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Rebecca Minkoff, Marc Jacobs & Ray-Ban Party

kel82@gordomom i actually thought first oh wow do they have instant messanger on here and i never knew? lol so stop it, if you're a dork then so am i! thanks for your email. writing it down on my favorite poshers email address list for safe keeping. mine is keldevine@gmail.com thanks again, kelly :)
gordomom@kel82 awesome! Thank you for making me feel less dorky!! Dork twins - lol! 😊
recouture@cruzmarya I got it today and I LOVE it! Thank you :)
cruzmarya@recouture yay! I'm so glad u have it with you!! Now it's all yours enjoy it!! Take care and thank you for your nice review!! We keep In touch you always are welcomed to my closet!!
gordomom@krishosman Hi Kris, when you have a chance, would you please accept the delivery of the Slingdoodle? Thanks!
gordomom@krishosman thank you for accepting the delivery! Hope you're enjoying the lovely bag!! ☀
tarap@sunnye Hi. I received the shirt today and love it! Thank you so much!
sunnye@tarap oh good I'm glad u like it girl ☺
darkzamuzI am very happy with my now star watch necklace. It works and its nice maintain. 😃
xekira2@darkzamuz awe that's great! Ur welcome !!
nolagirl_504If you'd take $250 on PayPal, send me a payment request to tracijohnson@imtt.com and I'll pay immediately.
mischiefmakerTrade for my Cupid?
stacey1971Hi is this your rock bottom price ?? Or do you trade at all Ty
heatherallyseHi @stacey1971 I didn't see anything I'd want to trade for. This is lowest. Thx!
mschooleyJust wanted to stop in and say how much I love using this purse!!! It's been my every day bag since I received it! Thank you again!😄
myclutterfix@mschooley glad to hear that 😘 thanks again!
hollycootsawesome bag, where'd you get those bracelets?
vlmccomg I LOVE this. it's too bad I'm poor :P
cmtrinhLet me check! The other prices firm as well??
myclutterfix@cmtrinh let me know which one you're Interested in ☺
christysp8@wonder535 yet both bracelets on my bank statement are together! Got shipping confirmation after I talked to her about 30 min
ananj@dmuscott I said before those prices thru pay pal which = pp - this $49 price stays on posh since I get $39- i reduced from $79 - I am not willing to get less, it's authentic Marc Jacobs - with REAL leather & canvas - if you want to pick out free gift - there are options that say gift WITH purchase in my listings
ananj@dmuscott thanks Dana-can u pick or like one of the free with purchase listings- please & I'll send out tomorrow
randilynI just realized I never responded, wuups! that's awesome, what was the nature of the other venture, also a fashion app? I think I joined in September but wasn't as active/list that much until I made my first sale also in January. It took me a whilleeee!
alicatstrut@randilyn It's called Kaboodle. (It was bought by Hearst.) At its core, it's simply a social bookmarking/universal wish list site but really much more than that, especially back in the day. I mainly use it to organize lists of things I own or want to buy nowadays. They had to switch to a more Pinterest-like layout to compete but I'm personally not crazy about Pinterest so it's less useful to me lately.
tramnguyennnIs this still available ? Do you accept PayPal ? Is this your lowest price?
deyziwant :(
jchan1628this is authentic right? cuz it's pricey, could you email me the lowest price I'm serious buyer. jchan1628 at gmail
myclutterfix@jchan1628 sold this already
cruncheeI love that bag 🐮
selenebowmanStill loving this! Maybe a Christmas present? If willing to go lower (and I do have PP), please let me know ... Selenewoody@gmail.com
cheryll@silverandplum hi. Just making sure the tags r with this. I'm looking for Christmas presents. If u will consider 47.00 I will purchase right now. Thanks.
cheryll@silverandplum hi. Could. U pls let me know if u have shipped this yet. Thanks.
mgsanjuanIll take a look! If you ever get anymore of these please tag me! I LOVE this wallet!!
myclutterfix@mgsanjuan ok thanks for stopping by our page!
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