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CHANEL, Burberry & Christian Louboutin Party

duchess70Just got Chanel sunglasses, they are gorgeous ! Thank you and I have "Accepted" it.
omgitsdeb@duchess70 oh wow I can't believe I missed your comment! Well I'm glad you liked them I hope you're really enjoying them :)
priceDid you ck with your friend regarding the Prada bag. When will the items ship?
artiffact@price yes she gave me the bag. You should receive them shortly.
kat_kham@vick21 I pulled out my back and cannot drive but my fiance will send it out tomorrow.
vick21Alright than for sure tomorrow?
jenndelI wear 8.5 in Christian Louboutin heels would these fit or would they be too big? Are the straps adjustable?
hairstylist123Can you send more photos? Like a photo of the toe to show if there is scuffing. Thank you
alicatstrut@iluv_deals - This pair is actually a deep red. I wear them like a pseudo-neutral all the time. A cognac color would be so nice, though! I'll get the pants packed up in time for morning pickup.
iluv_dealsGreat, thanks!
jolenadvThanks! I can not believe how cute these are and I guess it's a good thing I have huge feet ;)
alicatstrut@jolenadv - Haha, I actually wish I had longer feet. I want the longer leg line in heels. :) I'll get these out tomorrow morning.
maleeI bought exact one from Burberry for 750? Were there two different sizes for this style?
ghukddI'm buying this same bag and I was just wondering to make sure it's not a fake were the patterns aligned at the bottom or not?
linsleppoGuess who's blowin up my SU feed?!? YOU GIRL YOU! 👯👯👯👯👯👯
almoyes@bayandyo so sorry this slipped by me 😥 let me know if you still want the measurement 🌺🌺
slpoe33LOVE!!! Many thanks. :-)
almoyes@slpoe33 Oh, I am so glad this went to a good home. Enjoy and thank you for helping me clear out my closet 
steelerloverThank you doll!
mack10988@steelerlover thanks for your purchase! I hope your daughter loves it. It will be shipped out tomorrow :)
fparodi16@iheartmyshoes they were mailed out. Maybe there was an error or delay at USPS. I've already contacted PM about this.
iheartmyshoesDo you have the tracking number?
yengkeepop@alamode when are u posting more chanel clothing ? Do u have more Tory Burch shoulder bag and smaller ones ????
alamode@yengkeepop If I can get to those clothes before the holidays, I'll post them. If not, after the holidays. I have mostly jackets, some skirts, sweaters.
lavishlookHey Hun!! I just added a bunch of new items & reduced items by 50% off! Go check out my closet! Thank you & Merry X-Mas! :)
susannicole@jayda01 sorry but that's too low. These are basically brand new and already listed at almost 50% off retail
imm_rayThank you!!! 😊 Let me know if you ever like anything of mine ill give you a deal or bundle no problem!
jessicamdPurchased on 1 feb. now it's the 17th. No response. NO SHIPPING POSHER!!
jessicamdDo not buy. This posher does not ship items!!!
inyoung79@jacquez2 perfect😄I'll drop it off tomorrow morning! Thank you!
inyoung79@jacquez2 just dropped it off at the post office😎
belladiorI like Chanel chance , jimmy choo, allure, euphoria by Calvin Klein.
cruzmarya@belladior I have the euphoria but this is my favorite right now and not to strong bit if I decide to sell it you be the first yo know it!!
nic37I would definitely buy these just need to know if there authentic and what is the hell height ?! Let me know
mssdrider@nic37 hey! Yes it is authentic and the heel height is about 3 inches 😄
randilyn@llanniell girl, I just came across your closet and saw you're selling this exact bag! I remembered our conversation right away. ☺ where did you end up finding yours?! xo
llanniellI found it here on Posh! But decided it was not for me do I am re-listing it.
mjgirl@beterrel Great! Yes regular checkout. I'll change the price for you.
mjgirl@beterrel Changed the price & reserved it for you. I can mail it tomorrow if you purchase tonight. Thanks! :)
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