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Juicy Couture, True Religion & Bebe Party

vintage_shelby@toddfamily hi hun bundle is ready for u to purchase. If you notice the listing is reserved for u at dollar amount we discussed and I will ship both tomorrow and u should get ten at the end of the week 😊😊😊😊
vintage_shelby@toddfamily I'm in a meeting so if I don't reply right away I'm sorry but I will get back to u ASAP
vintage_shelby@jadestrada thx for the purchase I will ship shortly :)
jadestrada@vintage_shelby It's so beautiful; I can't wait to try it on!! Thanks for keeping me posted :)
amelchor@cw_closet I do, I'll send u an email..
cw_closet@sexyextension thank you for purchasing! I will have them shipped out tomorrow :)
vintage_shelby@gsharma3 thanks for the like lmk if u have any questions or if ur interested :)
vintage_shelby@breyanarogers Thanks for the like! Let me know if you have any questions or if you're interested :)
vintage_shelby@marzenkapl85 thanks for the like lmk if u have any questions or if ur interested :)
vintage_shelby@bledbetter2327 thanks for the like let me know if you have any questions or if you're interested:)
jbrown13@tee1310 Sure, I'm happy to help! :-) have a great night and I hope you enjoy the sweater jacket. :-)
tee1310Thanks I will. Have a great night!
soniasoyeon@487adriana yes, i am. Email me at soniasoyeon@gmail.com :)
487adrianaOk I did hun can you change the price now? Thanks 😍
jbrown13@bohemiia Thanks for 'liking' these Bebe yoga pants and the Express pink shorts! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask or if you're interested in bundling, just let me know. 😊
jbrown13@darindagreen Thanks for 'liking' these Bebe yoga pants! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 😊
steponmeeeee@mbohlfs thank you Marnie!! :) Unfortunately, all post offices are closed today due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I will ship out tomorrow. Sorry again for the inconvenience!
steponmeeeee@mbohlfs Hi ! Your package was dropped off at noon today. I hope you receive it soon! :)
nmathisThank you dear !!!! I just bought it :)
jbrown13@nmathis Awesome! I'll get it packed up tonight and shipped out to you tomorrow! Thanks! 😉
vintage_shelby@keymari hey hun thanks for the like! LMK if you have any questions or if ur interested 😊
vintage_shelby@lei1809 thanks for the like lmk if u have any questions or if ur interested :)
steponmeeeee@edytaa sure I can bundle for you. Just lmk when you're ready to purchase & ill put the robe & this skirt into one listing so you only pay for one shipping label.
edytaa@steponmeeeee that's great!!!! I can pay today!
sonyabarbi@cmb524 My pp: sonyabarbi@aol.com Is there any damage to the red flats? Can u mail to me?
cmb524Nope! I have a weird hate for red I just never wear it. Email your address!
thanhie@jmdavidson The waist when laying flat is 12 inches across, however the material is very stretchy and could stretch out more than 16 inches across.
mitch25Can u lower the price?
solisrazoIs this still available?
thanhie@solisrazo sorry these sold! Please let me know if you are interested in something else!
katjo@brandigirl Yea!!!!! I'm so happy you love it! It really was one of my favorites and I'm thrilled your happy with it! If you get a moment could you please leave a feedback for me on my feedback listing? Thank you so much and enjoy your new purse!👍😃
katjo@brandigirl Awwww thank so much for the lovely feedback, your awesome!!! (((Hugs)))
thanhie@hotdogsandoreos please let me know if you are interested in a bundle or are looking for something specific as I have many items I still need to list. 😊
thanhie@cocoagarzell Interested in a bundled deal of your likes?
kmeeks08Hey Happy New Year! 🎉🎊 A new year means new prices! I wanted you to be the first to know that the price for this listing as well as the majority of my closet has been reduced. 😃 Please let me know if you have any questions, and as always I will share for a share! Happy poshing👠👗👜 @roxy514 @followmedown @misscb @adis2012 @nunubaddasx05 @x0candacee
diliataboracan you bundle the 3 dresses I liked? what's the best price for that bundled?
thanhie@diliatabora email me at tiaNvu@yahoo.com for price negotiations
chanthomHow low will u go I very love this drees
thanhie@chanthom I am firm on price but will definitely lower in a bundle! Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to bundle with! 😊
thanhie@jazzymurphy thanks for your purchase! I dropped it off at the post office today and you should receive it soon. Thanks!
jazzymurphyOk thanks so much!
miss218@clangham thanks for your purchase hun! This will get shipped out tomorrow, the mailman already came today. 💕
clanghamNo problem!...appreciate you!
m3liWas I'm the mail box, I'm fully satisfied. Thanks doll!
miss218@m3li glad you like it!! Enjoy hun!
nydiramHi doll please check out my closet I am a Virgin Brazilian Hair Wholeseller, I do trades and partial payments! Check out my things😊☺️
thanhie@kbsbarry Wanted to let you know I dropped the package at the post office and it should arrive to you in about 2-3 days! :) I wrapped the bracelet in tissue, and then the shirt around the tissue wrapped bracelet for extra protection! Thanks again for your purchase!
kbsbarryThanks! Can't wait to get the package! Thanks for mailing it so quickly:)
miss218@jessica10908 no prob hun!
miss218@jessica10908 hey hun! Kindly go to my feedback listing and let others know how your purchase was! I'd really appreciate it! 💕
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