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Purple Haze Party

kaytoy@tedwards925 it's a size 2-4
tedwards925Ok I'm going to think about this and keep it in my like I love the look!
sarahmichelle@tickles4giggles hey girl, did you still want this dress? I would like to put the price back up to where it was if not.
tickles4gigglesYes I am sorry:) busy weekend haha I'll buy right now:)
klynn@kcunningham14 i'm not saying its wrong to sell or buy a fake one, as long as both parties are in honest disclosed transaction. As long as the buyer know it's fake, it's fine, and as long as the seller, indicate that it's replica or inspired, that's totally acceptable, i think. =)
kcunningham14Absolutely agreed! But it's not acceptable to state it's authentic when it isn't..... People work hard for their money and I most definitely would pay more for an authentic one than a knock off......
marthalynn@kshaw Hi! I'll try to check that for you tonight, but tomorrow at the latest. If I had to guess, I'd say the width is probably 3/4". But I'll measure it and tag you 😊
marthalynn@kshaw Hi! Ok, the belts measure approximately 43" long and 1.5" wide. Hope that helps! Feel free to contact me with any other questions 😃
nattycatYou have the cutest stuff I swear !! :)
jas1@nattycat thanks so much darling, your closet is adorbs as well. 😊😊
mariannaa@angeltel27 This are new! You'll love them 
mariannaa@jortiz Thank you for your purchase  If there's anything else you like, please let me know. I'll ship it out together.
nursedesiree@dianasilva05 I got the dress today and it is beautiful !!
dianasilva05@nursedesiree yay! So glad you like it!! Thx for letting me know...much appreciated.
marthalynn@bldunaway @ssaucier Just reduced these pants to $11 :)
marthalynn@live_laugh_love Great! I just put it together so it's ready to go. I'll drop it at the post office in the morning. Enjoy! 😊
crazymomof2I will def keep an eye on your closet! We have a lot of the same tastes!
sarahmichelle@crazymomof2 great! I plan on posting the second half of my closet today :)
pinkcrazy6@armaka don't see anything I need but could make you a little better price on a bundle : )
armaka@pinkcrazy6 AWW!! TY But just trading or selling right now!! THANK U FOR THE QUICK REPLY!! Have a Great Day!!!!!
kittiesforallLove the dress!!! Perfect fit!!!
roadtovegan@kittiesforall yay!! So glad to hear it found a happy new home!! It's a great dress! :)
alexiscutieeeThank you love! Not really a Disney gal, love all your cases though! xx
mf_beauty_space@alexiscutieee, I see, those are the hard cases we have left for iphone3/3GS for now, have you check out our multipurpose pouch with cute doll? It fits iPhone 3 or 4... 
modehavenThanks:-)!!These are very cute @klynn, I actually have something like these though! I work in an accessories/ jewelry showroom so have access to tons of styles and usually just buy styles we don't carry at all.
phoeberoxas@klynn can u hold the green and sky blue ones for me til Tuesday?
jazzyjetBtw: I love it. It coordinates with my Marc Jacob nylon tote.
lefleurrouge@jazzyjet that's perfect! I'm glad you like it 😊
puraolividaI'll email support and ask them to see if they can do it :) if it does go thru you'll get an order cancellation email and I'll tag u when it I have set up the bundled listing!
mack10988Thanks so much!
hopeful2dayI wear a leg brace. Do you think it's long enough to cover that up? I'm 5'8". Thanks Debra
sweetdoll22@hopeful2day Hi & thank you fpr ypur interest! ☺ How big is the leg brace? I would be more than happy to measure the skirt & see if it is longer than your leg brace. Model in 1st pic is 5'7 ( so you can see the length of the skirt) . Hopefully that helps you a little as well. I know how frustrating braces can be, as just recently I had mine taken of my arm from a bad car accident. Please let me know if there is ANYTHING else I can do to help. Take care. Thanks & have a great day! ☺
lefleurrouge@maciiel09 wow I would def contact Poshmark to see what happened- that's way too long- you should usually receive your package 2-3 days after the seller ships
maciiel09I have so I'm stil waiting! Cause I never received an email with shipping confirmation and on the app it still says processing sender says she sent so well see! Thank you anyways can't wait to get the shoes
lbrown@terrilcochran interested? Let me know :-) I bundle & give discounts
lbrown@wyobikergirl interested in bundling any of your likes? Let me know :-) thanks for liking
sarahmichelle@tanitabonita Hey girl, hope you love the coverup! I see that it was delivered yesterday. If you could mark it as received ASAP I would really appreciate it. Thanks :)
tanitabonitaOh. Ok. Didn't know it was delivered. I'll go to pick it up tomorrow. Hope I love it too
natalieeeeeeYou never responded if I could pay through PayPal??
lefleurrouge@natalieeeeee you can email me at len@lls.edu if you want :)
nellyxoLove the dress! I was thinking of sewing some straps in where you cut them off, but the straps would look awkward. Good call! Lol. Thanks!
lefleurrouge@nellyxo ahhh! I'm so glad u like my dress. I just tried on urs and I'm in love!!!! Thank u!
missrachelmarieAhh, bummer! I'm adding some new items soon, so if you're ever interested in trading for this piece, let me know! ☺ Also, thanks so much! I just love her!
islandgrl8Hey doll, I did! 😃 I'm so sorry, I thought I confirmed the delivery status. I'll go ahead and do that now. Btw, I love the shoes and my daughter loves the dress? 😍 Thank you! 😘
createtoinspireOh ok...whew!! I was like I hope she got it!! But yay! Glad you guys liked your things! Enjoy! @islandgrl8
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