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Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang & Zara Party

modmar91@katef Please. For the love of god. STOP inviting my to your parties. 😡 They don't even have beer! Lol. 😩 i will select the harassment option available via the PoshMark "reporting" variables available. Cease & desist.
bellemermaidquit sending me your party invites, I really dont care for them!
kaybor20@kaitlynmarie @miamarshall @missrachelmarie hi! Im having a sale! Everything with ☀is 50% off! So these are on sale!
kaybor20@onlyway2go hi! Im having a sale! Everything with ☀is 50% off! So these are on sale!
daliasg3 colors?!?! 😳 Wow!! I'd love to just have one!
golyndsey@daliasg Oh, yes... I bought out his 2007 line, it was so exquisite. Sadly, his collection lines have not produced nearly the quality of years past. The hides used inside and out are like butter. No stiffness whatsoever. Significantly weighted. Definitely a statement piece. Care for it and it will last a lifetime! ;)
thanhie@gonzales99 how about meet in the middle at $53? Posh takes 20% and This dress is like new
gonzales99@thanhie okay that works for me... Let me know when the bundle is ready. Thank you
soska@almoyes Sorry forgot to tag you. See above for the total. All items are brand new, never worn, only dry cleaned or washed. As for the dress, if it helps, I actually found the exact dress on gilt where I purchased it from, also size 4 as pictured. Please see the link: http://cartier.gilt.com/brand/twinkle-by-wenlan/product/18769768-twinkle-by-wenlan-pleat-panel-floral-dress
almoyesOut and about, but will look at Gilt link first chance I get. I'll purchase all other items once you create the bundle for your specified total, thank you very much! Love love!!!
deluxedeluxehow long is this? im very interested, but i cant tell if it will be too short. thanks!
azhaooo@deluxedeluxe how tall are u? I'm 5'2 and it falls a little above the knee. If you want the exact mesurements I will measure it when I get home
kuitie_stuffI have these shoes. In size6.5 for 100.00
yessa@seikaz79 Hi! I have this in a 6.5, if you're interested, please let me know!
mcnubbin@mcpalmer aww thanks! I'm going to pack these together into one package today! You might want to email support@poshmark.com to see if you can at least get a refund on the second shipping fee?
mcpalmerThanks! I will email them & see what they can do! Have a great day! 😃😘
beautylady125@swbrown1 great! I am glad you got it! Happy Hoildays! Will get that in the mail to u today! Blessings!
swbrown1Thanks and Happy Holidays to you as well! Blessings!😊
walkinwondrland@maur_fashion No this was the only one but I do have a camouflage jacket very similar in my closet
melissa_dewolfeMade payment, please reserve
dcruzinlv@melissa_dewolfe sorry I was out. Ok I reserved the items for you. I have 2 of the leopard shirt so I don't need to reserve it. I will ship items tomorrow. Thanks!
jilld2505@maureentrussell hope you are enjoying your new watch! Can you please confirm that you have received it through poshmark, thank you :)
jezza122488@kristelgrace Hi i have an MJ watch for sale would you be interested? Price in negotiable on all my items!
kilaWell check amazon, the price is way lower then what you paid for it on that receipt... Thanks
cupcake22@tinaly29 sorry Hun it's been sold already
gordomom@krishosman Hi Kris, when you have a chance, would you please accept the delivery of the Slingdoodle? Thanks!
gordomom@krishosman thank you for accepting the delivery! Hope you're enjoying the lovely bag!! ☀
tiffen32@plee023y : so happy it will reside in a home it is loved . Enjoy lol!!!
crystalcouchlove this bag i have on kinda of like this but in tan
elisabeta@bikerchick64 L'oreal eyeliner.
seraphwalkerYou should give more tips. I wear makeup but don't know how to do things like this. I'm going to follow you now. Thanks for the tip! I'll send you a pic of the results if it isn't too horrendous. Lol.
hayliebugCan the price be any lower
gordomom@hayliebug sure - I have a little bit of flexibility. Let me know if you have a price in mind. 😃 Thanks for browsing!!
hareemshafi@jackiecarreon hmm it says the same for me. I put it in our local mail box yesterday afternoon. It should have been picked up already.
dkcasey0920@huggiesgurl So glad this made it to you on time! Enjoy it! I appreciate the positive feedback btw. :) Happy Poshing, and have a great week.
huggiesgurlThanks you have a great weekend as well!!!! I'm stylin now lol
mimra90@uptongirl Hi:) I'm sorry, I don't do trades at the moment, just trying to get rid of some stuff. Let me know if you are interested in buying some of the things you liked in my closet. Maybe I can bundle for you:)
jaimerstoneWhat a perfect item for the TOUGH GIRL Party!! CONGRATS ON A WELL DESERVED HOST PICK!!! 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁
maureen888Pow! 👊 Boom! 💥 Congrats on your Tough Girl Party Host Pick! 🎉🎉🎈🎊
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