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Michael Kors, Steve Madden & Nine West Party

mimi_50Once again, thank you very much. Happy Thanksgiving!:-))
bombona@mimi_50 thank YOU for all your purchases. Mi friend is here she is going to send your shoes today do you want the shoes send in the MK box or can be send in a PO box.
coachsherman@kristen_l Oh no, that's crazy! Why don't you Mark something in your closet down to zero and I will purchase. This will generate another shipping label that will allow for 3 more pounds and it will only cost me $7. You can then split the order into 2 boxes.How does that sound to you?
kristen_lOkay, so it seems that is the only option. I really didn't want you to have to pay any more. I went to the other post office this morning and they said the same thing. So I'm going to tag you in another posting. I am so sorry!!!!
cmaher12@lian okay no worries. I'll think about it and get back to you - it's super cute!
lian@cmaher12 okay thanks :)
jaxxI can't fund received or accept button on this where else do Iook? I was wAiting on it but it hasn't come up
vintage_shelby@jaxx you did it!! Lol just go emailed thanks again!
maevaAre these still available??!!
sw33tt@maeva I'm so sorry it's not Lmk if u see anything else u like
xxcourt16xxThank you so much! I love them and they fit perfect! 👍👍👍👍
vintage_shelby@xxcourt16xx yay!! Glad to hear they worked out xoxo 😘😘😘
cristina1964Its ok;))) i needed a garbage bag anyway lol. But really!!!! Happy thanksgiving to u;))
roxysurf458@cristina1964 hahaha that made me laugh!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
myshop_wardrobe@jtillman1983. I would say smooth not silky, and yes a little stretch. Not as much as your average legging tho.
melissahdz@myshop_wardrobe can you model please?
myshop_wardrobe@samanthashelton this is still available
cynthia4664I promise u I'm just a fanatic of mk !! I would never resell ur superb priced items !!! Any other u may have for sale ??? Email me at cynthia4664@aol.com
ardz78Got them...thx so much...so cute love them!!
bahar@ardz78 so glad you finally got them!!
tessly2@hershey these have been on my like list for a long time, thankuuuuu looking forward to enjoying them!
hershey@tessly2 thank you so much! Imma gonna post more soon. Ill try to ship it today after my work. :)
nansizzle@sasariti Well hello my darling baby Sister :)
nansizzle@donnette02 Thanks hun for your purchase - will have these out to you quickly! Also, and you probably already know, when you get the muffs go to your account under your purchases and click the accept button. Thank you, thank you! 😊
bthereasap@msqueenmc Thanks for your purchase doll💐 Will be sending you a free iPhone 4/4s screen protector... Enjoy!!
msqueenmc@bthereasap you're welcome and thank you...
kristine25This same wallet for phone is about. $ 85 at the store I have the same thig what's the $700 for?
uniq@kristine25 700 is just a number so that no one would try to buy it. It's mark sold
uniq@sfitch772 @smith_n_erica Hello ladies lmk if you're interested. Email me if you like to negotiate a better price w/pp ms.bernadette1@gmail.com
uniq@agniin hi Hun I see your package was delivered. 
justafewthings@uniq thanks, I'm going through your closet right now. 😃
uniq@justafewthings ok great! We can work out a good bundle price if you like 
uniq@trisha42 Hi hun lmk if you're interested. Email me if you like to negotiate a better price w/pp ms.bernadette1@gmail.com
uniq@sukizh Hi hun lmk if you're interested. Email me if you like to negotiate a better price w/pp ms.bernadette1@gmail.com
uniq@pacifica hi Hun just to let you know I still haven't received your email. ms.bernadette1@gmail.com
pacifica@uniq oops that's cuz I didn't resend it . I didn't hit send. Geez.
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