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Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci & FENDI Party

marisar210Is the LV Brooklyn still available or is it sold?
not24get@marisar210 its been on hold since the day that i told you. I didnt hear anythin yet
jourdaneHi, I'm new on Poshmark. If this bag is sold, why at the bottom of the pic it gives you the option to "Buy"? Nice bag!!
leah_cBeautiful !! U sold it?
kaya1221@cinderella I have not received it yet. Maybe today ;)
cinderellaYes!@kaya1221 it should arrive by today then ;D. I hope u like it😘❤❤❤
nyk@cinderella Trade/partial pay?
cinderella@nyk hi there, I was looking to sell. But if you were still interested, I can give you a discount :)
maryhunteOk Val I'm ready ! Send me a note when I should buy it. Thanks
valscloset@maryhunte I changed the price for you :)
victoriaanneVictoriaanneq@aol.com ☺☺☺
queen86Is this Authentic?? Thank you & God Bless
amandasavala@emily_10 Okay thanks for letting me know in the morning when my mom wakes up ill ask her for the tracking number and i will let you know when it should arrive..ill keep you updated
emily_10Thanks for let me know plz ;"
steponmeeeee@demitria67 @lye03 thank you ladies! :)
ccimino@steponmeeeee Are you interested in selling the white coat you are wearing If so how much and size is it ? And is it in good condition , no stains, years etc :) ?
tatyana123Thanks for shares! I love these glasses, but just bought Stella McCartney 3 nights ago :((( I even didn't receive them in the mail and now I see these !!!:((( Tx, Tat.
dominiques20@ceceliacarmona hi! Just wanted to let you know that I'll be shipping the necklace after work today or before work tomorrow :)
ceceliacarmonaOkay. I shipped the clutch yesterday :)
linditaBeautiful watch I wish I could 😊
lalamarieeWould you be willing to sell me the watches pillow that's it sits on?
steponmeeeee@kkristina37 Thanks for your purchase! Your package was dropped off at noon today! :)
inanciWould u consider partial trading at all? Anything from my closet + cash? I've been looking for this wallet
steponmeeeee@inanci hi hun you have a nice closet but sorry I'm not trading ;)
ccimino@steponmeeeee love your closet 😊 just followed you follow mine back and check out my closet ❤
isabellzz215Whats your lowest thru paypal?
lolafardI have this purse that I bought direct from Dior 8 years ago and the tag is off to the side if this is a fake it looks pretty darn good
emamli@lilo68 , I had no idea !
forjoseyes@eemjewelry I also have LV if interested;)
eemjewelry@forjoseyes I'm interested! Didn't see your listing....email me with a price/pics, erin@eemjewelry.com
heaterbug79So are these authentic?
aijaUgh why so high for fake Dior
lynn4478Whats ur lowest price
aher1019@silverandplum hey.. If you don't mind me asking.. How much did this go for? I have the black one in great condition and am trying to decide what to list it for! Thanks :)
myclutterfix@kawandaj sold it already
designerfashionI 💝 your closet!! Please shop mine so I can ship yours. 😍 Trades are welcome!
_brrendaAnymore of these? Love how the inside looks
crystalmclain@lmarks111 hello :) what's the best price you can go on this? I want it for a gift for my husbands bday :) lmk I will purchase now If you can take off for shipping if not would you consider a possible partial trade please lmk
danbo50@diamond900k I have this Bag & I love it, right now I have to send it and see if they can restore the fabric it faded from the sun. But I have this bag & the carry on that goes with it. I think it was around 2004 or 2005 they came out.
danbo50@diamond900k if you change your mind about trading check out my closet. 🐾
diamond900k@flaviablair it's one of a kind and never been used since I'm more of a collector!
flaviablairSorry I never wanted to trade, which I dislike as well, but email me more pictures please flavia@lacerdallc.com it has been a while since I left you a message so I purchased something for my sister already, but I don't mind adding another bag to my collection!!!! Thx
reddragonfly@alicatstrut ha! I assume they think I'm in AA and lying..... I occasionally used to whisper to bartender to bring me juice in a highball glass , when I was a HF marketer; people get uncomfortable when u r not drinking . Then I'd forget and swig the juice in two giant slugs and they'd stare thinking it was a screwdriver heh!
alicatstrut@reddragonfly Ha, I've done the same. I sometimes order ginger ale in a champagne flute and forget to sip.
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