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Platforms & Pumps Party

ladyrushellPlease ship asap, thanks.
blueeyedaisy3@ladyrushell they will definitely be in the mail tomorrow as I have another package that needs shipped as well, thank you so much!
tina_binaI hate when that happens, it's such a bummer. 😕
junedaze@nikkistick I saw them on net-a-porter a while back. They were around $900 when it was 40% sale.
klynninterested? @muscleanje perhaps there's other items that craves ur eyes, I can bundle and save u shipping😊 let me know
klynnbundle w/ the arm candy @helloparis ???
roadtovegan@nursekarr1 they are reserved so they said a higher price but the real price was $50. They are sold already though :)
surferchic@roadtovegan thanks so much!! :)
fashionablefHey there! Really love this app! How would I go about becoming a suggested user? Any tips?? Thanks again:)
shyatt30Hey so i see you host a lot.. Could you tell me how i could get some of my items in the parties? I can't figure it out and i'm new to poshmark
mika@klynn if you are still in love with these they are on sale at barneys.com for $279! Several sizes available.
klynnThanks @mika I got it😁
chicandfrugal@jackie602 - sure if purchased tonight. I changed the price for you 😄
chicandfrugal@jackie602 - hi! We're you still interested in these? I reduced the price for you 😄
pinkcrazy6@reenz thanks but I don't see anything I need right now
krisdThese are my size! If someone would buy my stuff here, I'd buy 'em!
clouie@valbj so good! Good thing I brought them w/me back to work. LoL. I'll get them out today. Yay! Thank u.
valbjThat's so quick, thx!
jlsorbetJust virtual window shopping right now. In between jobs. :( but if anything changes I'll let you know.
pinkcrazy6@mrscjm3 let me know if I can make you a discounted bundle
samarudatoo bad not my size! but super cute! btw you have a cute closet! happy new year darling!
ngia430Thank u. Just got them n love it.
stephaniekay@ngia430 I'm happy you received and you like it! Thanks again! :)
lynntranHi Hun I'm still waiting for my sandal to be send it has been 9 days already I need to know what happen
klynn@lynntran sorry, I'm not on posh all the time, so I'm just seeing ur comments. Your shoes was sent last week. You should have them by now. Give it a couple of more days, then we'll contact poshmark.
schwabinsnestI rec'd the shoes today! Thank you again. I love them! 👡💗
chicandfrugal@schwabinsnest - so glad you like them!! Thanks for shopping with me!
samarudatoo bad not my size! but super cute! btw you have a cute closet! happy new year darling!
elva09080925 now!!
stephaniekay@vanessababe hey love, so I'm not home to send this out to you anytime soon but you will get them for sure next week! I'm sorry it's going to delay.
stephaniekay@vanessababe hey. sorry for the delay. I just got back into town. I'll be sending these tmrw. Hopefully you receive them by Friday :)
lovedesignWhat's the heel height?
lefleurrouge@kimmi9 thanks for ur purchase will ship out Friday cause I'm busy with work all day tomorrow. I hope that's okay! ❤
missdoublelw@klynn Omg.. U have tons of cute stuff! The pink wallet would be perfect with this wedges :D
kaytoy@specialk104 thanks for the tip
specialk104@kaytoy my pleasure. If you do any looking around in her closet you'll see all the other comments, warnings and accusations. She's also trying to talk people into using PP even though she now says "NO PP" in her profile. Very sad.
eshopper21I see.. well sold! Transactions are so easy here, I think I'll be in trouble! LOL! 😉
eshopper21Probably sitting in my PO Box. I checked yesterday and it was empty. Will check again later. Excited to see it 😊
mentoaktapusWhat condition are these in? Love them! Can u post of the bottom?
klynn@mentoaktapus will do and tag you.
judyzookLike 'em a lot... Hard to find size 9 with heels/ wedge not too tall ( bum leg & can't wear the high ones like I used to ). Anyway, if you get an offer before I can get $ together, go ahead & sell. But if I can up with $ will buy! How's that for a totally non-committed committal ? Ha!
elf_enterprise@justzook: sounds like a committed plan. 😃
ready_2_shop@elf_enterprise Check out my closet. My shoes are your size. Most are new or almost new. Bundle for deeper discounts. 😊
ready_2_shop@crushvintage Check out my closet. My shoes are your size. Most are new or almost new. Bundle for deeper discounts. 😊
lefleurrouge@maciiel09 wow I would def contact Poshmark to see what happened- that's way too long- you should usually receive your package 2-3 days after the seller ships
maciiel09I have so I'm stil waiting! Cause I never received an email with shipping confirmation and on the app it still says processing sender says she sent so well see! Thank you anyways can't wait to get the shoes
heather_mWHY WOULD YOU SELL THESE!? They're even better in person! I absolutely love them! Thanks ❤❤❤
chicandfrugal@heather_m - yay! I'm so glad you like them! I have so many shoes that just don't get enough love, haha. Enjoy them! ❤
caseilyn09@linsleppo I just moved here a 2 months ago so I'm not even sure what or where that is 😁 so far though I love this little town! It reminds me a lot of my home town.
linsleppoIt's in the circle right down town. ☺️☺️
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