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CHANEL, Prada & Valentino Party

susannicole@jayda01 sorry but that's too low. These are basically brand new and already listed at almost 50% off retail
susannicole@jentopia I got them in 2008. I don't remember the name of the shoe and didn't save the box bcuz my closet is too small!
skyes8182 small for me :(
lavishlookHey Hun!! I just added a bunch of new items & reduced items by 50% off! Go check out my closet! Thank you & Merry X-Mas! :)
micookie2@fran821 sorry I didn't see ur message until now. I can't do $215 but I can do $250 if u can do it thru PayPal. Lmk if u have any interest in doing that.😊
micookie2Hi @katebunny76 Ty for the shares!😊
joejoe915Model please
jglam@joejoe915 Hi, it does not fit anymore ---- and IS the more reason to sell. Definitely gorgeous though!👍
xekira2@evelynj nope 😢that was it, but I have other stuff that may suit u...lots of betsey Johnson if ur into that😉
evelynjI'm just interested in Chanel earrings right now. Please tag me if you have them in the future. Thank you
perfectvolace@mcnubbin Perfect fit :). Tell your mom I said thanks for breaking them in for me 😊. They are gorgeous!! Thanks again!!
mcnubbin@perfectvolace that's so great! Glad you ❤ them!!
frownyfaceShould've commented earlier but thank you for the quick resolution! Excellent seller, would buy from again 😘
kat_kham@carriedaway02 hi! Sadly this item is deep in a storage unit right now :( or I would sell it to you!
carriedaway02Ahhhhhh shame ok thanks
janinaroxScratch that. . Just saw U changed the status 2 sold. LOL
myclutterfix@janinarox haha yeah sorry, i forgot to change the status. got another prada if interested.
pinkbubblePut them on. I wanna see what the would look like on a person
alanetx@pinkbubble I own this exact pair and they're my all time faves so not selling. But, if you wanna know what they look like on a person, go into my closet and in my listing Meet Your Posher / Feedback, there's a pic of my family and me at a football game and I'm wearing them. You can see there. Hope this helps both of you 😊
michelleannette@aimeemcrob I am officially in love with your closet. It is a joy to shop and a joy to share. So nice to know you. "stylebyblake has another divine shop as does @onceuponathyme Soooo glad to have found you. Michelle
almoyesNice to meet you, Michelle 🌺 @michelleannette Thank you for sharing Darva's closet as well and, yes, I do know of styledbykblake as well 👏🌺👏👏
joujou@katystardust no worries at all! I may not be able to mail them till tuesday at the latest.
katystardustTotally fine! Thanks for the heads up. :)
nymph@laylaemily DONE! Mi first Valentino! I cannot believe it! Thanks a lot:)
laylaemily@nymph you are very welcome
jacki300@alicatstrut thank you ! Thank you! Thank you ! 
alicatstrut@jacki300 You're so welcome. Wear it well! And I'd love to see it #poshstyled sometime. :)
alicatstrut@iluv_deals - This pair is actually a deep red. I wear them like a pseudo-neutral all the time. A cognac color would be so nice, though! I'll get the pants packed up in time for morning pickup.
iluv_dealsGreat, thanks!
twirlvintageco@cgmartin_2009 thanks for shopping with us again. I will get these to you right away! Let me know how you like them!
cgmartin_2009@twirlvintageco thank you for lowering the price. I have the perfect maxi dress to wear them with. I will let you know.
angmac77I am in! Let me know when I can hit buy :-)
shoecraze@angmac77 I'm away till sunday... So I will change the price and you can buy them but I can't ship till Monday, but I will be at the P.O. First thing!!
shoecraze@tinpat I'm in the process of moving so all my stuff is in storage...when I get a chance to go I will certainly take a better pic...if you are really really interested I will make it a point to get there faster :)
tinpatYes please
shoecraze@elanecosta I'm away till thurs, I think they are in the case 95% sure, will tag you back when I get home and make sure
elanecostaThank you, I appreciate it 😉
adria1200Is there only one scratch or a lot? Where us it. Thanks for being honest.
adria1200Oops never mind saw u changed description. Thanks.
shoecraze@traceyl did you get them yet?? PM wrote me that they were delivered on 10/1 but when I enter the tracking # nothing comes up...
traceylYes mam it arrived yesterday. Thank you
shoecraze@msjbryant I have been relocated due to the east coast hurricane... Will measure the bag as soon as I get home and answer all questions
msjbryantOh no! Take your time!! I hope everything is ok for you and yours!
ksadikin@shoecraze hi i havent received the pics yet
shoecraze@ksadikin yes I'm away for the week... Won't be able to send them till next week sometime sorry
shoecraze@sdshopper thank you very much :) your sweet message made my crazy am a lot better!!!
sdshopperAwww TY!!! Cross your fingers it fits my theme! Waiting for it!! 💛💙💜💚
l14zealousIf you do 68 I will buy now
posh101Pls tag me if buyer decides to re-sell this sunnies. Thanks!!
linsleppoGuess who's blowin up my SU feed?!? YOU GIRL YOU! 👯👯👯👯👯👯
almoyes@bayandyo so sorry this slipped by me 😥 let me know if you still want the measurement 🌺🌺
kellz@sbr hi if they don't sell in some time I will def consider.. Thx 😊
sbr@kellz ok thx!
zoedandreaOkay 175 that sounds good! I think you just accept the offer and I will be charged automatically? Let me know and these are authentic right? Any proof
zoedandreaOh wait there are the same exact ones on ebay selling for 84 with bids ending in a couple hours so I will try this first I think it may come out cheaper.
gramcracker@ananj that really sucks. Will they refund the money to my account
ananj@gramcracker yes I feel the same way!! Yes, you should have gotten an email already or will by morning- all $ will be refunded!!! I am also very disappointed as I usually keep track of everything that goes in storage & out- I didn't stop looking till I was sweating! Lol - I have a very good track record so I truly apologize for the disappointment!! If u ever like anything else, I will dramatically reduce & send 2-3 free gifts with purchase instead of 1.
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