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Fearless Fashion Party

troe@lotusrose Hi hun ☺thanks so much for the like just lmk if ur interested or would like to bundle 🌺
troe@haileyjayyy want to bundle ur likes :)
troe@kristinajean I have had a lot of ppl reserving and not actually paying but as long as you will for sure nothing against u love jut been getting burned a lot but yea Friday is fine
stephaniebandySorry, I've been really busy with work today. Yes I do want to bundle!!! :)
troe@stephaniebandy here ya go got everything set up for ya :)
troe@erinn want to bundle ur likes? Tonight is the last chance for the buy 2 get 1 free
erinnHi! thanks, I'm brand new @ this... trying to figure it out! didn't wanna pass this one up, if it doesn't fit I can always sell it : )
dblackJust received the 2nd necklace. LOVE IT! The pictures don't do it justice! :)
blueeyedaisy3@dblack yay! I'm so glad your happy!
mary_reid@amcountiss great thanks! I have a huge midterm exam to take tonight so I'll ship tomorrow morning, I like to have everything packaged nicely and the shirt needs ironing :)
amcountiss@mary_reid thank you! Study hard! :)
laurawr_What if I get four items and that's including the dress?
mytrinkettes@laurawr_ I dont sell any dresses. I think it's from another seller. Let me know if ur still interested in the jewelry tho! :)
alinab_23@t_na85 I don't lie girl! Lol ;D I loved those jeans so much... I bought them like a year ago, And still couldn't manage to fit my butt in them. :'( sad, but true. Did you like your princess wrapping paper? Haha 😉I tried.
t_na85Love them! Yes I did!!! I felt like a lil girl on Christmas Day hahaha. Too bad my son was like is that a present for me? I was like uh NO! Loved the Mary Kay box too lol. The inside is adorable!!!
gordomom@judicutie Thank you very much for your purchase! I just dropped it off at the PO so hopefully they will be delivered on Friday or Saturday. 💝
gordomom@judicutie Thank you for accepting the delivery! How do you like the shoes? 💝
gordomom@denisatokosova great! I'm so glad you like them! I'm going through my closet and may have more PG to list. They're definitely my favorite brand because of the comfort and style! 😃 Thank you for purchasing from my closet!
denisatokosovaJust stop by and I will checked it out thanks .
trendyfashionIt's ok... Just glad to hear that you are feeling better! 😊
4sq@legally_blonde hi Annie , I'm glad someone bought this pretty dress - it was in my likes for the longest time .. $$$ issues .. guess I'll take if out of my likes how was the poshmark party in Miami - obviously I didn't get there 😱I was looking forward to meeting you and everybody else
alvictoriaWhat material is the python, how long is it, etc....
khey@alvictoria laminated snakeskin print Length approx 20" Center chunk 1.5" x2" Lobster claw clasp 🎈Matching earrings
styleluxe4less@slrice23 Thanks for your purchase! Let me know if you want to pair something else from my closet, and I'll give you a discount!
styleluxe4less@slrice23 Hi Stephanie! Let me know what you want to do about the ring you purchased. I left the details for adding the other rings on the listing of the ring you liked. Otherwise, I want to get this one ring out to you! I'm happy to do whatever, but just let me know what you want to do. Thanks, and Happy New Year!
blueeyedaisy3@jsteen1024 yes, I changed the price for you. I am out of town right now but have several things I need to take to the post office Monday do it will for sure get out that morning. Also it is priority mail so it will only take 2-3 days.
jsteen1024@blueeyedaisy3 I just placed the order. Thanks!
jaygen8@heatsam my sis tired these on she wears a 3 these fit like a 5 and are very stretchy the other jeans fit more like a 6/7 all three items total at 39 I can give you all three likes for 35 lmk me if you want them
jaygen8@tcampbell1 are you interested?
ananj@madmamagne yes- I realized after I sent the box- I rushed to get it to you today for your b- day - hope u liked what you got so far
ananj@madmamagne sending tomorrow - hope all is well😊
jbrown13@candibobst1 Hey girl! Just added some new costume jewelry to my page. :-)
candibobst1@jbrown13 Hey chickadee! Sorry it took me until now to reply (Superbowl busy Sunday lol....YEAAAA RAVENS HAHA). Your such a sweetheart! Thanks so much for letting me know 😃👍. Going to check the goodies out now 😊. Thanks again girl! ❤😉
ciscolalaHello, so I recieved this and when I got it some of the spikes were off the ring. Hey were in the bag. Could you help me with this matter. Thanks
khey@ciscolala please see description, thanks
nubiab@imm_ray ok great. I didn't get a notification that's why I asked :)
nubiab@imm_ray hey do u have the tracking number? Haven't gotten the shipping notification :(
sw33tt@jixer I'm so sorry babe I didn't even realize someone bought this Til now. I can reserve the coach one for u Til ur ready
jixer@sw33tt its ok hun, ill think bout the coach ;)
legally_blonde@pinkhannah want a bundle deal for the clutch and top? I will give ya a good one ;)
legally_blonde@bekapreston thank you for purchasing! It will ship out first thing Monday morning!
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