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All Things Leather Party

kristinajean@emmaladage thanks for purchasing! I will ship out tomorrow 😍
syltaiI'm on the hunt for bracelets, but this was the only one I really liked. So do you accept PayPal? And do i just email you my address?
klynn@syltai klynna67@yahoo.com
hokey@triplyksis what size is a 24? Lol
kspiri2hello! are you looking for mens jeans? i have tons!!!!! what size where you looking for? thanks so much!
lizmaraIs it truly white or an off white?
marthalynn@lizmara hi! Hmm, I would say it's more like a white/gray. Not really an off-white. Does that make sense?
alckecJust wanted to say, thank you so much! They match a dress that I already had perfectly! I live them!
sarahmichelle@alckec thanks for the feedback! So happy to hear they fit and are a match!
val1112You could even ship them in an envelope, With a stamp that cost .30 cents or so. Small items, so i don't think it would matter!😉and I don't mind, let me know. You'll avoid the 20% posh takes, and ill avoid shipping for such small and low priced items! 😉
zuccaI received everything, thank you very much for taking the time to put the items so carefully packaged. That was very nice.
marthalynnYou're so welcome, @zucca ! It was lovely talking with you and I'm so glad you're happy with your items! If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to ask. Have a wonderful weekend 😊
klynn@jlajla welcome! It's okay, I understand. Even sometimes I ant respond right away since I'm not on posh all the time. Juz like right now... I'm about to go to work, so I can't be responding on here, so what's ur email? So I can correspond quicker. So far ur total is $62 but with discount I'm offering u, I'll do $52. Or email me if u wish, klynna67@yahoo.com
klynn@tharrington I can even do this and the other one for $95. Let me know...
chaniOk well it's say 20 dollar as the mark down price I think that fare and I want to bundle it with the pink and black long sleeve polo I told u I wanted to purchase Friday 😊
dianasilva05@chani your bundle is ready for you. I took 20% off the total. Lmk if you have any questions. Thx!!
juliepointer1"@jonijac is that all of them?;) two dresses, brown sweater, pant suit, and earrings?"
jonijac2 sets if earrings, do me good girl!!
pomona@pokie1998 yea, this item is sold. When an item is priced outlandishly it usually means it is sold.
pokie1998I see. Well, thanks anyway! :)
awrb1206Haha someone bought them before I even saw the picture. Darn.
sarahmichelleOMG, I totally just assumed it was you! @awrb1206
reneeann828Received them today and they fit like a glove! Thank you!
pomonaSo happy to hear that @reneeann828 . Enjoy them!
moshulu@searching4e you get it. I'll get the swimsuit. Hehehe!
searching4e@moshulu You have that wedding to go to....keys see if she can find something in my closet she would like to trade for...I'm watching my spending....
jkimWish I could highlight you or rate you as a top seller! Your listing was exactly how you described it, and you were so great with "customer service" haha. Hope you sell lots of stuff, I know I'll buy from you again :)
sarahmichelle@jkim awwww, you're the sweetest and have made my day!
kittiethanks girls :) i just received the shoes, and they are perfect!! i am very happy with these :)
pomonaAwesome @kittie ! Glad you like em!
nmnutt@jermin-- She for sure wants the CHI. So, if you want the dress and purse, just let me know! I will do both for $10.
pomona@brandie awesome! I really love those shoes but they're too high for me but I'm really glad you're gonna put these babies to good use!
brandieOh yes I am! And I love how comfortable they are! 😃
fuzzynavelHi you still have this?
lamanca@fuzzynavel - Yes I still have these😃
rachel311@ms_ann thanks! I'll get it shipped out asap:)
pomona@momidoc528 we already shipped it! hopefully it will arrive this week.
pomonaHey @momidoc528 I checked the tracking # and the expected arrival time is the 27th so hopefully it will be there in a day or two.
klynnU intetested? @melinacalvo I'm doing 10% off on all jewelry this week, let me know also if u'd like to bundle other items for u😊
klynnI also have this @angelynne3
vtphamHi what was the brand on this bag? It's so cute! I wish u had another one lol! 😄
roadtovegan@vtpham I don't recall the brand but you could try Compassion Couture or Urban Expressions.:)
nmnutt@devagirl -- I'm not sure. It's not real leather, maybe pleather?
thecute1I have seen their notice! I'm going to pass! Really don't need another wallet! Thank you for thinking of me though!
mpiniolShipping now $7. I'd buy for $23.
almoyesAs, I so wish these would have fit you! I don't know of anyone other than Sheela so emailing you now with options for making all right!! @enigma
almoyesSorry--typo! *Aw*
klynn@ryanskimmy it fits fine with a coat on
ryanskimmyWhat are the measurements? Plz
kyramac@bobmont awesome I'm glad you like them! Thank you
mari1251@kyramac Hi 😊 Saw you were interested in Abercrombie and fitch jeans... I have some size8 long in my closet..... Let me know if you're interested and happy poshing 🌟❤🌟
ashhoovAh nice! I feel like the arms may be too tight for me... :-(
mahoganyqtHow much to bundle this with the earrings that I liked? Also do you trade?
ajatierra@smalltownfab definitely by Friday... I just got back from vacation today and I work all day tomorrow, but I'll make sure it goes out early Friday :)
ajatierraHey @smalltownfab! How do you like these flats?
tamrra@ajatierra would you like to trade the 3 black roses necklace you liked?
ajatierraI'm trying not to make so many trades, shipping is killing me :/ I can give you a better price with a bundle, though :) @tamrra
cindyscott1982Would you consider a bundle ?
roadtovegan@cindyscott1982 thanks for the purchase! Was there something else you were also interested in? :)
ajatierra@rachel311 reduced! Bundle for a greater discount and a Free Gift :)
lamanca@sageaine - thanks for the like. Interested? They are really sexy shoes that have never been worn.
sageaineI noticed them because I have a similar pair myself with brass chain adorning the leather. Thicker plus the zip back. 6" heels. Fiancé loves them. LOLOL
amanda40514Hi, do you except PayPal? I've never purchased from this site before so I don't know how it works.
laurentabariayou have an amazing closet hun! will def check back! plz checkout my closet- everything must go! i will give you an amazing price on anything you want... no offer is a low blow. i would really appreciate it. thank you
roadtovegan@sweetlou75 New super duper lower price on these and many other items in my closet!! :D
dealmommyI may want these
ajatierra@dealmommy excellent! Can I bundle it with anything else for you? I can give you a deal!
lmwest❤PERFECT! Thank you!👍
rbravo8@lmwest 😄🎉👍👍👍👍YAAAAY!! You're most welcome👏
celica13Do u know if they're slip resistant ?
sarita082380What is the length of the herl
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