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Neon Party

haiwilz@cupcakelover411 free shipping on this item today and tomorrow only. That means you'd only be charged $14. Tell me what you think!
cupcakelover411O I rly want it but I don't hav muny right now :(:( sorry
murphy7516Yes, whose it by?
haiwilzThe brand is BCX but I know it was bought from Macy's
haiwilz@closet2full without the wallet would be $41. I've never done Paypal before. Is there any way you could pay through poshmark?
closet2fullI'm going to pass thanks though let me know if you have a sale
rpuchalski@beanerboss just did, thanks. Sorry for the delay, I was out of town and just got them a few minutes ago.
beanerboss@rpuchalski no worries! Thanks!
dkcasey0920@bali42 Totally understand, girl. I'm in the same boat, which is why I appreciate the shares from window shoppers and buyers alike! Thanks!
brandon0909My wife would need this in a large
ricancoqueta@brandon0909 I'm sorry, I sold out of the large in this dress 😓I might get another shipment, since this dress is so popular.
lkpaulsOk. Thank you.
lkpaulsIt's not worth getting mad about, I love ZpM and I know sometimes things happen, it's all good! Thank you for understanding and being so kind with me
rche89I am, but I have to wait just a little longer.
haiwilz@rche89 not a problem! Let me know if you need anything :)
motastiicCongratulations on your super CHIC host pick tonight💕
kyliebriennA girl must be two things: Classy and Fabulous! –Coco Chanel ~ Congrats on your Host Pick last night! Time to celebrate! Xo
dkcasey0920@summerday Thank you SO much for showing some poshlove by sharing my listings! 💌 I really appreciate it! I'm also currently having a 💥30% off sale💥 in case you happen to be interested in anything! Just FYI. 😍
summerdayMost welcome! I will check it out! :)
tracy0815@janice829 if you buy now ill sell for $29. Ill update the price and change back tomorrow.
tracy0815@acissej83 Hi! The other dress you wanted to bundle with this just sold.... Let me know if you're still interested in this....
tracy0815@spurgeon8903 I'm sorry that you feel that way. You are the 1st customer of mine who has expressed disappointment with a purchase. How can I make it up to you? Please feel free to ship it back to me. I'll extend credit towards another item. I hate that you are unhappy with it....
tracy0815@spurgeon8903 when you thought you could wear it to a wedding I thought you may have expected something different, but that was already after you purchased it. Please ask as many questions as possible prior to ordering so sellers can help ensure you are ordering exactly what you think you are... I feel terrible that you are disappointed.
dkcasey0920@txcoffeegirl I've lived in SA my whole life, and went to college in Seguin, grad school in San Marcos, so I haven't gotten very far. I'm such a TX lover for sure! I love traveling when I can, though! I'll be sure to take a measurement of this when I get home tonight and tag you in a post!
dkcasey0920@txcoffeegirl Sorry I didn't get back to you last night! The length from shoulder to hem is just under 21." I hope that helps!
swissmistressCongratulations on your Classic Chic HP!! 👏🎉💕👏🎉💕👏🎉💕👏🎉💕
kyliebriennA girl must be two things: Classy and Fabulous! –Coco Chanel ~ Congrats on your Host Pick last night! Time to celebrate! Xo
shanas_closet@fedorachic2 interested? I do great bundle deals :)
fedorachic2I am.. I like the jewelry u have listed. I'm looking now to see what I could bundle. 😜
missposhtrendy@beanerboss I completely understand...they are beautiful!
beanerboss@missposhtrendy thank you! Ill mail them to you tomorrow. I hope you love them!
elisaj@anm12 @lola23 @riahdoesmakeup @kerrya01 @reginamckinney hautelook is having an urban decay sale if you guys are interested in discounted UD make up! :)
reginamckinneyThank youuuu! 😍
meaganmtracyLadies check my page dope buys
brandiweissHey I wont be home till Saturday so ill press accept then ok
roadtoveganIs this a smocked back or zipper or?...:)
tracy0815@roadtovegan its elastic back and elastic front... Meaning the back looks like the front. It's a cottony feel... I can take more photos when I get home tonight. I love your taste by the way they jewelry you make is beautiful. I'm eyeing up a few of your items (old navy boat neck green horizontal striped tank, orange and peridot necklace you made, the high waisted pants, the authentic tunic, ahhh) I want to swap closets with you! I literally can not spend cash right now so I'm all about trading which is also rare as I'm very picky with trades but I love your stuff. Please let me know if you want this dress or the other beaded top you like, and we can include it in our trade....
ajatierra@jessalouise thank you SO MUCH for all the shares! Please take free shipping on your next purchase with me :)
jessalouiseOh, no problem! I like to help out 😊 I'm trying to sell more before I buy again myself, but I may take you up on that offer soon! ❤
dkcasey0920@heathermckay Thx so much for sharing my listings! I really appreciate it. I'm also currently having a 30% off sale in case you happen to be interested in anything. Just FYI. :)
dkcasey0920@luzyfancypants Thx so much for sharing my listings! I really appreciate it. I'm also currently having a 30% off sale in case you happen to be interested in anything. Just FYI. :)
tracy0815@galena yes, I do and What price were you thinking? If its a reasonable offer, I'll accept it...
tracy0815@char1958 thank you for your order! I'll ship tomorrow.
alckecJust wanted to say, thank you so much! They match a dress that I already had perfectly! I live them!
sarahmichelle@alckec thanks for the feedback! So happy to hear they fit and are a match!
jazzyjetBtw: I love it. It coordinates with my Marc Jacob nylon tote.
lefleurrouge@jazzyjet that's perfect! I'm glad you like it 😊
xekira2OMG so awesome!! Thanks so much! I 💜 the 80s!!
dkcasey0920@xekira2 Yay! So glad you liked your stuff. I think mine came today but I'm on vacation in Cali so I hafta try it all out when I get back. :)
ajatierraNp, just let me know if you change your mind! I can do the 3 tops for $23 :)
angelmelsweetieThanks so much!
ajatierra@purnell_123 I can give you this, the sparkle mini, and the tank for $33!
blueeyedaisy3🎃 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Buy 1 get 1 free on everything tonight only! Check out my Annual Halloween Spooky Sale listing for more details 👻 @rachel311 @maxdeanmd @amberboyett
blueeyedaisy3@andyamanda this item is on hold for someone else. You can't have this shirt. I am going to cancel this sale.
lefleurrouge@pittsmark I'm sorry I still love this bag. The lowest I can go through PP is 120
kerlovesbearDo you trade?
lefleurrouge@emmequinn your email said that you would get back to me, but your never did so I assumed you didn't want it :/ sorry
emmequinnIt's ok.. My fault for waiting!! Gorgeous bag. Now I love your Chanel.. Do u know dimensions?? Supposed to be buying LV Speedy 30 today but love black Chanel! Is it decent size for everyday wear? I need a decent size bag.. Not too big but not small!
guineveregemini@lefleurrouge Got the package🎉🎉! Love love😍 Mahalo & Aloha🌺
lefleurrouge@guineveregemini yay! I'm glad they worked out!
lennyangelaHi are you still interested in Sensa I have a brand new box. I can't find an expiration date but the box is sealed? LMK ☺
tracy0815@tessajjm it totally works for breast feeding, at least in me ☺
tracy0815@priscilla321 I will check out your closet tomorrow, trying to sell instead of trade but I will def take a look.
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