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Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford & Yves Saint Laurent Party

xoxo1823Where is the tag with the stamp code? Couldn't find it on mine and I know it's authentic lol thank you!
laura2357Trade for my louis Vuitton epllipse?
k7r3n@mtang1003 hi michelle. I got the package today! Thank you very much for the awesome packaging and the freebies. Most especially, I really appreciated your note! :) both purses are in very good condition so i am very happy. plus the freebies definitely made me smile. I had a hard time putting on the sandals. but i will try again tomorrow when i am not too excited. Lol! :))
mtang1003@k7r3n yay!! You are very welcome. I take very good care of my things. If it was is bad shape I would not try to resell. I'm glad you like. :) the shoes are brand new never worn. They may need to be broken in. I'd wear them around the house till it softens up. That's what I normally do.
mtang1003@lacycola Sure, but I'm away till Monday. I'll send you pics Monday.
debbbHello @mtang1003 Hello please share my items in my closet if you have time. Have a wonderful day😊😘
jessicayflores@trisstinn I'm in Queens so the hurricane/power outages has had most businesses closed, so I haven't been able to take them anywhere. Now that the power is back on, I'll see if my local repair shop is open. No box. Yes, they are true to size. What's the most you'd be willing to pay if repaired? Poshmark suggests sellers don't publicly post their lowest prices bc if the you don't decide to buy it, then the next person will just start the negotiation from the lowest price. Hope you understand.
jessicayfloresHey there @linaabusali. I had the shoes cleaned, shined and replaced the tabs. The new price reflects the amazing condition these gorgeous shoes are in but I'd be willing to lower the price for you since you have been interested in them for a while. Let me know if that is still the case.
lolasinTrade ?
tiffany_curielDo not buy from this seller !!!!! I purchased some booklets and its been 3 months!!!! And they still haven't been shipped ! On top of that she never replays when I ask about my order !
traceyl@elissastern I made a mistake. I'm sorry girlie.
moluv@moluv has a coach handbag on reserve to buy for $50 seller can't find any serial numbers on this small handbag that she used in middle school. Should all LV haves serial numbers somewhere TY.
forjoseyes@eemjewelry I also have LV if interested;)
eemjewelry@forjoseyes I'm interested! Didn't see your listing....email me with a price/pics, erin@eemjewelry.com
coco120@angiec3850 I'm still waiting for poshmark to respond. Can you give me your email and maybe we can talk that way?
coco120@haleylucas actually the wallet is $715 retail. http://m.louisvuitton.com/mobile/eng_US/Collections/Women/Small-Leather-Goods/products/French-Purse-MONOGRAM-M61674
mallieharrisThat price is WAY to high, nobody will buy for $500
coco120@jayjay11 do you have an offer?
gettumgirl@coco120 ...why so much??...I mean I do have the bigger bag in this color..but I'm not willing to pay this price with the wear on it...
coco120@lobellet what's your email?
msamazinIf this bag is still available what is your lowest price on this? Here is my email sweets2doorsdown@gmail.com
deltasis2I just check, didn't see it...email address is deltasis2@hotmail.com
robinsoudersSorry I did yahoo address. Just resent
melmelqueenbI loooooovvvveeee my bag! And u took amazing care of it!!! Love it!! Thank u a million !
rorodoinitUr so welcome !! Im glad u love it. 😜 @melmelqueenb
bling1969@emmequinn jealous!!! You r having fun with kids!! 😊Try it later then.
emmequinnHuh? Fun? My 3 and 5 year old r screaming and hitting each other... And now the baby is crying cause shes scared of screaming!! Super fun!!! :)
queenmom2Love your closet!! Can I get the price on these please? Thanks!! 😊
akane888@queenmom2 : hello.. Thanks for the interest.. Unfortunately, my closet is close temporarily since i'm on vacation. Please check again at the beginning of next year. Thank you and enjoy the upcoming holidays season. XO
bluevirgo@newsgirl2 thank you for your purchase. I am including a Micheal Kors sunglass case along with your purchase :-) tracking number: 9405 5108 9935 9043 9717 35
newsgirl2AWESOME! Thanks!
dee306Yes. Is everything ok? When did u buy them?
jennmapp@dee306 these were a gift from my girlfriend who bought them at Filenes in 2008, they are in impeccable condition
almoyes@tinpat let me know what your size and other requirements are (brands, style, etc) because I have way too much over here and I really don't know how to prioritize what to post!! 🌺🌺 Cheers 🌺🌺
tinpat@almoyes 😅I feel your pain😪I love hi end designer pocketbooks,jewelry and shoes . Scarves some hats. Champagne taste - you know the rest l. I am looking for small to medium size YSL and Tori Burch leather pktbks . Chanel jewelry. Thanks for asking ♥👍
nknI received this pair. You didn't mentioned in your listing that one shoe is a size smaller then the other. And it's very disappointing.😔 I won't be able to wear them.
dooneygirlI didn't know this, these we're sisters and she never got a chance to wear them. She probably never knew. You can return them. Sorry.
almoyes@enigma glad you got each other  when am I going to hook up with my  ??!? bwahaha
enigma@almoyes message me, when you are in the OC, and 🍡🍢🍡will be all yours...😘
caroleadamsOk got the results!!!! We are good to go... My yahoo email is messed up still so my Icloud is lindaadams1075@icloud.com
searching4e@caroleadams I changed the other listing and it's ready for you :) I'll ask @moshulu to purchase my shipping label :) Thx ladies!
jusprynHi, I see you haven't commented in a while. Is this still available I am interested !! Like-- purchasing today! Lol
beautifuldonnaHi there! I purchased this item a few weeks ago & have YET to receive it...I sent you a reminder a few minutes ago. If I don't receive it by the end of next week, I'll be forced to cancel my order. Thx!
faantazyWhat's the least and I saw you mention that you would sell with a trevi may I have a peek?!👀👀👀
mismandi91@lian hey love check out my closeted me know if you wanna trade I have an authentic Chanel purse and Chanel wallet
lian@mismandi91 sorry this listing has been sold
alicatstrut@yyallie - You're so welcome. Enjoy!
oceanjewelersYou have a great closet and cute items!! Hope you get a chance to browse my closet too!
mamamckee3I love your bucket. Any way we could make a trade for black leather Gucci?
searching4e@mamamckee3 Thanks for the offer, but this is currently in the process of being sold....
alicatstrut@slpoe33 - That's great! Everyone wins. Are you a giraffe lover?
slpoe33Animal lover generally - there was something enchanting about that particular giraffe!
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