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Summer Brights Party

glamorosa@tnh0820 hi! Did you received the dress? If so. Can you click the received item on your purchase so I can get the payment from Pm. Thank you so much and have a wonderful week :)
nansizzle@glamorosa it was mentioned in this listing without having to bundle :) let me know.
dianasilva05Ha! I've sworn off shopping PM too. But it's transformed my jewlery collection. That Express dress you just liked would be fantastic for you. You would wear it much better than me!
dianasilva05@moonrocket another example
ajatierraI'd say at least an 8, @artxxx... Rarely worn! It's so cute but I never wear it
magicaljillianHi, does this have a shelf bra inside?
klynnInterested? @six2inheels get discount on bundle, and save shipping as well😊
pinkcrazy6@tasha868 just wondering of the shirt arrived? If so could you please mark it received in the app by clicking in your profile and then my purchases...thanks
tasha868Yeah thanks
klynn@erin_minty bundle discount perhaps?
klynnHi😊 @toadytica305 thought I'd let u know that I'm doing a weekend discount - 15% off on all jewelry if u bundle. Let me know if there's anything else u think u'd like and I can bundle for u to save u shipping as well😉
cherrybombzero@chicandfrugal will you take $20?
chicandfrugal@cherrybombzero - I can do $21, changed the price for you :) just a heads up I am out of town and cannot ship until Friday night. Sorry for any inconvenience!
ajatierra@dealingoutgoods must be in the mailbox... I'll check tomorrow. Thanks girl, it was good trading with you!
dealingoutgoodsYa! Let's do it again soon
cashmereLike this im 3/4 5/6 in skirt...med in top...do you think it would fit...what size are you?how does it fit😉😘😍
cashmereThis is cute and unique willing to take a chance it will fit me.....if you want to trade this for dereon like new body jumper in closet...LMK
boah@janiemmmgood ah!! I keep forgetting to bring the dress with me to work to ship during my lunch break! I'm sorry! I will remember to ship tomorrow!!!
janiemmmgoodIts ok doll
roadtovegan@nursekarr1 they are reserved so they said a higher price but the real price was $50. They are sold already though :)
surferchic@roadtovegan thanks so much!! :)
kbeanAre you firm on this price?
teeta727It looks like a 2b top. Which I have found out runs about 3 sizes smaller than Bebe. Just want to help you out! I had the same problem. Xo
freaknikI just got this today and I love it so much. Thank you
dianasilva05@freaknik awesome! Thx for letting me know! Enjoy!
iciglooTy so much! Hopefully it fits :} and get here by Friday noon. Ty. @chicandfrugal
chicandfrugal@icigloo - I'm going to drop some packages off at the post office tomorrow so I'm pretty sure it will get there by Friday 😄
sugarysweetGreat! @staci_allan...wld u like to pay thru Paypal...shipping is only $5 😀
sugarysweetHi @staci_allan, thank you for your purchase! I'll mail it out tomm 😀
racheltmuaIs this still available? Do you offer discounts on bundles?
klynn@racheltmua yes, definitely discount on bundles. And yes, this is available and other colors too! :)
luckyonejewelry@moresugar hey doll, I was wondering if you were interested in trading? Along with my closet items I also have my jewelry line posted as well which is perfect for the upcoming gift giving season. I also do personal orders :) or email me the image of your choice for a beautiful pendant
jennfoNot at the moment but it's on my list for another time if it's still around - thanks!
jenxbabesLove! Too bad it's too small.
klynn@musicnerd741 like three or more items? If so, let me know, shipping on me😊
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