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Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana & Versace Party

kandee67That was super fast! It's beautiful and authentic!!! Thank you! <3
arianajdecker@kandee67 glad you like it! You're welcome :)
countess@mspattyp can u please show pics of the nose resting part of the glasses? 😊
mspattyp@countess thanx for ur like😃😃the 3rd pic gives u the nose resting part .... I can't upload any more pics of it!!! However both nose pads or on the glasses..I hope this helped
cgrace_design@lhy let me know. Getting ready to go to work. I'd like to get them before. 😁👍
lhy@cgrace_design here ya go! Will ship tomorrow!
cinderella@nyk hi there, I was looking to sell. But if you were still interested, I can give you a discount :)
kaya1221@cinderella I have not received it yet. Maybe today ;)
cinderellaYes!@kaya1221 it should arrive by today then ;D. I hope u like it😘❤❤❤
bikerchick64@tpedersen - somewhere between $60 to $75. Does that work?
mray@bikerchick64 , I tagged you in on the Chanel purse Chableecom has listed so that you could see there are two separate listings for the same purse. One taking weeks to get. Please make sure to look thru all the sellers listings pay close attention to the LV purse she just sold and the two other LV purses she sold and read the descriptions of them and her answers to questions. These are more than likely not authentic purses , the Chanels if they were they would cost much much more and she would have the serial number listed for you too see right away. Ask lots of questions and be careful if it seems to good to be true it more than likely isn't true. Just looking out for you as other poshers have looked out for me as well. :)
mrsknightI sure will :)
mrsknightI received my items thank you so much I appreciate the other items as well aloha..lol
jglam@savyshopper7 you bought it?! awesome...on its way to you...thanks doll!🎉😘💐😘
savyshopper7You're welcome😊. I've stared at it long enough 😂
tiffany2727What would you call this color? It looks brown in some pics, purple in others!? : ) Thanks
mastina@tiffany2727 it should be pink and maroon. But I'll check and see if the box has any information and get back to you.
pinkbubbleHi!! Just got my sunglasses, I feel very classy wearing them. Thank you!!! Xx
imklm@pinkbubble I'm so glad you like them!!!
kellz@sdjin oh u don't have to cuz then pm will charge u $7 for shipping.. I can't control that. If u email ur address I will pay for shipping myself and give u the tracking #.. I live right next to the PO so I can ship fast for u.. I will just buy the label frm u. So u can change to 0..
sdjinI just changed it. ;) and emailed you. Leap of faith! ;)
hersheysfinds@erin11376 I emailed you the tracking info dear.
hersheysfinds@erin11376 hey Hun you should've received the flats by now. Can you leave feedback under meet the seller? Thx
gigimariebecOMG!!! I got the glass yesterday and they are sooooo cute!!! Now I just need a sunny day here in Chicago so that I can wear them!!! Thanks it was great buying from you for my fist time on PoshMark!!! Have a good weekend!!!
uniq@gigimariebec you're very welcome hun! I'm glad you liked your purchase and hopefully the sun will shine for ya soon so you can wear them. I'm glad your first buying experience was from me and I was able to make it a good one. Just be careful cause not every one here are such honest people unfortunately. Always feel free to come back and purchase! Have a good weekend as well!!
emoney13@prinsessnguyen Thank you again for the purchase :) Dropped off at the post office. You should see the BIG BOX soon!!
roobishimmer@beautylady125 Heyyy I'll be home by tomorrow. So I'll ship it out. :) thank you, take care ☺
beautylady125Thank you for shipping the bag! Can't wait to get it, thanks in advance for the gift!
myclutterfix@kawandaj sold it already
designerfashionI 💝 your closet!! Please shop mine so I can ship yours. 😍 Trades are welcome!
lynn4478Whats ur lowest price
aher1019@silverandplum hey.. If you don't mind me asking.. How much did this go for? I have the black one in great condition and am trying to decide what to list it for! Thanks :)
conzeye@cynthiabreuer kk I changed the price for you😊
conzeye@xgurl hi I'm just checking to see if you have received your item! Let me know. Thanks for your purchase 😊
enigma@conzeye yes..I love Gucci slides and it's nice to have a not-high heel pair!!😘😘
conzeye@enigma awww I'm glad 😁
lamandmichelleSorry!! Out for Spring break. :( Will get it in the mail today.
hunnybunny05@lamandmichelle thanks! please mark as shipped on poshmark once you do thanks
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