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Designer Accessories Party

jjpebbles24@spathy320 awesome!! Thank you again😉
jjpebbles24@spathy320 thank you again for the case! I love it!! 😊😊😊
virgo80Yay! Thank you so much!!!!
dianasilva05@virgo80 you are very welcome! Hope you'll shop with me again :)
chicandfrugal@kbsbarry - sure! Like the bracelets you want and I'll make you a listing 😄
chicandfrugal@kbsbarry - bundled and discounted 😄
cvz15I got my new shoes today and I love, love, love them! I might just sleep in them...why? Because I can! Thank you!!! :-)
sugarkookiesDoes this bag have one or two carrying straps? And is it one large opening with little pockets inside?
marthalynn@sugarkookies Hi there! There is one shoulder strap. The interior is one large opening with smaller pockets. Let me know if there's anything else you need to know 😊
zuccaI received everything, thank you very much for taking the time to put the items so carefully packaged. That was very nice.
marthalynnYou're so welcome, @zucca ! It was lovely talking with you and I'm so glad you're happy with your items! If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to ask. Have a wonderful weekend 😊
moshulu@searching4e you get it. I'll get the swimsuit. Hehehe!
searching4e@moshulu You have that wedding to go to....keys see if she can find something in my closet she would like to trade for...I'm watching my spending....
msupgradeCan u possibly do $175? I'll buy them immediately. I'll give them a great home and really love them forever. Please?????
roadtoveganOk @msupgrade :) I'll do it...they deserve a happy new home.:)
chicandfrugal@kaybor20 - hey girl! Do you have an idea when you're gonna get this listing?
kaybor20Later when i get home im at a party right now :)
jguest17LOVE these!! Thank you very much!
chicandfrugal@jguest17 - I'm so glad you like them!! Thanks for shopping with me!!! 😄😄
littlemiss@rosegoldb thanks for the purchase! I will ship this out for you tomorrow!🌻
rosegoldbYou are very welcome! I hate I missed the bebe tunic that would have been great for me. What state are you in?
suze53@dianasilva05 - Hi have u worn these a lot? Condition? Can u do any better than $10??
dianasilva05@suze53 I've barely worn them because the heel is taller than I like. They're in like new condition. The only sign of wear is on the bottom of the heel. $10 is really the best I can do, sorry :(
momo2012Love this! Do u trade?
chicandfrugal@momo2012 - I do, but unfortunately I didn't see anything I needed. I can take 15% off in a bundle though 😄
starwyshnnI wear a 16. Do u think extra holes could be cut
dianasilva05@starwyshnn no because of the stud/rhinestone detail on the belt, there's really not any room to add additional holes.
chicandfrugal@shanlyn - no worries! Thanks!
shanlynI received my package tyvm @chicandfrugal loved the lil extras rockin my polish now ;) hope you like yours as well!
vintagestatusHow did you determine it's sterling?
clairetheanimal@missflorentia I didn't- what I meant in the description is that it looks like sterling, so it's not as bright as actual silver. Hope that helps- sorry for the confusion!
breedenacHow big is it?
chicandfrugal@breedenac - sorry I can't measure or ship until after thanksgiving it's approx half the size of a sheet of paper though
chicandfrugal@alexisaysmile - just printed the shipping label, will drop off on my way to work tomorrow 😄 thanks for your purchase!
tinadevusser8@chicandfrugal Too broke to buy anything at the moment, sorry. 😔
_vaaaaal_How much through pp? Got anything else like this?
chicandfrugal@_vaaaaal_ -sorry no paypal transactions, but I do have a "jewelry" section on my page if you're interested in seeing more! 15% off a bundle!
heatherchoi@lholliday hii these have already sold to another buyer in a bundle so it is unavailable.
lhollidaythen make sure you process the refund as my credit card has already been charged thanks
tracy0815@ilovepink I'm an 8.5 and they fit. An 8 may be too small for this show though.
tracy0815@ilovepink thank you for your order! It's packed and will ship tomorrow.
ajs7988Just received the headband! I 💙 it!
chicandfrugal@ajs7988 - so glad you like it!!! Thanks for shopping with me!!! 😄
mariaLove it! I have the striped version. Now, when your bear is for sale, tag me again! 😍😉
ohsochicPlease let me know if u get more like this! I love it!!
mjobeWould u consider a bundle discount if I bought all three bracelets?
ana_baby828still available ?
crystaljos@ana_baby828 hi! Sorry for the late reply. My closet has been closed for the past several months because I was in the process of moving to a new state. As of today, my closet is one open again! Are you still interested?
crystaljos@thesexyknitter Thank you! I'll ship tomorrow. And thanks for the share too!
crystaljos@thesexyknitter Hi, hun! Would you mind writing a short review about your purchase on my reviews listing? I'd greatly appreciate it! It's the first listing in my closet, for your convenience! Thanks so much! 💜
rlunaU hav any other shoes not posted 4 sale?
mparker@rluna I will be posting items all this week. Just check back.
mialenaHi! What are your measurements? Sometimes i am a 4 sometimes a 6. I want to make sure this size 4 would fit me. I am 5'1, 36d 29 37.
laurahenry01I like this!!!
cancungirl21Thank you! They are in excellent condition and really pretty! Lovin them!!!
mparker@cancungirl21 Glad you like them!
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