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Small Leather Goods Party

khey@kdhw welcome! It's flat rate in the most part
kheyhi @sherrifrie could you please email us regarding this purchase simplehelp627@gmail.com thanks
rachel311@ms_ann thanks! I'll get it shipped out asap:)
ceirramurphy@khey what's the lowest price for all of them together?
khey@ceirramurphy only orange in stock at the moment
caseyloveOk here's what I need from you - a total price for the exact pieces I'm asking for - I can pay u w/a check - why don't u email me @: CaseyPantalone@gmail.com
mariechristina@khey do u have this in any other colors?🎨
bellamarWas hoping to have them by friday
ajatierra@bellamar I'm sorry :/ there's just no way to ship them any sooner than Monday... If you would like to cancel your order, you can notify Poshmark
dealmommyI may want these
ajatierra@dealmommy excellent! Can I bundle it with anything else for you? I can give you a deal!
ajatierra@smalltownfab definitely by Friday... I just got back from vacation today and I work all day tomorrow, but I'll make sure it goes out early Friday :)
ajatierraHey @smalltownfab! How do you like these flats?
nmm2002@tracy0815 sounds great! I'll bundle it all now! Thanks for keeping me in mind 😊
ajatierra@ceverhart these and the brown heels total 40, I can give you both for $13 with the trade, does that work?
lefleurrouge@emmequinn your email said that you would get back to me, but your never did so I assumed you didn't want it :/ sorry
emmequinnIt's ok.. My fault for waiting!! Gorgeous bag. Now I love your Chanel.. Do u know dimensions?? Supposed to be buying LV Speedy 30 today but love black Chanel! Is it decent size for everyday wear? I need a decent size bag.. Not too big but not small!
mpiniolThanks so much, will purchase tonight!
mpiniolI've made my purchase. Can hardly wait to receive these!!
britttx0Would you take any lower for this ?
hkpy23Genuine leather?
sonya1230Please tag me if u get the black thank you
sonya1230@khey did u get the black in it?
lefleurrouge@pittsmark I'm sorry I still love this bag. The lowest I can go through PP is 120
kerlovesbearDo you trade?
hippieshayThe shoes are super cute and will be so perfect with jeans or my fav blue maxi dress. Thanks so much! :)
taylormae@hippieshay oh wonderful !! I'm so happy it worked out for you :)
cupcake5133If I was buying bags right now I would be. Lol, right now I'm buying shoes and dresses.
debbbbbbsssHey! Please share some of my items and ill do the same :) goodluck
pookiebeau@princesspillz I got it!!!😝 I love it! And the note was very cute, my daughter is the one who actually saw there was still something in the box lol. I think I might have to steal that idea from you lol. Makes a cute touch. Thanks again💗💓💙💜💚❤
princesspillz@pookiebeau yay! Im so glad you love it! ❤
differentstyleIf you would like a pair of sunglasses or an adorable bracelet look at my closet! I have good prices!
scrubfitPlease let me know when you lower your price? Michelle@scrubfit.com
charbellekk@l14zealous hey are you still interested in purchasing these booties? I adjusted the price to $70 please let me know thanks love!!
guineveregemini@lefleurrouge Got the package🎉🎉! Love love😍 Mahalo & Aloha🌺
lefleurrouge@guineveregemini yay! I'm glad they worked out!
klynnU intetested? @melinacalvo I'm doing 10% off on all jewelry this week, let me know also if u'd like to bundle other items for u😊
klynnI also have this @angelynne3
syltaiI'm on the hunt for bracelets, but this was the only one I really liked. So do you accept PayPal? And do i just email you my address?
klynn@syltai klynna67@yahoo.com
mbolodeoku18 is the lowest u will go right
sally121You have a beautiful stuff
ajatierra@rachel311 reduced! Bundle for a greater discount and a Free Gift :)
gmaHi @darkeststar just sent over the receipt. I wasn't sure if you guys were talking to each other - sorry I didn't send over sooner!
darkeststarlol its cool i just got it, i'll tell pm that u sent me the receipt so they can release the funds :)
cvz15I got my new shoes today and I love, love, love them! I might just sleep in them...why? Because I can! Thank you!!! :-)
myclutterfix@nancyzambrano long gone! We have another color avail
myclutterfix@mariannaa @bostonkgb @nancyzambrano in case youre still interested we have aqua, hunter green and hot pink ostrich embossed available
stineweitzelIs this her lowest
aefellYour purse collection is truly the best I have seen 👏👏
kaylyndawkinsWould you be able to do $12? I can buy it for 12 right now w/ the shipping ☺
mf_beauty_space@kaylyndawkins just update price👆😊
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