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Gucci, Prada, Chloe & Burberry Party

vintage_shelby@veronicab yay!!! Glad you love it!! If you don't mid hitting delivered for this tote under your purchase tab it would be much appreciated 😘
vintage_shelby@veronicab hey hun sorry to bother you but was hoping you can set your purchase to deliver so poshmark can give me credit for my sale. Thank you much appreciated 😊
kat_kham@mrsmadariaga I found it! Let me know of you still want it
mrsmadariaga@kat_kham Yes still interested. Just can't purchase right now. When are you moving so I can try to get it before you move? Thx
yoitssb@goodtaste2012 thanks for the like and share! Let me know if you're interested x
yoitssb@arihix thanks for your purchase! I will ship them out by tomorrow. Hope you enjoy them! Xo
hailee06Just got the item .... Kind a too small for me , and I normally size xs ..... But for that price for the Burberry "😉my daughter will fit in it pretty soon . Thanks dear
vintage_shelby@hailee06 aww darn!! Burberry runs a little small in their stretchy tops I'm starting to notice. Your daughter sure is lucky!! Haha 😉thanks for the feed back xoxo
laylaemily@cutebabyboo I see your lotion arrived. Please go to " my account purchases " and accept order so I can get paid. Thanks! Happy thanksgiving and enjoy your order
cutebabybooi havent got it yet its left in my office so im gonna check on it today if its actually there
ob1kenobi@catherines would trade :)) i have the large soft brown one.. would sell it lol. Love :)
catherines@ob1kenobi You have a great closet but I do not trade.
andieg@kittyaj3 see this one hon? Isn't it the same bag?
cync@bakersedikh just sent out the package today. Hope your wife likes the purse!
slw46@socadia are u still selling them for $80 or $55?
socadia@slw46 go ahead I changed the price I will Ship today once u purchase
lisa0810@mechamplin Thank you!! I actually started designing those pieces for my friends and I (to be honest~HA!) bc we were seeing sliced rough cut diamond rings, earrings, and bracelets for 2-3x the price!!! I design jewelry on the side and while I don't mind doing "favors" here and there, I figured it was time to start getting paid. :) It's truly outrageous the price you pay for retail. There's several boutiques and high high end department stores that carry the SAME things as I do and while they're stuff is going for $22-24,000 for a bracelet, it's costing them so much less. I understand everyone needs to make money...but not these kinda of margins. :) I appreciate your compliment!
lavishlookHey hun! You have the cutest closet! Go check out my closet with lots of great items! Everything must go for bill & food money! & just got scammed out of a lot of items & money :( Hopefully I wasn't a bother to you! I'm sorry! Have a great day! & thank you for your time! <3
tkangaOkay, the card just doesn't look authentic. I may check with the prada store here at the Galleria. If they deny it I would expect you respectfully let me return it. But I'll release your funds now. Thank you dear. :)
namardThanks for ur reply.i will just list it here on PM pls help me share it with your followers when u get the chance.thanks!
tatoyan@namard np, I will share it for you
katscanYes. Were you still going to adjust price? If you don't want to sell just let me know. It's for my sister and I need it before Christmas
l_boutique@katscan I'm changing it now🎀
annenananini@lovehateme Hi... If you are still interested in my speedy 30, please email me at annenananini at icloud dot com 😊💝
lovehateme@annenananini emailed you ! I'm very interested :) please reply when you can
janinaroxScratch that. . Just saw U changed the status 2 sold. LOL
myclutterfix@janinarox haha yeah sorry, i forgot to change the status. got another prada if interested.
ghumraI have a Gucci large hobo chk out my closet I purchased it for 1575. I would be interested in a trade
myclutterfix@ntakara @ghumra sorry i dont trade
dangreyes@silverandplum r ur item that says not available r really not available? im confuse.
myclutterfix@dangreyes not avail means we sold it already 😊
myclutterfix@kawandaj sold it already
designerfashionI 💝 your closet!! Please shop mine so I can ship yours. 😍 Trades are welcome!
pinkbubblePut them on. I wanna see what the would look like on a person
alanetx@pinkbubble I own this exact pair and they're my all time faves so not selling. But, if you wanna know what they look like on a person, go into my closet and in my listing Meet Your Posher / Feedback, there's a pic of my family and me at a football game and I'm wearing them. You can see there. Hope this helps both of you 😊
county5020Hi is bag still for sell? Can you please provide full description along with dimensions.. Thank you!
county5020Can you post more pictures ?
lynn4478Whats ur lowest price
aher1019@silverandplum hey.. If you don't mind me asking.. How much did this go for? I have the black one in great condition and am trying to decide what to list it for! Thanks :)
xitsbrittI'm ready! just lower the price and I'll pay through here... tag me when you do please
cia33@xitsbritt price dropped.😊
drtatiI'm so sorry I took long on the Fendi. You snooze u loose😞I really wanted that bag lol! Please tag me on all authentic bags, I ❤your closet!
cia33@drtati NP mama! 
morenita@smilynh I didn't! I just got the confirmation of the two packages I sent which are your Uggs and some other girls boots😓
morenitaI got my Sunglasses this morning thanks a lot!!!💞
aligeraldeHello, I was wondering if your purse still available for sale? And how much is your last offer? I love small purses:)) pls. You can send me email at aligeralde19@yahoo.com
allie_ya@aligeralde so sorry but this was sold about two weeks ago :(
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