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Michael Kors, Dooney & Bourke & Dolce Vita Party

kdotlathamDo you have another pair like this to sell?
loribm3If you come across another pair 9.5 or 10 please tag me. Thanks!
xpeanutshopsx@nallen72189 shipped. I emailed you please read your email and confirm you have all info! Thanks
xpeanutshopsxNeed ur help girl! I did a partial trade plus cash and when I received the watch it was in terrible condition compared to the pictures :( don't know what to do..... I posted her photo and photos I took... Do you think I have enough of a case to ask for my item and money back?? Look at the watch in my items
casasmarI received my purse and love it thank you!
angelspace70@casasmar Thank you! I'm so happy you are satisfied with your purchase. Hope to see you back soon! 😊
prettybirdyDo u hav that watch for sale
chicandfrugal@prettybirdy - sorry the watch isn't for sale, but I have another one of those bracelets if you're interested. It's been worn a few times
saammymadrigal@megjones just got it! Loovee it!! Thanks so much!! il def be buying more from u in the future 😃
megjones@saammymadrigal GREAT!!!! So glad you like!!!
annafbaby& the necklace of course! Super fast shipping!
islandgrl8@annafbaby Awww, you're more than welcome! I'm glad you like them! 😉😘
ginnylou74I❤this bag! If you would do 40.00 with shipping included I will purchase😊
rchl62is this the large one?
megjones@jargon30 great!!! I love my stuff as well! Sorry it got mailed a day later than expected.. Got hit with a flu bug!!! If you want to trade again let me know!!
jargon30@megjones Sure just let me know. Hope you feel better soon!
syrinda621@bonnie27 thanks for checking out my closet. I just decreased this price today. Let me know if your interested
syrinda621@chel_21 if your interested please let me know, I can work out a discount
bernicerPlease put in bundle with jewelry And reduce price
bernicerWhere did jewelry bundle go? And I want guess bag also
syrinda621@kikaygurl88 I'm glad you love it and you finally got it. I never used it so I'm glad it has a better home
glowbug123Missed that one
jax_25@syrinda621 Lol yes I'm still bummed I didn't see it back when you listed it! Lol.
syrinda621@jax_25 aww well I went looking online and I see the Disney stores website has them. You have to pay more but you really like it go for it. It's like $250. I got mine from the Disney store.
zaza01@pipersmommy i just wanted to check that you shipped out the order? thank you again!
pipersmommy@zaza01 yes, shipped today. Thanks!
spain0812@silverandplum I'll just take the D&B purse for now for $125. Let me know when you have changed the price.
myclutterfix@spain0812 thanks hun, price changed for you 😊
mikesher001Can h take pics of the bottom? R there any scuffs or marks on them?
ynotLove it.! Not my size.!!!
retailtherapy11Lovee it! Wore this beauty out tonight, it felt fantastic! I'll be back for more! Thank you!
lavishlookHey girl! I came across these & noticed you are a size 8. I have a pair of Michael kors new heels in my closet just highly reduced! I could really use the money for bills & food.. Sorry not trying to bother you! Wish you the best of luck!
artiffact@ashleyatmos hey sorry I meant to send it out Yesterday but I'm sick. For sure it will be out Monday. Thank you!
ashleyatmos@artiffact I love the dooney thank you so much!
jenniferloveOmg😊 thank you soooo much!! I bought the matching Bracelet yesterday and I wanted the necklace too;) thanks again Hun😘 can't wait!!!
myclutterfix@jenniferlove thanks hun! You'll like the necklace 😘
t_cainI love the Stella and dot jewels your wearing with. I'm a stylist! It goes gorgeous with MK
myclutterfix@t_cain love stella!! Hehe addicted
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