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Denim & Blues Party

mrsmaybNo thanks. When im ready to buy and it's still available then it's meant to be.
jenniferher88Just letting you know that I've received the package today.. I love the shorts, the blue one's a little big but the pink one fits perfect.. Ty so much. Seems like we wear the same size.. Whenever I have extra cash I'll stop by and check out some of your posts..
biancajett@jenniferher88 thank you !!! I knew you would love them :) and im so glad you like them :) thank you !
juliepointer1"@pink_coconut 😊Ty for the like😄the sequins say, "FC" I believe:) I'll have to double check:) everything in my closet is $1 off/$3 off 2 rt now:) with tons of higher discounts on select items too:) Lmk if you'd like any addit info or pics:)"
juliepointer1"@gooddeal4u 😄thank you for sharing:) everything in my closet is getting a discount rt now:) Lmk if you see anything you like:)"
juliepointer1"@marmar1995 😄thank you for sharing:) everything in my closet is getting a discount rt now:) Lmk if you see anything you like:)"
juliepointer1"@maggie_2118 😄thank you for sharing:) everything in my closet is getting a discount right now:) let me know if you see anything you like:)"
blueeyedaisy3@sammantha just paying it forward, people on here are so nice and willing to negotiate. Thank you for buying! I will be shipping tomorrow.
sammanthaI know exactly what you mean. Well, if you ever have any interest in any of my item I will be sure to return the favor :)
soulqstI hit delivered early this morning. Hopefully it shows so for you. Thanks again.
surfmom23@soulqst really? Okay, i will email them. Thanks again and i hope you enjoy your things. 😊
chicandfrugal@shanlyn - no worries! Thanks!
shanlynI received my package tyvm @chicandfrugal loved the lil extras rockin my polish now ;) hope you like yours as well!
aditishayNo prob, never hurts to ask. Go ahead and put together the bundle. Thank you:-)
blueeyedaisy3@aditishay here is your bundle, thank you :)
juliepointer1"@onpointe628 @alexiswrap ☺thank you for sharing:) everything in my closet is getting a discount right now:) this jacket is $4 off rt now too:) let me know if you'd like any addit info or pics:)"
mary_reidLove love love!! Thanks once again!! Hope you like your items too :)
ajatierra@mary_reid yes! I wore the earrings all weekend :)
reginagI know I was freaking out! Lol I actually hunted down my mailman and everything. But all is good sorry for the delay though.
alexflowerz@reginag no worries at all! I'm just glad that you were able to finally get it lol
alexflowerz@rubylupine oh okay. That's totally fine with me! :)
alexflowerz@rubylupine I changed it to $0 for you already. Not sure if you want to purchase now or till you get back. Either way works for me.
sherbranThank you!
surfmom23@sherbran hi! Did u get your dress? Just wanted to make sure everything was okay. :-) hope that you enjoy it! Thanks again!
mrs_anneOkay no problem :) lmk if you have anything else lululemon you'd sell before I pay too and maybe I can bundle :) thanks!
mrs_anneHey girl! Sorry I haven't paid yet, I was waiting for my funds to clear but I have $25 right now could you do that? I can pay right now on p
blueeyedaisy3Got today, wow these we're originally $138 that's incredible, thanks for the great deal!
lefleurrouge@blueeyedaisy3 I hope they fit you better than me! They're super cute!
blueeyedaisy3@cwillson yay! I'm glad your happy :)
cwillsonOmg... It fits her PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mamma crying here ... Lol:):) thanks again sweetie!!!!
ajatierra@_legend have you been on true yet? It's an awesome non-VS site to buy bras 😊
ajatierraThis item is part of my 5-5-5 sale! You can choose any 5 $5 items from my closet and I will price the bundle at $5! I need to clear out my closet 😉 let me know if you're interested! @juliathehuman @scottygrl312 @arizonawest @patty_scott11 @mykimiko @hello_miss_anne @pacullen @sadieleigh
gabicuss@nessaboooox , so I totally forgot to print out the shipping label before coming home and I'm going back to my dorm Sunday BUT it will be in the post office Sunday night so it ships Monday (:
nessabooooxOkay thanks for letting me know!
angyweb@ajatierra got this today! I really like it:-) thank you so much. Let me know when you get yours!
ajatierra@angyweb awesome! Thanks :)
chicandfrugal@riveramar - hi! I can do $14. Changed the price for you. If you purchase tonight I can mail in the morning
ajatierra@adrianaccorso which chain link necklace and which pearls? Sorry lol, I have 2 of each!
adrianaccorsoThe vintage chain link an the rose colored pearls with clasp
skittles@chainsawrascle 😊 neither are marked skinny. I usually can't wear skinny jeans because my thighs and butt don't fit them. Lol. If you want I can measure across thigh area or anywhere else. If you are interested Lmk I will bundle and give u a great price 😊
chainsawrascleNo it's ok thanks anyways :)
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