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Miu Miu, Burberry, Prada, Dior & CHANEL Party

gordomom@stydodt thanks so much!! This is one of my favorite prints because its so rare! I carry the crossbody version. 😃 Hope you love it!! 💐💐💐
gordomom@stydodt Hi Brenda - thank you for accepting the delivery! How do you like it? 😃
justprincessj@franny_xox hiw about 105 for everything?
franny_xoxDo you have anything on my wishlist or a Vera Bradley duffle or wristlets
surferchic@alamode Hi have you located the dust bag? I would like to have it since you specifically state this bag would arrive with one!
alamode@surferchic Sorry I haven't found it yet but I'm still looking. I have a lot of purses, specifically Prada bags and was thinking I would pull a dust bag from another but your bag is unusual shape and none of them would fit it. Please be patient--I'll keep searching.
alamode@ajs7988 Thanks for purchasing these Chanels. I'll ship out on Tuesday morning.
ajs7988You're welcome! I love your closet!
kandice_brennerPoshmark says I got the suit. I am in Chicago till tomorrow night. As soon as I get home and open it I will accept it. Sorry for the delay.
licotrish@kandice_brenner no problem! Enjoy chicago!
hawa11anflipHi @artiffact can you pls lmk asap preferably by this Wednesday the 18th if you still have this or not? Thx!
hawa11anflip@artiffact did you find this yet? i need it for my trip exactly two weeks from now...
helloxkittyHey girly girl I am still interested, I forgot to ask you, what was the code on the inside of the frame, after the 2056 :)
danigirl8855Are these still available
madmamagneOk sure i'll take it
madmamagneSorry I didn't even checked just realized I only paid this one how about the others :( I made a mistake oh no. I want both shoes this and gucci black plus the body suit
darshumehCan u tell me what's your lowest??
petite_shopgirl@darshumeh pls email me to discuss price negotiations petite.shopgirl@gmail.com
jacky84awwww😍 totally in love with everything!!!!!!! thanks so much for everything!!!!! ypu are the best!!!! ☺☺☺😘
sw33tt@jacky84 ur so welcome!! I'm glad u love it. I was sad to see them go but it definitely went to the right person
kat_kham@carriedaway02 hi! Sadly this item is deep in a storage unit right now :( or I would sell it to you!
carriedaway02Ahhhhhh shame ok thanks
kat_kham@ladyv please mark item as delivered
ladyvHow? I didn't get the post on my news feed to mark delivered.
oxigenTrade perhaps?check out my closet plz
dalberma@oxigen you have a beautiful closet but I'm not looking to trade. Selling only
kle11Ok please change the price so I can purchase... thanks!
kat_kham@kle11 hi there! My records show you have revived these. Can you please mark them As delivered so my funds can be deposited?
kat_kham@vick21 I pulled out my back and cannot drive but my fiance will send it out tomorrow.
vick21Alright than for sure tomorrow?
glamorousbellaHey babe! Your tracking number is 03092880000004186113 USPS ❤😊
keelees123@glamorousbella thanks doll:) so excited to get get it:):)
rollingstone7I don't know what else to think? It's so weird now I'm looking at all my stuff! I will keep u posted
janinaroxScratch that. . Just saw U changed the status 2 sold. LOL
myclutterfix@janinarox haha yeah sorry, i forgot to change the status. got another prada if interested.
reminisceresale@agyely you have made the best purchase! Your Chanel earrings will be shipped tomorrow. Thanks and visit my website for other items
sludyI can send more pictures if necessary. This is 100% authentic. I'm not trying to rip anyone off. I have bought things before that someone said were authentic only to get them and find they weren't even a decent replica. I know how that feels and am not the type of person to present something for anything other than what it is! :) I do not have the cards because I never thought I would sell. Ladies, you can buy with confidence here. :)
4sq@sludy this is beautiful wish I had seen it before sold... I've never owned a Prada... so do you mind if I ask if Prada bags have serial numbers like the Louis Vuitton has ?
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