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Cocktail Dresses Party

britt399Hey are those straps that u wear or hanger straps? @haiwilz
tara7@haiwilz Hi! Is this still available? If so, could you post another couple pictures? Thanks!! :)
sheelagohI love every single piece @tiphanie and so too does Eve, my daughter :) we've already split the loot!!!
tiphanieAww @sheelagoh :) I'm glad you both are happy with the clothes!! That makes me happy ☺
pomonaThanks @misskrock we'll try to ship it out tomorrow or by this weekend!
misskrock@pomona it's a really cute dress!!! Hope it looks just as nice on me!! 😃
ro_mommaI wanted to check and see if this order was shipped out. Please let me know so that I can look out for it...I had it coming to my office. Thanks
tracy0815@ro_momma Hi!! Yes, it shipped. Sorry I didn't have the chance to tell you, I've been so busy. I haven't even had time to read your email yet! Grrrrrr... I left 3 of my orders in the pickup bin at work on Friday. It was after 12pm though so if it didn't go on Friday, it will first thing tomorrow morning. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience!
biancajett@d_delvalle0928 hey doll. Are you interested ? Bogo sale right now:) buy one get one half price :) let me know
biancajett@cmcopeland love :) are you interested ? Buy one get one half off ? :)
juliepointer1"@may70 😄thank you for sharing:) everything in my closet is getting a discount right now:) let me know if you see anything you like:)"
juliepointer1"@lacikids 😄thank you for the like:) everything in my closet is getting a discount right now:) let me know if you see anything you like:)"
dianasilva05@clopez68 saw you have this listed. I'm sorry this didn't work out for your mom :( but the dress fits more like a 10 than an 8.
clopez68@dianasilva05 my mom loved it but it didn't zip her all the way up lol & she send it to me & it was big on me I really really like it but idk if it can be tailored to a smaller size :/
tinaboo24All mine! Thanks girlie :)
chicandfrugal@tinaboo24 - yay!!! I'll bring it to the post office today! It will be perfect for the party 😄
cindy_bPerfect we both check tags in the morning, and trade
tifmarie00@cindy_b here you are! Last pic has material tag for you :)
sarahmichelle@lbwants2 you're welcome! Thanks for the purchase. Your new dress is in the mail.
lbwants2@sarahmichelle Wow your fast!! Thank You!
tiphanie@glitz_n_glitter yes it is! I'm sorry I haven't responded or posted more pics. I'm in the middle of moving
glitz_n_glitterOh ok. When ever your ready
spurgeon8903Ok. Thank you. 😄
spurgeon8903I received my dress yesterday and I love it but it's way to small. A med would have been a lot better. :-(
pomona@adrina I think so. My sis in the photo is a size 2 and 5'6" and it was loose on her.
adrinaOk!!! Thanks
dayz3@angeliquenikki Sure thing. Can do a little later this afternoon when I go into my boutique!
dayz3@angeliquenikki 🌀I measured from underarm to hem 49"
stephgDo you have to wear cami under?
tiphanie@stephg nope! I haven't had to. I'm a 32A though so there's not much to cover :)
frankiraYou sent me the wrong item. I got a gray skirt instead of the dress
pomona@frankira, oh no! We do apologize for that! We sent the wrong items to the wrong persons!! :( We're getting it squared out and will ship the dress to you as soon as we get it back. We do apologize again!!
panela05Do you still have a small in this? If so can you make a listing and reserve it for me until tomorrow night?
cathlyn@panela05 : sry both of the items are sold out
jasmine01231Thanks for the pics idk where I would wear them though I didn't expect them to be fancy lol
sandimassoudHello. I just added lots of great stuff!! Im willing to do bundles for a good price that will please us bith. Check them out & tell me what you would like , dont worry about the price!!
pomonaThanks but not interested in shopping at the moment
l31l4n1@megsbug2010 I just picked the dress up and I'll be shipping it right away on Monday for tiphanie :) I'll include a little surprise gift for your patience! Enjoy! It really is a beautiful dress!!
megsbug2010@l31l4n1 oh well that's so nice of you! Thank you very much!
meakaSorry trying not to spend more than $30. Let me know if you reduce the price.
chicandfrugal@meaka - I did $23 for you 😄
lefleurrouge@slking Thanks for the purchase! I'm out of town but will have this shipped out to you on Friday :)
slkingThanks so much!!! 😃
chicandfrugal@riveramar - hi! I can do $14. Changed the price for you. If you purchase tonight I can mail in the morning
juliepointer1"@divadelia 😄this and the ice blue top have been worn a few times and are $1 off/$3 off 2;)"
divadelia@juliepointer1 instead of this tank I want the white turtleneck and the rest of course can u bundle please.
ktanimotoCould you do the 2 likes for 16.00?
layali@ktanimoto Hey! That would not be a problem but shipping will. There are schedule conflicts between my job and the post office's hours. I may not be able to ship out until June :-/ Should I reserve those items for you and tag you when I can guarantee the shipping date?
natalieeeeeeYou never responded if I could pay through PayPal??
lefleurrouge@natalieeeeee you can email me at len@lls.edu if you want :)
pomonaThanks for the comments @fifig23 ! Let us know if you're interested din any piece!
fifig23Thank you! Will do! 💐
juliepointer1"@jen13812 ☺this is $1 off/$3 off 2;)"
juliepointer1"@hanhninh1912 😄thank you for sharing:) everything in my closet is getting a discount right now:) let me know if you see anything you like:)"
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