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Tory Burch, Rebecca Minkoff & Pour La Victoire Party

s0s0phisticatedHi please check out my closet I just joined so dont have everything up yet =) but here's an Authentic Fendi Bag I just posted thnx <3 https://poshmark.com/listing/520f096ce1267a788002e127
s0s0phisticated$90 for my Fendi bag =) cleaning out my closet
gesg@kellyrayrobson I just received it thanks if u list more TB tag me please👍😉have a awesome day
kellyrayrobson@gesg great!! Will let u know. Just posted some TB shades I've never worn
almoyes@jinny lmk as well if interested in the red (using now) or blue (prob use with another pair of specs soon unless you want!)
jinny@almoyes thank u!!
jennkim01@lilmscrys Just checking on the Tory Burch shirt. I never received shipping confirmation from PM. Do you have shipping tracking number?
lilmscrys@jennkim01 PM has tracking info. I used their shipping label
deeclosetGuess what?!!! I got my twin set sheets! Hahaha! Naw, really, I thought it was a prank. But I found my Tory's in there! Me likey! Thank you for convincing me to trade. Love it! Let's do business again soon :)
omits@deecloset haha. I wanted to make sure you get it in one piece. Glad you like it. I'm hooked on your closet! So you'll definitely hear from me again. Lol
mswhite56@tita1991 I almost had a heart attach!!
tita1991@mswhite56 Please don't ! Take some aspirin 325 mg  We just have to be vigilant about what we buy because if you don't know you'll get stuck with replica items!
savvycl4@kaylee9988 stains on the outside? I'm not sure if that's the "wear" on the bag considering its 5 years old. I'm sorry my listing did not show corners of the bag, I wasn't aware they were that damaged but like I stated in my listing it was a well loved bag never did I say it was in good or excellent condition. I would have gladly posted pictures if you would have asked me to the only thing you ever asked about was a lower price and if I took PayPal which is against policy!
kaylee9988@savvycl4 thanks for ur respond.I think I think I am not the only one ask u if u take PayPal.i am new here,I did not know it is against the policy.i apologize about that. I saw many people ask this on poshmark.I think no matter who want to buy something,he/she always want to get the lowest price.It is very normal to ask the buyer if he/she can give a better deal.Before I bought ur bag I do understand it is a used bag and have some signs of uses.However,the four corners are very damage which I already provide photos to poshmark.Moreover, the stitching looses badly than what u show in ur photo.Honestly,if the bag is not very bad,I will happily to accept it.I also don't want to waste time on solving this problem.However,the bag what I received is damaged and not as describe.thank u.
aleciaThanks for the tag @danielle00 these ARE really cute. Wish they were leather. I'm horrible with the upkeep of suede.
misserinnoelWhat's the heel Height? :)
janicegwHappy Holidays and CONGRATULATIONS on your fabulous Host Pick at tonight's Cozy Chic Party! AWESOME!!!!❤️🌹🎁
mscruz88Do u trade?
maudpasHi Ladies, I just dropped the price on these - I had not seen your previous comments! Yes, they are true to size :) let me know if interested!
ms_niciI promise I'm about to get this sh*t!!!! these are my 1's!!!!!! Classic black stilettos by pour la victoire💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
ashleedawnLove it! It's exactly what I've been looking for! Thank you!! 💕
jayne@ashleedawn glad you like it!
baygrl4@mandag18 Thanks for the interest in my black Tory bag. Please let me know if you would like to buy.
baygrl4@kkellyy7. I am sorry but I have sole all my classic. Chanel black handbags (my other account is frozen). They only Chanel I have is a silver type tote shown in my ashbay closet
alexflowerzAww man! I would've so bought this for $60 😔
tarap@lagunabeachlove Shipped! You should probably have it Wednesday or Thursday the latest. Thanks!
cheryll@mandabear yes the leather is amazing. One of the best leather purses I've ever owned. The is great to.
cheryll@mandabear hi. If u have anymore of the minkoff MAC bags to sell could u pls tag me. Thanks.
nessejer@sc9386 thx for the purchase. I will mail out tomorrow.
sc9386Got them. Thank you!
aaliyahcortezWhere'd you get these? :)
aaliyahcortezNevermind^^^ found some online and the website claims them to be real but it's tough
markyswifey@snowj Hi! I dropped it at the p.o. this morning. 😉😉
markyswifey@snowj Did u get them? It shows delivered.
dawnpeer💕🎀Thank You for the beautiful shorts and the free pair of shorts!💕🎀
cath_stylist@dawnpeer yaay! So glad they arrived and that you are pleased! I appreciate you letting me know. Thank you for shopping with me...Please visit me again sometime! Happy poshing!😊❤☀
hannaho@tayzdee thank you!!
fashionfever7I have a cross body purple purse for sale in my closet for a reasonable price :) check it out!
umdnj55This shoe won't fit me I'm an eight I like them though and ill think about the white ones but thanks
cancun_gal@mssdrider thank you for the shares doll 😘😘
sherray25Do you trade @mssdrider
mssdrider@sherray25 I am not trading at this time...am trying to clean out my closet. 😊 Thanks for the offer though!
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