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Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tom Ford & FENDI Party

cutiebunny@silvarain1 there are no scratches... Are you ready to get it now?
cutiebunny@silvarain1 I changed the price already..u can get it anytime!😉
elsjePrinted out the label today. Can ship it back out Wednesday morning.
ronbabes1202I've looked everywhere!
sellcutestuff@ronbabes1202 Probably best if you take it to an LV store if you can't find it yourself
gigimariebecOMG!!! I got the glass yesterday and they are sooooo cute!!! Now I just need a sunny day here in Chicago so that I can wear them!!! Thanks it was great buying from you for my fist time on PoshMark!!! Have a good weekend!!!
uniq@gigimariebec you're very welcome hun! I'm glad you liked your purchase and hopefully the sun will shine for ya soon so you can wear them. I'm glad your first buying experience was from me and I was able to make it a good one. Just be careful cause not every one here are such honest people unfortunately. Always feel free to come back and purchase! Have a good weekend as well!!
enigma@conzeye yes..I love Gucci slides and it's nice to have a not-high heel pair!!😘😘
conzeye@enigma awww I'm glad 😁
myclutterfix@kawandaj sold it already
designerfashionI 💝 your closet!! Please shop mine so I can ship yours. 😍 Trades are welcome!
lynn4478Whats ur lowest price
aher1019@silverandplum hey.. If you don't mind me asking.. How much did this go for? I have the black one in great condition and am trying to decide what to list it for! Thanks :)
ghumraI have a Gucci large hobo chk out my closet I purchased it for 1575. I would be interested in a trade
myclutterfix@ntakara @ghumra sorry i dont trade
forjoseyes@eemjewelry I also have LV if interested;)
eemjewelry@forjoseyes I'm interested! Didn't see your listing....email me with a price/pics, erin@eemjewelry.com
aligeraldeHello, I was wondering if your purse still available for sale? And how much is your last offer? I love small purses:)) pls. You can send me email at aligeralde19@yahoo.com
allie_ya@aligeralde so sorry but this was sold about two weeks ago :(
jubette@babegizzimo yes they are very beautiful thank you looking forward to continue doing business w/ you !! Have a blessed night & thank you again
lavishlookHey hun! You have the cutest closet! Go check out my closet with lots of great items! Everything must go for bill & food money! & just got scammed out of a lot of items & money :( Hopefully I wasn't a bother to you! I'm sorry! Have a great day! & thank you for your time! <3
oncallstylist... please contact me via my website: www.OnCallStylist.com for quickest response ... thanks!!!
oncallstylist@marshn I've shipped the backpack ... please contact me via my website ... thanks!
ginasaraivaTag me when you decide to lower price!
ginasaraivaYou can trade, look in my closet, lmk!
beantownerbThanks for the info. Would you take $150? I can pay immediately.
beantownerbMy offer is still on the table😃
artiffact@laudev123 hey I will miss this bag so much. It's one of my favorites ever. You should get it in 1-2 days.
laudev123Thank you @artiffact !!! I promise you it's going to have a great home :) ❤ so excited
yanag@artiffact okay let me know when you revive the glasses so I know you got them :) have a good weekend
yanag@artiffact hi have you shipped out my order?
myrisbrows@lynncapri I was looking and I saw you asked for this price so thought I let you know 😊
nak_cole@artiffact how about $30
kdaggSorry, should ave said two behind me at 100, I'll go 107
plsosinWould you be up for a trade for some black designer shoes?
_fab_finds@artiffact 🎉💞Whoop!! Whoop!! Congrats Girlie on your Host Pick!! Oh so beautiful!! I hope it sells soon!! 💞🎉
jenkan23CONGRATS on your beautiful HOST PICK :D ♡★☆★☆★
stephrules@mckennascloset hey girl! were u able to send this out yet? i love getting presents in the mail lol i'm excited 😃
mckennascloset@stephrules Hey!! Yes I'm shipping today! Sorry we had a nor'easter here yesterday! I went to PO today but accidentally told it was perfume, so they wouldn't ship there. I have to go to another PO on my break!!
artiffact@tiabia hi already shipped out. you should receive them any day now!
tina_nguyen@artiffact let me know if you come across something like this in an 8.5, thanks!
tina_nguyen@artiffact do you have any other designer sneakers? Thanks!
artiffact@tina_nguyen hey none to sell at the moment but if I do I will tag u.
megjones@chaazo they shipped!
chaazo@megjones ur the BEST!!! Ty!! Im excited! These ones im wearn are KILLEN my ears! Lol. Look fwd to doing biz wit u in the future! 👍👊☺
kat_kham@saryortizb I will ship tomorrow if you purchase today
kat_kham@saryortizb are you going to purchase? I have this reserved for you.
kat_kham@bb073199 9410810200830658373565 USPS
kat_kham@bb073199 hi there. Have you received the bag? Please mark as delivered. Thanks!
_________@kat_kham what year did you buy it and where? Thank you
kat_kham@_________ I purchased them from Neiman Marcus and got them around 3-4 years ago. I only wore them a few times to luncheons. I will include dust bags too!
annaxeftaMeasurements?? Please. Is it a clutch
deadgymnast123hi i was wondering if you ended up purchasing that chanel inspired purse from princesslaciee?
mollyboy7@jennycj in its way, please accept as soon as it comes!!! Thanks Jenny , sorry this happened but at least we for it!!!!! Talk to you soon 😘😘😘😘
jennycj@mollyboy7 thanks too!! No worries, will accept as soon as I get it
kat_kham@tita1991 hi, it is brown/ tan as the pictures show. You purchased it earlier and I mailed it to you today.
tita1991@kat_kham : Thanks. That's what I thought the color was although it looks a little bronze. How about your earrings ? Hoops ? Are they silver?
kat_kham@samw163 id like to keep it as a set but what's your offer? It's 2 sets of stickers from 2 diff years, not just one
sammyj11joreyesLowest price?
crazishhx33Can I see more pic of the wallet? Like any stain or rip? Or anythin? Close up? U can email me xlov3lygurlzx@hotmail.com
crazishhx33So? .. Can u show me some pic?
mcginnisl30Loooovvveee! I'd give everything for this lol
dsquared517Are you flexible on the price? Dsquared517@gmail.com
tinahhuynh@rona45 lmk if you ever decide to sell it. (:
rona45No sorry it fits so I think I won't .
magiavit@zeebee Hi. Sorry for the delay. I will mail this out tomorrow.
zeebee@magiavit no problem. Thanks!
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