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Summer Romper & Shorts Party

marthalynn@christeehope Sure! I'd love to see them! I'm currently wearing a size 0/XS, so if you have anything you think will work for me, just tag me. Thanks!
jsmithmusicThanks for the follow!! 💕 LMK if interested I discount bundles 😉
marthalynn@r862010 Awesome! I'll drop these at the post office in Monday. Enjoy your weekend 😊
marthalynn@r862010 Hi! I wanted to let you know the shorts on their way to you! The postage ended up being about $1 cheaper than the online estimate because I used an envelope instead of a box. So, if you ever want anything else from my closet you have $1 credit to use. 😊 I'll be adding a lot more inventory soon!
sepulveda357yes, I'll buy it today for $8(: can you change the price and tag me when it's ready(:
sepulveda357thank you so much(:
tracy0815@ricancoqueta this makes me so happy!!! Thank you for the feedback... I'm glad they fit perfect. Enjoy.... PS: congrats on the new addition to the family...
ricancoquetaOh and thanks for the free gift.. It's so cute!! 😄 and thank you!! He's our first 😄
chicandfrugal@bactor23sgirl - thanks for the like! Just wanted to let you know I'm offering 15% off all bundles purchased today 😄
chicandfrugal@suzrn - thanks for all the likes! I'm offering 15% off bundles bought today. Let me know if you're interested and I'll make you a listing!
mikeydeezMay I please have it for 23 so it can be an even 30 ? If so, I'll buy it right now ! If not, I won't be able to purchase until Thurs
melndeanAre u gonna have more of these....?
luisa@melndean I can get another one of these. Interested? :)
sammy@mf_beauty_space anytime. It's very cute!
mf_beauty_space@lala1028 hi dear, thanks for interested, feel free ask if any question. I can bundle items together and save your shopping cost. 😃
rominlucky@crp1171 it shipped Thursday, normally take s2-3 days , pm might be able to track it if you don't get it today
crp1171Got them this morning thank you
star@rominlucky oh thank you for everything I put my goodie in the refrigerator right away love the dress will let you k ow how they fit have not tried them on yet thanks again your a sweetie
star@rominlucky the red one fits me and looks amazing the chocolate brown and cream dress does fit but it's boobilious, going look for a small Brown short sleeve sweater to go over it I think thank you much and the wine fairy was so kind to me it's chilling so I can drink it
sfelten@rominlucky what does the jacket look like? Do you bundle?
rominlucky@sfelten the jacket is down a little further you can see the flower on the dress in the pic , yes I will bundle and discount
vintageeWanto buy this, can i get a deal on shipping?
rominlucky@vintagee sorry, after posh takes their cut, there's just not enough
tracy0815Measurements* Waist: 14 Hip: 18 1/2 Length: 16 *Everything measured when laying flat. Multiply by 2 for bust, waist, hip measurements. All measurements are in inches.
dsora@krishash sorry I'm out of town and I won't be back till Sunday. I will ship this dress first thing Monday morning. Thank you!
krishashNo problem! Thank you, I can't wait to wear it 😊
dsora@adriana22 it's a boutique brand called kaitlyn. I do discount bundles but depending on what it is. I just saw ur MSG
adriana22Got the dress! Thanks babe! Loves it!
vtphamPaid @dsora thanks! :)
mack10988What brand/where did you get this?? It's awesome!
cupcakelover411I got It ☺☺☺☺☺ it's big but I'm still growing so il grow into it. 😉 I rly like it tho Thanx! 😌
dannimarie@cupcakelover411 ~ Great!! 😊 Thank YOU! Enjoy it!! 🌸💗
jennanl4897Thanks so much girl! I live the dress! The purple one was a little big on me.. I'm trying to make it work but thank you so much! Your so nice:)
tracy0815No problem!!! Don't forget to add your birthday! 😃😃
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