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UGG, North Face & True Religion Party

jina_kang01ok that's fine with me, can you change the price? I will buy it now :)
mocomommy@jina_kang01 all ready for you hun!
brandigirlBeautiful purse, love it!! Exactly as described ---- thanks again. Excellent Posher😉
brasilnstyleI'm glad you liked. The material it is made fits like a glove. I have a sleeper shoe to walk in the house during winter and it is made with authentic sheep skin exactly like that purse. 😻😻Merry Christmas and Happy New UGG purse for you 🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅
rayyy_cilll@sbrown1234 hey there, just shipped your item sorry for the late shipped I was out of town. Should be getting it this week
sbrown1234No problem, thanks!
hvdcamyGreat pair of boots! Love them! thank you.
hippiechick3@hvdcamy I loved them wish they fit me, wear in great health happy Holiday's thanks for your purchase!!!!
allieloveSorry things came up today so I couldn't make it to the post office but I will tomorrow for certain!! :) sorry for the wait
allieloveJust shipped them out :)
divamycloset@tlsargent Great! Have to go to UPS to get a box. The priority boxes I ordered aren't big enough to fit box in. Still trying to ship for you today. Thanks for the purchase! ; )
tlsargentK, great!
jsaenz@abagail hey what size ugg boot do u wear? I wear 8 but in anything else a 81-2 I was wondering should I get these in a 8 or 9?
taaaylorx2@limage aw you're so sweet I'm glad you understand! Please feel free to let me know anything you're interested of mine and ill give you an excellent deal. Ill be adding more soon!
taaaylorx2I'm attempting to ship them later today, however I have a feeling I'm gonna need a new shipping label cause of the weight. I'm also shipping it in a just fab box cause its the only one I have that will fit them lol. Will let you know what happens @zacksplace
angelalouiseBTW did you get the vera bradley bag?
bellacita@angelalouise great ! Glad that worked out😊Yes, I just got the Vera Bradley bag yesterday! Thank you, it's in mint condition and way larger than I expected. Thank you! If you have a feedback page please direct me to it and I will write something for you😊THANKS AGAIN!
aspenmckennaYou rock - I've liked your closet so I can see what you post. We have similar tastes and sizes! 🌷
neesa@aspenmckenna thanks ur too nice! Then I'd love to see ur listings too!
cheuy3060@shelly33 yes ill change it
cheuy3060@shelly33 did u receive these yet it said they were delivered today 😄😄
jamie08There are scuffs on the bottom of the pants where your heel walks. I'm not accusing its just really disconcerting that I just spent almost 100 dollars on something falsely advertised. Not really mad at you just frustrating you know??
neesa@jamie08 that's the style of the jeans to have that already worn look. Many of my true religion jeans had that look with frayed bottoms even rips on the jeans. I'm sorry if that's not the style you were going for.
scarletfever84@jayhawkgran hey! Sorry I've been busy and haven't had a chance to respond. Unfortunately Poshmark had me send it back in order to get my refund. Sorry! If you're interested in anything else from my closet for him though let me know! 😃
jayhawkgranThanks for getting back to me. I thought that would probably happen. No problem just thought if you still had it we would still buy it. This has been crazy, but I am so glad we had a chance to meet, and I thank you for being honest. Hope we can do something in the future:)
thanhie@gretchy808 reserved for you my dear! OMG! I'm an ice cream FIEND as well! If you ever want to treat yourself, get ice cream shipped to you from Jeni's ice cream. http://www.jenis.com/ They are incredible! I used to LOVE going to Columbus and eating ice cream! They have the most unique flavors! When I'm down, I get these shipped to me!
gretchy808Hey girl!!! Thank you so much for holding these for me still, I was afraid they might be gone:( but anyway since you need money for a once in a lifetime trip & i need jeans, I can buy them from you now if that's alright!!! You have all kinds of fun stuff in your closet so if u still wanna work some kind of trade for your bracelets down the line I'm good with that! I just need something new in my closet and I've been thinking about these alot lately! You know my email and cell so when u have a second lmk how much i owe ya!! Thanks hon! I'll chat with ya soon! 😊👖🎀👖🎀👖🎀👖🎀👖🎀😊👖👜👜👜👜👠👠👠👠👖👖👖👖👖😘
sassypinkgirl@searching4e I love these, but you are too skinny for me. lol I have these in black.
searching4e@sassypinkgirl I can't fit in these anymore 😪 So.....I have replacements. Larger ones 😊
kwheelzWould you take $40 for this? Do you use PayPal? Thank you :)
gigispiderI am very interested in this... Could you take more pics if back and inside? Is it full zip?
aroblingThanks girly! Definitely give me a tag! Please tag me if you ever have any other Women's Small Northfaces💗💗
kristalpop@arobling Yes ill definitely let you know!❤
xpeanutshopsx@roxyart hi! I'm sorry I'm not sure why it's not working for you- I would try to contact poshmark they would be able to tell you why it's not working :) also, did you read the description? These have been used and show some pilling and fuzzies from being freshly washed:) I want you to be happy with your purchase so plz ask any questions beforehand 😇🎀
xpeanutshopsx@roxyart shipping today ☺ you should receive it by this Saturday!
tiggerchickCan't wait to get these!
laurajohnThey should be arriving very soon! Sent them early this morning!
brandigirl@labeba125 I'm also going to be listing some additional pairs if interested?;)
deciccoIf u take them down to $120.00 i will purchase them right now.
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