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CHANEL, Prada & Valentino Party

susannicole@jayda01 sorry but that's too low. These are basically brand new and already listed at almost 50% off retail
susannicole@jentopia I got them in 2008. I don't remember the name of the shoe and didn't save the box bcuz my closet is too small!
skyes8182 small for me :(
lavishlookHey Hun!! I just added a bunch of new items & reduced items by 50% off! Go check out my closet! Thank you & Merry X-Mas! :)
micookie2@fran821 sorry I didn't see ur message until now. I can't do $215 but I can do $250 if u can do it thru PayPal. Lmk if u have any interest in doing that.😊
micookie2Hi @katebunny76 Ty for the shares!😊
jglam@reddragonfly lol...thanks doll...I enjoyed wearing this pair with glammed up cocktail dresses
jglam@reddragonfly but I loved wearing them most with dark skinny jeans and my TR emerald top...made for one hot edgy-glam combo!!😉
xekira2@evelynj nope 😢that was it, but I have other stuff that may suit u...lots of betsey Johnson if ur into that😉
evelynjI'm just interested in Chanel earrings right now. Please tag me if you have them in the future. Thank you
perfectvolace@mcnubbin Perfect fit :). Tell your mom I said thanks for breaking them in for me 😊. They are gorgeous!! Thanks again!!
mcnubbin@perfectvolace that's so great! Glad you ❤ them!!
frownyfaceShould've commented earlier but thank you for the quick resolution! Excellent seller, would buy from again 😘
mcnubbin@mack10988 and good choice ;) the color on these are so pretty!
saramelLet me kno if this is still available (:
uniq@conheo59 yes, please email me hun. @saramel I will let you know if it is.
janinaroxScratch that. . Just saw U changed the status 2 sold. LOL
myclutterfix@janinarox haha yeah sorry, i forgot to change the status. got another prada if interested.
pinkbubblePut them on. I wanna see what the would look like on a person
alanetx@pinkbubble I own this exact pair and they're my all time faves so not selling. But, if you wanna know what they look like on a person, go into my closet and in my listing Meet Your Posher / Feedback, there's a pic of my family and me at a football game and I'm wearing them. You can see there. Hope this helps both of you 😊
joujou@katystardust no worries at all! I may not be able to mail them till tuesday at the latest.
katystardustTotally fine! Thanks for the heads up. :)
prettythings_How much?!
clynntCan you delete the listing so ppl don't keep asking you about them? Or not? Just curious
nymph@laylaemily DONE! Mi first Valentino! I cannot believe it! Thanks a lot:)
laylaemily@nymph you are very welcome
jacki300@alicatstrut thank you ! Thank you! Thank you ! 
alicatstrut@jacki300 You're so welcome. Wear it well! And I'd love to see it #poshstyled sometime. :)
alicatstrut@iluv_deals - This pair is actually a deep red. I wear them like a pseudo-neutral all the time. A cognac color would be so nice, though! I'll get the pants packed up in time for morning pickup.
iluv_dealsGreat, thanks!
kimimeeko@smilez99 i would love to but as i stated earlier, i cannot guarantee that it is authentic as it was given to me by my grandmother
smilez99Does it have a hologram sticker inside?
rashafCan you take $50 Via PayPal?
twirlvintageco@rashaf sorry, we don't take our transactions off of PM. It's not fair to them as a marketplace provider. Also the offer is too low. But thank you for your interest.
angmac77I am in! Let me know when I can hit buy :-)
shoecraze@angmac77 I'm away till sunday... So I will change the price and you can buy them but I can't ship till Monday, but I will be at the P.O. First thing!!
shoecraze@tinpat I'm in the process of moving so all my stuff is in storage...when I get a chance to go I will certainly take a better pic...if you are really really interested I will make it a point to get there faster :)
tinpatYes please
adria1200Is there only one scratch or a lot? Where us it. Thanks for being honest.
adria1200Oops never mind saw u changed description. Thanks.
shoecraze@traceyl did you get them yet?? PM wrote me that they were delivered on 10/1 but when I enter the tracking # nothing comes up...
traceylYes mam it arrived yesterday. Thank you
shoecraze@angelarelota possibly trading this with another seller for a celine
sherylberyl68What is a ballpark figure ?
kenyeandersonIs this final price
shoecraze@kenyeanderson I just lowered them last week so I'm kinda firm... What were you thinking?
shoecraze@msjbryant I have been relocated due to the east coast hurricane... Will measure the bag as soon as I get home and answer all questions
msjbryantOh no! Take your time!! I hope everything is ok for you and yours!
ksadikin@shoecraze hi i havent received the pics yet
shoecraze@ksadikin yes I'm away for the week... Won't be able to send them till next week sometime sorry
shoecraze@sdshopper thank you very much :) your sweet message made my crazy am a lot better!!!
sdshopperAwww TY!!! Cross your fingers it fits my theme! Waiting for it!! 💛💙💜💚
l14zealousIf you do 68 I will buy now
posh101Pls tag me if buyer decides to re-sell this sunnies. Thanks!!
almoyes@mommalaughing thanks! 😘🌺 @bayandyo I will check for you when I access these tomorrow. Thank you for being patient 🌺🌺
ericaluz@almoyes I know you are hosting a party and are busy, but when you get a. Chance, do you think you would know how to tell if a makeup brush kit by Chanel is authentic ? I bought one , and was wondering .....
kellz@sbr hi if they don't sell in some time I will def consider.. Thx 😊
sbr@kellz ok thx!
gramcracker@ananj that really sucks. Will they refund the money to my account
ananj@gramcracker yes I feel the same way!! Yes, you should have gotten an email already or will by morning- all $ will be refunded!!! I am also very disappointed as I usually keep track of everything that goes in storage & out- I didn't stop looking till I was sweating! Lol - I have a very good track record so I truly apologize for the disappointment!! If u ever like anything else, I will dramatically reduce & send 2-3 free gifts with purchase instead of 1.
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