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Neons & Brights Party

skaty3@cglasl its my best price :)
skaty3@tinaly29 I sure can...but with what? I might be missing which other one you liked?...
racheltmuaIs this still available? Do you offer discounts on bundles?
klynn@racheltmua yes, definitely discount on bundles. And yes, this is available and other colors too! :)
klynn@bianca_c17 it $8 each or three for $20. I can also do free shipping on this. Let me know what toy decide
cloverluna412Would you bundle this and the other item I liked for $20?
pats872How fast could I get this to my door???
krisnSorry I just saw your comment! I can ship out on Wed this week, so however long it takes to get from Texas to where you are!
skaty3@nikicee hey, sry it is already at my lowest...I do give a 10% discount of you bundle with another item though
skaty3@meganangelucci hey! Automatic 10% discount for bundles :)
lisamarueHow long is it? I'm about 5'2" , like tops to cover hips ! Lol
klynnI updated it with more pic @lisamarue I honestly think its long enough not to show any skin 😁 let me know if I can bundle anything else so I can save u shipping💰
sanantoniopearl@kpalnam Hello! Thank you so much for your purchase! I noticed you bought another item from me as well. I can bundle them together to save you money on shipping. I just have to tell Poshmark to cancel the orders and then I will put them together in one listing. Let me know if you want me to do this. :)
sanantoniopearl@kpalnam I am sending you items today in separate boxes as ordered. Thank you for your purchase :)
mimzy74Oh duh! I just saw this, lol, and I'm sober! XD thanks again Hun... Have a good weekend!
justme@mimzy74 Thanks !!!❤❤❤
britmar@ashrenee3887 also over $25 items or bundles are only $5.50 for shipping
mamab369Oh I wish I were a 5! (Working on it..lol )... I'm in love with this dress 
klynnoh, no problem @abby_2262 but juz wanted to let u know these are the same ones as the other ones that was sold. Only difference is, less option to choose from in terms of color
abby_2262Oh it's fine
decidingThe shoes I received from @livingincolor are just precious. Thank you so much!
livingincolor@deciding so glad you are happy with them dear!! :) thanks for the sweet review!
lefleurrouge@pittsmark I'm sorry I still love this bag. The lowest I can go through PP is 120
kerlovesbearDo you trade?
hooochietacoHey Girly 💘 check out my closet and let me know if youre interested in buying anything. Also check out my ombre shorts please, i need to get rid of them. Thanks love 😍
nas0508I'm thinking about it...will let u know.
skaty3@nas0508 no problem, if u have anymore questions don't hesitate!
sofichan@xoxoeunhae - nope! It's available. Yours if you want it : )
xoxoeunhaeOkay! I'll take it then! :)
hotpinkmeluvIdk if this is too much to ask 😏 is there a way u could put it on just to see how short it is...coz I'm pretty short , I'm 5 feet if it's at least mid thigh then I would want it
klynn@hotpinkmeluv this will juz go below ur butt 😁 not long enough for mid thigh :/ Remember, ur 💰returning customer discount💰 applies to any item purchase😉
roadtovegan@nursekarr1 they are reserved so they said a higher price but the real price was $50. They are sold already though :)
surferchic@roadtovegan thanks so much!! :)
guineveregemini@lefleurrouge Got the package🎉🎉! Love love😍 Mahalo & Aloha🌺
lefleurrouge@guineveregemini yay! I'm glad they worked out!
melodycallaYay! I love mail! The tee fits perfectly, and thanks for the charger! 😊😊😊😊Hope to work with you again.
britmar@melodycalla yay! I'm glad you liked your items 😃 thank you again for your purchase!!
luxelifelisa@vtuttle hi Vanessa! I found the shorts 😀and am re washing them - I'll ship them out on Monday.
vtuttleThat's awesome!! Thank you so much!!!
lefleurrouge@maciiel09 wow I would def contact Poshmark to see what happened- that's way too long- you should usually receive your package 2-3 days after the seller ships
maciiel09I have so I'm stil waiting! Cause I never received an email with shipping confirmation and on the app it still says processing sender says she sent so well see! Thank you anyways can't wait to get the shoes
luxelifelisa@bribri123 hi! Thx for all the 💓Lmk if u would like me to bundle these items for u. Will discount it too!
erikamuaOk then, may I please do $48 just for the shoes please?
sofichan@erikamua - How about $55 for both? Updated the price for you.
skaty3@devan I can do $40 which is 20% off🌴
devanWe are arguing over the skirt still. I will let you know ASAP
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