well, but email me more pictures please flavia@lacerdallc.com it has been a while since I left you a message so I purchased something for my sister already, but I don't mind adding another bag to my collection!!!! Thx
reddragonfly@alicatstrut ha! I assume they think I'm in AA and lying..... I occasionally used to whisper to bartender to bring me juice in a highball glass , when I was a HF marketer; people get uncomfortable when u r not drinking . Then I'd forget and swig the juice in two giant slugs and they'd stare thinking it was a screwdriver heh!
alicatstrut@reddragonfly Ha, I've done the same. I sometimes order ginger ale in a champagne flute and forget to sip.
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