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Gucci, Prada, Chloe & Burberry Party

heinhaung@klayresse thanks for the like! Let me know if you have any questions 😊
heinhaung@allenzki thanks for the like! Let me know if you have any questions 😊
heinhaung@meebee haha, hey btw, don't forget about the Gucci shoes! Keep in touch ☺
meebeeI will. Thanks!!
tatyana123Thanks for shares! I love these glasses, but just bought Stella McCartney 3 nights ago :((( I even didn't receive them in the mail and now I see these !!!:((( Tx, Tat.
lisahmoore@pitusablonn Hi Doll my fault. I forgot we went offline. I was checking thru PM. I found what I need, thanks!
lisahmooreThank you!!!!
kdaggSorry, should ave said two behind me at 100, I'll go 107
plsosinWould you be up for a trade for some black designer shoes?
arjakabcin@srwb98 good choice 😊 just listed it today! Thanks for shopping my closet 👍
arjakabcin@srwb98 hey girl, tracking says its been delivered please remember to hit accept if you've received it! Thanks again for shopping my closet ❤
myrisbrows@lynncapri I was looking and I saw you asked for this price so thought I let you know 😊
nak_cole@artiffact how about $30
artiffact@sako630 yes it's authentic. I can take off $5. Good deal its brand new and $150
itslwlOh this is so darling!
weiwei319Thank you . It is beautiful.
tigleous@weiwei319 So glad you're happy with it! Thanks for purchasing!
jglam@reddragonfly lol...thanks doll...I enjoyed wearing this pair with glammed up cocktail dresses
jglam@reddragonfly but I loved wearing them most with dark skinny jeans and my TR emerald top...made for one hot edgy-glam combo!!😉
katiemcclary@arihix Thank you!! Ill ship them out tomorrow. I don't have the case for them but I'll ship them with a Bolle case.
arihix@katiemcclary works for me! Thanx!!!
brunette282@tiera81 would you want to do a partial trade ? Check my closet if you do, thank u
tanoury@msriamarie How do they run??? I will buy now if they are stretchy . True to size???? Or run big?
msriamarie@tanoury Thanks for your interest 😃 its true to size & not sure if it'll stretch.
pdirmzDo you have the authenticity cards? Thanks!
jessyyycaa18@pdirmz I don't think so..I'll look! but there is the code of authenticity inside. If your seriously interested, you can email me at jessyca5118@yahoo.com
hkxnycdo you trade? i have a really big closet you will prob find something you like :)
bocateach5I do not trade, but thanks for your suggestion.... You have an amazing closet :-)
sacoyalyStill available?
teyasmama@sacoyaly yes, still available. No box or dust bag though.
katscanI received the wallet, however was wondering if you could please send me the authenticity cards as well.
teyasmama@katscan I'm not sure if I'll be able to produce them since I got the wallet a long time ago. I'll see if I can find them- feel free to go to prada though to have them authenticate the wallet- I put bought it at saks.
teyasmama@lucyd21 yes, still for sale. How about $125?
meg830Can you take another pic of the other side of Gucci tag with model and serial number... I'm interested!
tishawne07@ehugurl99 picked up package today.. I love the bag, it looks bigger on the photos but I'm happy with it.. Thanks for the gift that was nice of you..
ehugurl99@tishawne07 . Your welcome beautiful! Enjoy your new bag!!😘😘😘
akorsich@gatitafeliz1227 like wise! Please keep checking my closet I'm always adding more things.
gatitafeliz1227Sure, I will, thanks!!!!! ; )
yuiyuiTrade or $20?
akorsich@yuiyui sorry we don't have the same size n most of your items are not available. If you are still interested I can reduce the price a lil, it's just very low price already. It's authentic Gucci
salvador1Do you have better pics
ashleyfunkCan I see a picture of the front of the wallet?
sonya1230😊just purchased. Thank you!
mcnubbin@loric8 here's a picture of it wrapped around!
mbourdonCan you bundle this scarf and the regular size pink check scarf for me , for $320?
mcnubbin@mbourdon sure thing!
irinaapopovdo you take PayPal?
sadafsandyCan u please take a clearer pic of the tag and any other tags that show authenticity. If it is, then ill get right now at this price. Thanks
mcnubbin@echoinesse I could do $265 for this and the mini!
echoinesse@mcnubbin That sounds great. I'll take this and the mini blue scarf.
sonya1230@mcnubbin hope u had a great holiday. Just wanted to let you know my mother in law loves her scarf. She wears it everyday. It's been cold in San Diego. Thanks again
mcnubbin@sonya1230 that's so awesome to hear! It's cold in San Diego too?? I guess no one is spared from these past few chilly days ;) happy new year to you!
guineveregemini@eppugh Yes- I bought this one ^~* Thanks for tagging me... Much Aloha~
mikahsclosetDarn.. I guess I missed this one 😔 Great Closet BTW! 😉 you have some really cute stuff. I'll be sure to check back
frownyfaceShould've commented earlier but thank you for the quick resolution! Excellent seller, would buy from again 😘
beasmama@mcnubbin OK, thanks!❤️💕❤️💕
beasmama@mcnubbin If u list any more traditional...tag me please!!!😃👍😃👍
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