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Sandals & Wedges Party

southerland05Do you know if these run true to size? I wear a 6 in DC slip ons!
marithel@southerland05 I'm not familiar with DC shoes but this run pretty true to size
shopaddict@lisagrfi I picked up your shoes. They fit :) I've never owned a pair designed as this so I look forward to wearing them!
lisagrfiOk. Enjoy
samarudatoo bad not my size! but super cute! btw you have a cute closet! happy new year darling!
elva09080925 now!!
marithel@jayaielel sure, I'll make a bundle listing for you and what freebie would you like? I have iPad skins, lipstick pencil, earrings and fashion rings to choose from. Thanks.
jayaielelOoh! Freebies? Wow! Ok what kind of ipad skins do you have? I'll get one for my husband...;)
missdoublelw@klynn Omg.. U have tons of cute stuff! The pink wallet would be perfect with this wedges :D
klynnCoz I was having second thoughts and wanted to keep it😁 but don't worry, like I said, it's already urs 😊 @cynan
cynanOk thanks..
gailThanks @klynn. I'm going to see what else you have - shipping cost for one thing just isn't justifiable.
klynnI couldn't agree more @gail I do exactly the same thing, I never purchase one item only, it has to be two or more.
msmelg1980I'm sorry I haven't been on very much. What is it that you need?
msmelg1980Things have been so crazy for me, did I answer your question?
bxirishdebSo perfect! Wish they were my size!!!
cynanIts cute. Im thinking n plan to bundle this with the ak watch.
roadtovegan@lmw8492 ok! You're all set! :) I'm out of town for a few more days do they prob won't be sent until Monday.:)
lmw8492That's fine! No rush :) take ur time, just let me kno so I know when to expect them!
splendeur@klynn - lol!! Ok 😊
klynn@splendeur --- I'm jealous! I wish I was napping too. Nap sounds about good that time, but I got restrained to be out instead 😣 bundling: I actually shipped something twice that's a lil over 4lbs, and it was okay. Juz FYI 😁 So, will u be listing more? Coz I do have to get more of ur stuff 😝 and would rather juz bundle again. Also, let me know what else u'd like from mine so I can put it together for u 😊 Questions? Ask moi😉 Oh, I'll be out again, owe another friend gallivanting time, so wouldn't be able to respond as quickly as I'd like, but will do when I can.
jillybeanny@klynn Hi. What's your best price? Do you make trades?
klynn@jillybeanny that's the lowest dear, given its brand new.
sweetnessI received my shoes today!!!!! They are beautiful and stylish. There are in excellent condition. Thank you!!!! I will be buying from you again in the near future. Muah!!!
styleandpepperGreat! They are going to look SO cute on you @sweetness!
aditishayCould you bundle with pink three strap tank, for $20?
aditishayI still have not received the shoes and tank??
rbravo8Darn you have such cute sandals/shoes. I wish I was your size 😠
styleandpepper@starwyshnn I'd say at the tallest part of the heel, it's prob 5.5 inches? Super easy to walk in with the platform, though!
lovinmusicThese are too cute. I had to pull the trigger and buy. Thanks ;)
jemha@styleandpepper bundle these with the Carlos Santanas for $40?????💘💘👠👠👠👠
jemhaOops.. Didn't realize they were 10's... ;(😢
lannis2@sarabrooke97 I surely will! I'll deff keep you in mind if they don't work out for me!
ready_2_shop@sarabrooke97 @lannis2 @thecute1 Check out my closet. My shoes are your size. Most are new or almost new. Bundle for deeper discounts. 😊
kassluWould you take 18? So that way it would be 25 on my part? I really love these😊
kasslu@chibi would you take 18? So that way they would be $25 on my part? I really would like these! 😄
roadtovegan@bittysweens I know! Me too! I love bows. ;D
roadtovegan@haide123 thanks for the likes! I always give deals in bundles as well! 😉
uvitaI would love to trade but I checked your items and u have sold pretty much everything
hazel_eyz@ash51490 I didn't see anything that caught my eye. Will keep checking I am willing to negotiate the price though.
emeraldaliceI am interested , what is B means??
lefleurrouge@emeraldalice I'm not sure- I want to say they are the width options. 6B seems like the regular width (assuming A is more narrow and C is wider)
pamelamHi :) I got these today, thank you!! Sadly they don't fit :( appears I'm going to have to re-list them *sigh*
brittneyparker1@pamela aww I'm sorry to hear that!
sugarysweetHi @jfs, interested in purchasing?
sugarysweetHi @jfs...I can give it to u for $10 if ur interested.
smartbuy13Ok I will purchase. Let me know when the price is changed. Thanks
tami@smartbuy13 ... It's change
klynn@bidget1 if there's more than item that u might be interested on, let me know, I can bundle and save u money 😊
splendeur@klynn - so that's how.. Ahhh 😜
amandajaneOk, I went ahead and marked them so u'll get pmt. So sorry for the craziness! Thanks again!
pamelam@amandajane, thanks! Did they get in touch with u yet?
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