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Fashion Accessories Party

hokeyLol these would go great with the wooden bead necklace I have listed ☺
fcs30Are these real gold
imakeushine@fcs30 oh! No sweetie this are no karate gold. but they sure look like it
klynn@muzik_freaq interested?
lalloronalay1can you please visit & share my closet please
pomona@solongo I've change the price if you are still interested
ehkim83Artistic photo i think!
sageaineWhat wrist size would this fit and how wide is the cuff and how thick ?
danielacIt adjusts to your wrist size, a inch wide and .5 mm thick.
_vaaaaal_How much through pp? Got anything else like this?
chicandfrugal@_vaaaaal_ -sorry no paypal transactions, but I do have a "jewelry" section on my page if you're interested in seeing more! 15% off a bundle!
iveylakeDo you trade? :)
chels00@iveylake I looked but we aren't the same size. I can do $17 through PayPal including shipping.
s0s0phisticatedHi please check out my closet I just joined so dont have everything up yet =) but here's an Authentic Fendi Bag I just posted thnx <3 https://poshmark.com/listing/520f096ce1267a788002e127
s0s0phisticated$90 for my Fendi bag =) cleaning out my closet
araceli09@klynn I got your email. Do you have any other bracelets these don't really catch my attention that much.
klynn@araceli09 just check the rest of my listing, and let me know. I know I sent u two bracelets already, but I thought just something to compensate the shipping. Oh, the ones like the ones I sent u are already gone, just in case u still see it listed. I just haven't updated all of my listing lately.
rachel311@smbecker23 wow I have no idea how it got reserved, I'll try to fix it
rachel311@smbecker23 it's fixed now!
rachel311@cupcakelover411 I think I'm gonna wait for now, I need to get rid of some stuff:/ but I'll let you know when I do!
cupcakelover411Ok no prob😃 I mite save up for it 😃
ehkim83And if u can reserve what i liked for me :-)
ehkim83Still busy? :)
jaylen1567How much would I have to pay? Im new here.
rachel311@jaylen1567 it's $5 and then there's $7 for shipping:)
rachel311@ms_ann thanks! I'll get it shipped out asap:)
anitaeve216Deal? Please update invoice so I can get u out the money. :) Love it!
roadtovegan@anitaeve216 ok! You're all set! :) I'll send it out in the morning! :)
poshmacaroon@rachel311 I'm selling Sam Edelman boots a great price, saw you liked one thought I'd ask you to check it out in case you didn't find what you needed!! ☺
ehkim83is this one kinda heavy?
pomona@ehkim83 no not really heavy for me. The beads are plastic
bxirishdebJust purchased please confirm shirts and necklace included. Thanks!!!
lamanca@bxirishdeb -yes Nike shirts and necklace included. I marked them sold under your name and tagged you. Thanks!!!!
sweetdoll22No problem Hun. Just figured I would ask. Thanks! 😊
sarahmichelle@sweetdoll22 new photo posted for you
obeycheyanne@pomona would you $7 on pp and that would include shipping?!
pomona@obeycheyanne sorry but I'd like to keep everything on Poshmark.
marthalynn@kshaw Hi! I'll try to check that for you tonight, but tomorrow at the latest. If I had to guess, I'd say the width is probably 3/4". But I'll measure it and tag you 😊
marthalynn@kshaw Hi! Ok, the belts measure approximately 43" long and 1.5" wide. Hope that helps! Feel free to contact me with any other questions 😃
cyntrafulDoes this work?
rachel311@cyntraful not at the moment, I think it would need another battery
ajs7988Just received the headband! I 💙 it!
chicandfrugal@ajs7988 - so glad you like it!!! Thanks for shopping with me!!! 😄
ohgoodie@chibby they are all unique vintage fabrics that we have to hunt down at antique shows and flee markets : ) which makes hen even more awesome, we have many others that are not listed including smaller messenger bags and kindle/iPad/nook covers! If you are interested and have any color preferences, let me know and I can email you some of the other fabrics I have and make you a custom order if needed!
chibbyOoo.. Custom orders!! I'll keep that in mind!! Thanks!!! :)
cupcakelover411Just letting u no I got the bracelet like 5 minutes ago I luv it soooooo much I screamed wen it sed it was delivered Thanx soooo much
rachel311@cupcakelover411 so glad to hear it! Thank youu:)
chels00@theregulator This is in no way a weapon. It's a spiked ring sold at several fashion stores and the spikes are small. Chill out.
theregulatorright cuz small spikes can't cause damage....wow
chicandfrugal@kbsbarry - sure! Like the bracelets you want and I'll make you a listing 😄
chicandfrugal@kbsbarry - bundled and discounted 😄
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