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Sequin & Sparkle Party

arinHow about $45?
roadtovegan@arin sure...I can do $45 :) I'll change the price now.:)
mf_beauty_space@linden28 hi dear, interested? 😄 I can bundle items and offer discount.
mf_beauty_space@km_callahan1 hi dear, interested? :)
susannicoleSounds good @calimom! Thanks! I'll get this ready for u now too
calimom@susannicole well, let me know if those are the items u want. I've bundled them but the price is not at zero anymore (it's astronomical so no one will purchase).
tinaboo24All mine! Thanks girlie :)
chicandfrugal@tinaboo24 - yay!!! I'll bring it to the post office today! It will be perfect for the party 😄
mushy@jdconwell hi! Sorry, not looking to trade at this time.
jdconwellThank you very much. If you change your mind and would like to partial trade, please let me know and I will pay the rest in cash. Thank for your time. Take care.
roadtovegan@lmw8492 ok! You're all set! :) I'm out of town for a few more days do they prob won't be sent until Monday.:)
lmw8492That's fine! No rush :) take ur time, just let me kno so I know when to expect them!
kbusskohlHey! You know I didn't buy this listing though... I bought the KL jacket... I am sure there is no problem but I wanted to double check considering how unbelievably excited I am to have it. Thank you!!!!
susannicoleYes don't worry! I got the jacket all packed up and ready to go for you 😊 I just commented here because it was easier to find you and I'm lazy hahha
chicandfrugal@5felix - sure thing! Gave you a discount for bundling too 😄
5felixAwesome thanks :)
chicandfrugal@alexisaysmile - just printed the shipping label, will drop off on my way to work tomorrow 😄 thanks for your purchase!
tinadevusser8@chicandfrugal Too broke to buy anything at the moment, sorry. 😔
andieI don't see anything else.
stormydolly@andie I changed the price for you here. PayPal isn't allowed anymore but I will honor the price
julietj316@alexflowerz is this similar to the bracelet you want?
alexflowerz@julietj316 yeah very similar. Too bad it's sold :(
karashawn@lmills hi there! Ru interested?!
psbI am not home I will be Monday I will accept as soon as I can. Sorry Have a great weekend
chicandfrugal@lauraried73 - hi! Did you still want this bracelet? I can still honor the $20 one day sale price 😄
lauraried73Thanks but I can only trade right now. Huge car repair this week. :(
annacondaFyii the ring was too small but everything else was great
chicandfrugal@annaconda - sorry to hear the ring was too small. Glad you liked the rest! Thanks for shopping with me!
moe4665I would like to purchase all 4 for $12 but can you reserve it for me until tomorrow evening? Please?
tabbykatt76Consider it sold!!! Thanks
karashawn@cruisegirl223 looks like u purchased this already.. You will have to purchase the bracelet separately and ask Poshmark to credit you the shipping.
cruisegirl223Don't worry about it I already submitted the order. U have so much stuff I will remember this for next time. Thanks
pyarJust wanted you to know I'm in LOVE with these shoes!!! They feel so good! Thank you!!!
lainee@pyar - so glad you like them!!
laurentabariayou have an amazing closet hun! will def check back! plz checkout my closet- everything must go! i will give you an amazing price on anything you want... no offer is a low blow. i would really appreciate it. thank you
roadtovegan@sweetlou75 New super duper lower price on these and many other items in my closet!! :D
mochahonneyDon't see anything else I like.. If you reduce the price please tag me 😉
chicandfrugal@mochahonney - reduced it for today only 😄
karashawn@panglin oh good! Unfortunately the flats a too large for me :( I'm going I see if my daughter might like them. Thx again.
panglin@karashawn I'm so sorry! I hope they fit her or we'll figure something out!
tabbykatt76Lady519 I'm sorry, you must not have read all the description, it states that it is a replica. Please read the description. That's why it was listed so cheap!
tabbykatt76@lady519 it is stated in the description that it is a replica. Also in the comments everyone asked me if it was real....I told everyone it wasn't that it was a replica. I'm sorry you didn't read the whole description! That's why it was listed so cheap, 14.00 no real coach purse would sell for 14.00
traumarnCan't wait!! Thank you for sharing!!!
snowjWhere do I find another?.. I adore this bathing suit
splendeur@kiashighlyflav - well, congrats on your first purchase! You'll have fun on here! A bit addicting though.. Lol 😉
britmar@debafa yes it is! Very feminine and pretty 😊 I will definitely keep an eye on your postings!!
debafaThank you❤
jjbearrnIs this costume? Received it today wondering!
karashawn@jjbearrn.. It is not real silver if that's what u mean? It would have been priced much higher if it was.
karashawn@mari916 hi girl... Just want u to know ur bundle is ready to ship once u hit that buy button!!!! Thx
mari916Thanks so much!!! Just paid:)
dkjewelryI just bought it. Thank u very much.
roadtovegan@dkjewelry you're welcome and thank you! I'll sen it out Monday! :)
preppylogic1599@khushi could you show a pic w it on? Just trying to get a feel for length and all that.
erikamays78I haven't receive this lovely ones 😢
erikamays78What happens to my purchase .... You haven't shipped yet 😬😬😬😬
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