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Louis Vuitton, Dior, Valentino & FENDI Party

steponmeeeee@demitria67 @lye03 thank you ladies! :)
ccimino@steponmeeeee Are you interested in selling the white coat you are wearing If so how much and size is it ? And is it in good condition , no stains, years etc :) ?
inanciWould u consider partial trading at all? Anything from my closet + cash? I've been looking for this wallet
steponmeeeee@inanci hi hun you have a nice closet but sorry I'm not trading ;)
ccimino@steponmeeeee love your closet 😊 just followed you follow mine back and check out my closet ❤
isabellzz215Whats your lowest thru paypal?
heaterbug79So are these authentic?
aijaUgh why so high for fake Dior
lolafardI have this purse that I bought direct from Dior 8 years ago and the tag is off to the side if this is a fake it looks pretty darn good
emamli@lilo68 , I had no idea !
moniquejackson@jadorebritt thank you for the likes please let me know if you're interested in purchasing 😊
moniquejackson@coco0711 thank you for the likes please let me know if you're interested in purchasing 😊
jenn22Thanks😘😘😘I love it! Looks brand new😀😄😃have a great week sweetie😃
moniquejackson@jenn22 AWESOME !!! Enjoy!! ❤❤❤
moniquejackson@youngmony enjoy your purchase! Have a merry Christmas 🎅🎄🎆
youngmonyThank you . U too 🎁🎉🎋☺️
moniquejackson@catiesmiles thank you for the likes please let me know if you're interested in purchasing 😊
moniquejackson@pandakunkun thank you for the likes please let me know if you're interested in purchasing 😊
forjoseyes@eemjewelry I also have LV if interested;)
eemjewelry@forjoseyes I'm interested! Didn't see your listing....email me with a price/pics, erin@eemjewelry.com
justprincessj@nade212 I really don't wanna go that low I might as well keep them. Can u come up any higher?
justprincessj@nade212 I can come down to 400? Would that work? Maybe even a little mor3 I really need the cash
katemrobbins@lavishlook we exchange our address threw email, and send each other tracking information. Shipping will be $5-$7 threw Priority Mail, I think it's easiest if we just pay the shipping ourselves . I can send yours out tomorrow morning. This is how I did it the last time I traded, and it went pretty smooth. Let me know if your comfortable with this. Katemrobbins1@yahoo.com
lavishlookEmailed you Hun!
janek925@jennmapp Got the bag today hun. Very cute and thanks for the surprise samples and makeup case. If i like it i may contact u about it 😘
jennmapp@janek925 thank goodness!! Enjoy. I loved that bag
fabbylis@mika checking in to see if you received per website they were delivered yesterday morning
mika@fabbylis hi sorry was out of town just opened the box today. They don't seem to be authentic...there is no size marking at the bottom of the shoe between heel & sole. I'd like to return back to you if that's ok since I thought I was purchasing authentic heels. Thanks.
krinkal7Ohk! Last time I use PayPal the girl asked for my info, so I didn't think it showed up! We should be good then! Thank you xxx
erikamua@krinkal7 Anytime I ever saw someone ask that I never understood why. Only if they just moved and forgot to change it or something. Or the ppl that say they don't trust it, they have super strict policies for buyers. Whatevs
sherryurichCan i buy it know
tiffanynicky@sherryurich , hi there.. Yes! You don't have to ask:).. Just purchase.. Is this your first purchase?
iamkrystalle@janvalle Hi, yes they are. I have original box, carrier and bag.
iamkrystalle@queenzy Interested in purchasing?
marireydavilaOh my goodness...the shoes are gorgeous!!! Thank you sooo much!!!!❤❤❤
posh1127@marireydavila right? so glad you like it! Enjoy~ and thank you~
rocklifeGorgeous...someone else is selling a horrible knock off of this bag on PM..lol!
jfawdThis is gorgeous! Wish it was in my price range, if you would ever go down to $130, please let me know!
emiblu@jbruno1003 Just dropped it off at the PO
jbruno1003Great!! Thank you so much!! I will Look out for it!
cupcake22@onthemove28 I can't .. With the commission posh mark makes its hard. I've took a huge loss for these pair already. 💔Let me know if your still interested they are brand new..
xpeanutshopsxTrade for Tory burch sunglasses? :)
jinny@antsola Hi👋Are u still interested in the items u liked? Let me know please. Thank u
aundreauIf you ever decide to get rid of the shopping bag, I'd gladly take it! (:
gigimuah@cupcake22 would you trade for my brand new leather and fur MK purse? It's in my closet :)
antsolaYes yes I want them all and I thank you for giving me a great deal my check will be deposited midnight tonight I will text you so that you can get the bundle together....... I'm so happy thank you!
jinny@antsola Did u want to include these n the bundle too?
esanchez12@icy408 hi I just looked at my bags tag and mine says made in France. Not sure why yours would say made in USA it's also smaller in length. I don't remember seeing smaller ones when I bought mine. Do you have a receipt?
icy408@esanchez12 I know this bag has a bigger size. I guess different size made in different place? I dunno! I don't have the receipt cuz it was a gift from my ex. I dunno if u can call LV store to find out the authentic of the bag. It's 100% real. I have the bag n box for it.
omg_michele@lhommell Awesome! It got there so fast! I'm glad you like it.. I was so annoyed that poshmark didn't look at the damage an realize she really did it, oh well.. It has a good owner now so I'm happy!
lhommell@omg_michele stitching just doesn't come undone like that on Louis Vuitton... Crazy oh well yea got here super quick!!! 😍😍😍
pittsmarkI just saw your letter and care instructions!!! thank you SO much :)
enigma@pittsmark my pleasure 😘 I was always tempted to have my tailor make cuffs like that for other suits..might be a cute idea for you😘
capricorn27No problem. Stay safe!
dferrier@capricorn27 - I got these in the mail today around 12. Thanks for your patience!
npodCan u email me pics of the imperfections? Thank you. mrsnpod@vetizon.net. What's the lowest u will go and do u do pp?
mjacobs13@npod hi! Thank you for your interest in my bag, I sent you pictures of me imperfections. I am willing to do PayPal, I would be willing to drop the price to $250 for going through PayPal and for the minor imperfections
mjacobs13@sue_per I posted a picture of the inside of the bag if you want more pictures send me your email and I'll send you more
sue_per@mjacobs13 the bag is pink, i thought it was coral... Ill pass not a fan of the color pink lol...
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