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CHANEL, Chloe, Burberry & Christian Louboutin Party

jeb1995Still available?
bakekang15How much do sell if I buy this shirt and the red one?
blueamoreOoooh beautiful sorry I missed these
jessicadeluiseI'm lookin for navy shoes for my wedding like this-- if anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it
villageluxeHi! Beautiful closet! I run villageluxe.com which is an invite-only platform in NYC to rent designer pieces to and from top closets (think Airbnb for Chanel, Louboutin, etc.). Lots of Poshmark ladies rent out their pieces before they are sold or other pieces in their closet they aren't ready to sell yet. Would love to send you an invite code if you ping me at Julia at villageluxe.com. Have a great week! Xx Julia
prissy74Very elegant,I would love to buy it of it was my size:( it's beautiful!!
almoyes@prissy74 thank you for the lovely comment and for the closet visit 🌺
ms_jenn_aLove this! Wish my boobs could squeeze a 2!
almoyes@miss_jenn_a Thank you for the closet visit. The style of this dress may allow for fit due to more fabric used for both the upper and lower sections of the dress. Note how it is gathered. Let me know if you need additional measurements which I'd be happy to take for you 🌺🌺
lnp916Congrats on hosting
kc1101@msmary I wanted to stop by and say what a great party you ladies Hosted last night! Awesome new HP and great new closets!👏😊👏😊👏
wakegirlieHooray! Perfect... I'm purchasing now
epluger@wakegirlie Oh no! I shipped out your package today, came home, and noticed I left your thank your note on the table and it did not ship. So thank you thank you thank you hope you love your new case :) happy Poshing!!!
linsleppoGuess who's blowin up my SU feed?!? YOU GIRL YOU! 👯👯👯👯👯👯
almoyes@bayandyo so sorry this slipped by me 😥 let me know if you still want the measurement 🌺🌺
tinpat@almoyes Morning,Live your closet. So unique💞Cant believe I never came across it before this💞HAGD
almoyes@tinpat Hi! So glad you did 🌺 Thank you for the kind words. Appreciate the closet visit very much 🌺🌺
jenthelander@realtorara ill ship your bra you bought from me out tomorrow:) thank you!
lconnor33@alecia your lucky you "missed" these because they are fake
pangga62Sorry just got back . I already bought something like this from eBay, lot cheaper. But if you gonna give it for 40 I'll still gonna take it now.
pangga62Marissa you still have this. If you want I can pay you now for 60, thru pp
reeedee718Interested on trading the purse for David Yurman ring???Please check my closet to see the ring 😊😊
sophiapetrilloAnything for you! Will check now for you. @palau_de_nina
sophiapetrillo@palau_de_nina I marked a few but I think your prices on the majority of your items are excellent and very fair. When I mark things down in my closet, it's usually 5.00. When you change the price of an item, anyone who liked it will get an email notification of the price reduction and special shipping rate if they purchase. I would not take that much off of the items I marked, you could also leave price as is and write negotiable in the listing. Will be back in the morning to share. 😊 Have a good night.
emmamadelyn@angiewtz beautiful! Are there any scratches?
angiewtz@emmamadelyn A few but minor, and hardly noticeable as scratches. The leather is tan and beautiful especially when it's older. ;-)
arihixJust got the shades and thanks!!! I know I will enjoy them....if you stumble across the case and receipt papers I would appreciate it and would be more than happy to pay shipping. Thx again😘
sweet_hatttrick@naturalyunique Hi. Thanks for your Like but the Sold. Perhaps see my other items for sale
mommydearest@kayjay723 hey after all that talk about cupcakes I drove across town to my favorite bakery for cupcakes today. I probably won't fit into anything tomorrow. Ugh!
kayjay723wahh. Looks like a no-go then. But thank you for being honest!! Greatly appreciated! And yeah I've been bad also, had a few treats I was not suppose to have. ):
chibitinaDo the Chanel cancan flats run true to size? I'm a 7.5US but bought a pair of Prada flats 37.5 EU and they were a bit too small. I'm nervous paying so much for shoes I can't return if they don't fit! Let me know! :)
chibitinaIs the price negotiable?
reny1@gabyyy if you like to make an offer do so through the offer button thank you.
gabyyyWould you do 🅿️Ay 🅿️Al
reny1@kbrooks5 here is another authentic pair I sold! Since this is a heel the same sole is only put on the bottom that you walk in. I do that to all my CL's
kbrooks5@reny1 that's great! I'm not trying to be rude, but I want them to look 100% authentic and these don't compared to my others bought from Neimans. PM will provide you with all necessary info. Thanks!
jenndelI wear 8.5 in Christian Louboutin heels would these fit or would they be too big? Are the straps adjustable?
hairstylist123Can you send more photos? Like a photo of the toe to show if there is scuffing. Thank you
kittyhawaiiIs the color on the straps fairly dirty? It's hard to tell from the pics, but I'll buy them right now if I can get a closer look!
bling1969@kittyhawaii hi there, I just posted a pic of the shoe, last pic. On right foot slightly yellow , I even didn't know, maybe because it 's in the closet, I'm sure you can clean off, it's fabric . Let me know.
minipinki@mgauthier hi. sorry for the delayed response. I actually didn't download poshmark on my new phone until now. the bag is still available if you're interested.
minipinki@nathansmom I apologize for the very delayed response. I never downloaded poshmark on my new phone until now. The bag is still available if you're interested.
yasmeena12Any more Burberry foot wear? Thx
jennifermd@yasmeena12 Not at the moment, but will let you know if I come across any. Thanks!
minty@agyely Hi! I received your order, will ship out today! Keep an eye out for tracking email from poshmark! Thank you!
maryann79@sthawer it's been shipped thank you
maryann79@sthawer hope you liked the Burberry, didn't realize you lived in the next city over until after shipping
tanoury@msriamarie How do they run??? I will buy now if they are stretchy . True to size???? Or run big?
msriamarie@tanoury Thanks for your interest 😃 its true to size & not sure if it'll stretch.
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