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Designer Accessories Party

cvz15@crystal_matta - Just got my bundle today...thank you very much! 😊❤👍
crystal_matta@cvz15 yay! Great! Hope you enjoy your purchase!! Thanks for shopping with me!
jamie024@vcacevic true to size.
jamie024@vcacevic thanks for the purchase! I'm on vacation right now - I'll ship it out on Mon or Tues when I'm back home.
gaudioaCan you email me some better pictures of the ware on the bag and a picture of you holding it? Email is ashleygaudio@aol.com
fashioncrazy@gaudioa I can do just that when I get back in town.
talithaSo now what
talithaI need my $ back then - I guess u need 2 contact Poshmark about this then
crystal_matta@angelswt let me know if I can do a bundle for ya! ☺
crystal_matta@jazzierhoze Thank you for your purchase!!! Will be mailing out Monday!! Hope you have a great day!
crystal_matta@hlh013 usually I am in touch with my customers but the notifications are not showing up. So sorry😖
hlh013It's perfectly fine. ☺️
sassydiva75Is this price negotiable? Would you accept $90?
klynnsowie @sassydiva75 a bit too low, especially posh keeps 20% off of all sales 😔
terassI wholeheartedly agree with you on that point. Being a knitter and seamstress myself, all if my attention goes into the craftsmanship and the time consuming detail-but it is cathartic and so worth it in the end!😊
armer514Does it hurt your head after wearing it
crystal_matta@armer514 No! It's not one of those tight fitting headbands! Very comfy and so cute!
samarudatoo bad not my size! but super cute! btw you have a cute closet! happy new year darling!
chels00@shaylathomas1 sorry I had some issues getting the label printed. It will be mailed out in the morning! Sorry for the inconvenience.
shaylathomas1No problem!!!
jochops@lv3 Just go to your purchases, tap this purchase and it will ask if you received it. Then tap received
jochops@lv3 I received my check today thank you
jamie024@cindy_b did you get everything sorted out with your bank yet?
cindy_bYea apparently my card had some unusual activity I'm getting my new one on the 20th please hold I'm definitely buying😊
luxelifelisa@ddowell I'm so glad u love it! It is a gorgeous bag! I guess just don't stuff it, so it still comes in near top..not sure bc never used it. ENJOY!!! Thanks again!!! 😊
ddowellYes that's my plan,lol thanks again,love the fresh leather smell,,
cassa1120Ooooo, I like the thumb holes too. 
jochops@@cassa1120 Lol❕I knew you would😃. Did you see the DC tank top I have. You'll love that too ! I'll tag it for you I shipped this out tomorrow for you
klynnFYI, Poshmark is raising their shipping price this Thursday @nycrews take advantage of the $5 shipping between now and Thursday😊 Let me know if I can bundle anything for u😉
yengkeepop@klynn TRADE ?????
mitsybabesIt anymore white dress pants?!
jochops@mistybabes No sorry but I do have a gorgeous white pant suit for sale. Check it out in my listing and let me know if your interested then we can work something out
ajs7988Just received the headband! I 💙 it!
chicandfrugal@ajs7988 - so glad you like it!!! Thanks for shopping with me!!! 😄
klynninterested? @muscleanje perhaps there's other items that craves ur eyes, I can bundle and save u shipping😊 let me know
klynnbundle w/ the arm candy @helloparis ???
chicandfrugal@kbsbarry - sure! Like the bracelets you want and I'll make you a listing 😄
chicandfrugal@kbsbarry - bundled and discounted 😄
jcheng16Got them today!!! I love everything! The shoes are so comfortable! I hope someone picks up your black pair so they enjoy it as much as I do:)
jochops@jcheng16 Oh I'm so happy for you. Thanks for letting me know. Enjoy
marithel@niulka hi, just listed my necklaces. Check it out. Thanks.
marithel@teaguely1 I'm so glad, have fun and hope you'll get a lot of compliments 😉
chicandfrugal@alexisaysmile - just printed the shipping label, will drop off on my way to work tomorrow 😄 thanks for your purchase!
tinadevusser8@chicandfrugal Too broke to buy anything at the moment, sorry. 😔
mf_beauty_space@djgiles53 sure, thank you! I can bundle with my other friends closet, will you like bundle anything from their closet and save shipping fee? Please check @beauty1181 @mfbeauty
mf_beauty_space@djgiles53 thank you for the purchase! I will ship it out tomorrow!
an_gelsWhat is the length?
crystal_matta@an_gels hey! I will have to check! It's great length! It's an average size I would say! When tied at my kneck it falls way below my chest though! Ha!
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