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Pumps & Wedges Party

pinkcrazy6@reenz thanks but I don't see anything I need right now
krisdThese are my size! If someone would buy my stuff here, I'd buy 'em!
alckecJust wanted to say, thank you so much! They match a dress that I already had perfectly! I live them!
sarahmichelle@alckec thanks for the feedback! So happy to hear they fit and are a match!
ladyrushellPlease ship asap, thanks.
blueeyedaisy3@ladyrushell they will definitely be in the mail tomorrow as I have another package that needs shipped as well, thank you so much!
jlsorbetJust virtual window shopping right now. In between jobs. :( but if anything changes I'll let you know.
pinkcrazy6@mrscjm3 let me know if I can make you a discounted bundle
lynntranHi Hun I'm still waiting for my sandal to be send it has been 9 days already I need to know what happen
klynn@lynntran sorry, I'm not on posh all the time, so I'm just seeing ur comments. Your shoes was sent last week. You should have them by now. Give it a couple of more days, then we'll contact poshmark.
tdkbkt6Congratulations 💕💐💐💐💕 On Your Fabulous😍 Pretty, Girly & Flirty Host Pick! 💕👏👏👏💕💐💐💐💕🎈🎈🎈🌷🌷🌷💕
bekah11So pretty, flirty, and girly! Congrats!
createtoinspireyay!! ;) hope you like it!
createtoinspire@mar71ka ⬆⬆ oops lol oh and don't forget to hit YEP for receiving your order once you look at your stuff!! 😊
roadtovegan@nursekarr1 they are reserved so they said a higher price but the real price was $50. They are sold already though :)
surferchic@roadtovegan thanks so much!! :)
klynninterested? @muscleanje perhaps there's other items that craves ur eyes, I can bundle and save u shipping😊 let me know
klynnbundle w/ the arm candy @helloparis ???
msmelg1980I'm sorry I haven't been on very much. What is it that you need?
msmelg1980Things have been so crazy for me, did I answer your question?
jfizia12@mandy_142 - I see you got the package!! Hope you like and they fit! Enjoy!! :)
mandy_142Thanks I'm enjoying them :)
mfbeauty@jenniep115 hi interesting?
mfbeauty@steelergirl75 hi dear, interesting? I can bundle items and save your shipping cost 😊
samarudatoo bad not my size! but super cute! btw you have a cute closet! happy new year darling!
elva09080925 now!!
erikameI will. Thank you so much. Beautiful closet!
almoyes@solaris_rama55 appreciate the share. Thank you very much! 🌺
suze53@dianasilva05 - Hi have u worn these a lot? Condition? Can u do any better than $10??
dianasilva05@suze53 I've barely worn them because the heel is taller than I like. They're in like new condition. The only sign of wear is on the bottom of the heel. $10 is really the best I can do, sorry :(
samarudatoo bad not my size! but super cute! btw you have a cute closet! happy new year darling!
klynn@henny let me know if ure still interested, bundling or not I can discount it for u.
missdoublelw@klynn Omg.. U have tons of cute stuff! The pink wallet would be perfect with this wedges :D
jillybeanny@klynn Hi. What's your best price? Do you make trades?
klynn@jillybeanny that's the lowest dear, given its brand new.
malibumomHmmm what is lowest price
almoyes@malibumom oops. Forgot to take this one down! I decided to keep them bc they won't sell at this price which a steal for these amazing shoes. I hope to use them myself or sell elsewhere to get more of my money back. Thanks for looking 😍😘🌺🌺
luxe_meHi, are they still available?
radtechsterI purchased these 4 days ago. Have you shipped yet?
tydyedpinkHi! I was offered $50 for the same pair. She said she would reserve/hold for me & change the price, but she hasn't yet. I would love these for my reception!!!! Let me know! I'll be available to purchase ASAP!
nonyab@tydyedpink I am not willing to go as low as $50 for the spiked pumps but I do have other pumps at that price point and cheaper. I will contact you again if I reduce. Thanks again
dealmommyI may want these
ajatierra@dealmommy excellent! Can I bundle it with anything else for you? I can give you a deal!
slaviolGot the shoes today! I love them.. They fit good, u put a note in the box $5 off any $25 purchase but it was $5 off any $20 purchase... May use it! Just remember ... Thanks
jubette@slaviol sure ..$5 off $20 is only fair .. So happy u like them they're beautiful shoes ... ❤
ajatierra@ceverhart these and the brown heels total 40, I can give you both for $13 with the trade, does that work?
lnorris8294These are adorable! Wish they were my size !!!
l14zealousMost gorgeous and comfortable shoes. Something I plan to wear everyday now. Thank you so very much on the details of packing
jerlisa@l14zealous I'm glad you like them, they are very comfortable, too bad they didn't fit me properly
missbeniitez@deseernisse ill send them first thing tomorrow! Hopefully they'll get to you on time! Thanks for shopping :)
deseernisseThank you!!
voswa1@krystined the shoes are a little small but they are practically brand new! So I think I just need to break them in and they'll be perfect
krystined@voswa1 yeah they are brand new. I hope it works out!!
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