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Pumps Party

abbeyI got it! I was very impressed with the creative packaging as well as the skirt :) thanks so much!
bruni1104@abbey thanks! Haha I'm so glad you're happy with it, enjoy!
roadtovegan@lmw8492 ok! You're all set! :) I'm out of town for a few more days do they prob won't be sent until Monday.:)
lmw8492That's fine! No rush :) take ur time, just let me kno so I know when to expect them!
lynntranHi Hun I'm still waiting for my sandal to be send it has been 9 days already I need to know what happen
klynn@lynntran sorry, I'm not on posh all the time, so I'm just seeing ur comments. Your shoes was sent last week. You should have them by now. Give it a couple of more days, then we'll contact poshmark.
mentoaktapusWhat condition are these in? Love them! Can u post of the bottom?
klynn@mentoaktapus will do and tag you.
karynbutterflyI've just added new Coach dog collars & leashes stop by and check them out! Thxs :-)
zebralovei trade so you can check out my closet as well if you would like. its easier than me tagging you in everything
evierosalesAre they wide. I have a bit of a wide toe box area
chicandfrugal@evierosales - unfortunately they are a normal width, not wide
chicandfrugal@jackie602 - sure if purchased tonight. I changed the price for you 😄
chicandfrugal@jackie602 - hi! We're you still interested in these? I reduced the price for you 😄
jillybeanny@klynn Hi. What's your best price? Do you make trades?
klynn@jillybeanny that's the lowest dear, given its brand new.
kacoreno@lexiann06 wow nevermind I found it! Taking to the post office right now!! Sorry for the delay!
lexiann06Lol! It's cool. Thank you 😄💙
tdkbkt6Congratulations 💕💐💐💐💕 On Your Fabulous😍 Pretty, Girly & Flirty Host Pick! 💕👏👏👏💕💐💐💐💕🎈🎈🎈🌷🌷🌷💕
bekah11So pretty, flirty, and girly! Congrats!
pinkcrazy6@reenz thanks but I don't see anything I need right now
krisdThese are my size! If someone would buy my stuff here, I'd buy 'em!
chicandfrugal@annieon - did you want any other items with it? 😄
annieonThat it is. Your size are too small for me haha
cvz15I got my new shoes today and I love, love, love them! I might just sleep in them...why? Because I can! Thank you!!! :-)
chicandfrugal@faberlous - did you get your shoes? 😄
faberlousI Am actually out of town until this afternoon, so I'll mark delivered when I get home in a few hours. Thanks!
roadtoveganI just lowered the price on these! They're a real deal now so grab 'em up! @akstar91 @hindpots22 @alexiscutieee @uvita @voswa1 @jandal1998
roadtovegan@sommertimeak here is the listing for the shoes you were digging.:) if you would like the skirt and shoes I could do $20 for both.:)
sonyabarbiHi, I received the order but wanted to let u know I was a little disappointed they were so dusty dirty with hairs on them:/ kinda yuk. But I will clean them up.
pinkcrazy6@sonyabarbie I'm sorry you were disappointed serves me right for asking my boyfriend to help me pack orders
jlsorbetJust virtual window shopping right now. In between jobs. :( but if anything changes I'll let you know.
pinkcrazy6@mrscjm3 let me know if I can make you a discounted bundle
eshopper21I see.. well sold! Transactions are so easy here, I think I'll be in trouble! LOL! 😉
eshopper21Probably sitting in my PO Box. I checked yesterday and it was empty. Will check again later. Excited to see it 😊
photofresh@jayna1016. Funny I thought I saw a hint of purple. They are very pretty!
jayna1016Thank you!!!! I ship them out in the morning!👠👠👠
mamathayer@kenzibray thanks! Sorry we couldn't meet up. :( next time! ;)
kenzibrayNo big deal ! Its a completely last minute thing!
msmary@alexalondon hehe yep! Staying at work late tomorrow haha. 😘😘😉will be checking out your closet for sure! ❤
alexalondonYour work is so fun I wouldn't mind living there lol. I'm sure you guys are going to have an awesome live party at work😃. Aww thanks lady, I'm excited!
klynn@bidget1 if there's more than item that u might be interested on, let me know, I can bundle and save u money 😊
splendeur@klynn - so that's how.. Ahhh 😜
skymansgirl@dxresale! How did everything go!?
dxresaleWell my assistant has been out very I'll and my sweet office neighbors were gathering my boxes and I found all 11 of Them this morning!!! It was like Christmas!! I love the shoes!! Thank you. I did finish the transaction with yep received this morning. Thank you!!
shopcat@juliathomas13 sorry no trades. Thanks for your interest though!
juliathomas13Oh bummer thanks anyways. Happy holiday!
marisamolina1Can I see the bottom of the heels please :) very cute for work !
shopcat@mimi2012 yup sorry they're sold. But I have a couple of other pairs like it if you're interested!
bonniewu@mimi2012 they are beautiful but they don't fit me at all. Too narrow for me. Do you want them?
rodswifeThank u so very much do u remember the name of these perhaps?
rodswifeI posted u In my search for the shoes to try and help u sell! Thanks again!
prinsessnguyenPlease let me know if your sequin pumps ate still available? I'll take these and both of them for a bundle?!
danielle00@prinsessnguyen the sequin pumps were sold :( but these are still available!
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