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J.Crew & Zara Party

klynnhow about this... @tickles4giggles I have another one of this. Also comes in gray. It actually looks better in person; pic doesn't give good justice 😏
gailThanks @klynn. I'm going to see what else you have - shipping cost for one thing just isn't justifiable.
klynnI couldn't agree more @gail I do exactly the same thing, I never purchase one item only, it has to be two or more.
msmelg1980I'm sorry I haven't been on very much. What is it that you need?
msmelg1980Things have been so crazy for me, did I answer your question?
mindy102I'm very interested. Is the price negotiable?
honilandWat color us it? Navy?
thereallatoyaj@bsteward15 ok, I really do apologize for my error. If u still want the shoes later just let me know and I'll still give u the. $3 discount. Thanks for your understanding and patients.
bsteward15That's cool thank you ;)
stuartlilThanks do much was trying to figure out bundling myself lol
sugarysweet@stuartlil...my pleasure :)
laurrr3@closetfreak I can ship first thing Tuesday morning. I'm on my way out of town unfortunately. I've reserved them for you and changed the price to 45 😊 and they're yours when you're ready
closetfreakThx!! Enjoy Ur vaca✈⛵
jules217@katcachero I'm a size 6-6.5 and it slips on the heel for me so I'd say 6.5-7
jules217@lp424 here is the bundle !
emma_magnoliaWhat type type of material is this?
beccopeCan you take more photos? Thanks
anrl47@julietj316 yeap this is still available! Sorry guys ive been MIA but no trades :/
nanasammanTrade ????
triplyksis@jscoates $25, let me know and I'll create the bundle listing for you!
jscoatesI'm ready :) just tag me when it's up
babydahlDo you have any other Zara shoes you are willing to sell but are not posted yet??
classycass84@babydahl I don't have any other zara shoes to sell at the moment besides the black pair of the basic sandals.
amarie024Just purchased thanks so much :)
banana95Hi there I would love from u to check my closet and see if u have any of my wish list and if u do I woe love to buy it from I for $70
danyaleI would say a juniors large.
clairebear38Junior size....hmmmm...it will not probably fit but I'll take my chances. How abt for $15.00?
rox_j@otamster OMG! You have such cute listings! Right now I'm trying to sell only...
vintageloveWho bought these?! Please let me know if you are willing to resell ☺ I've been looking for jeans exactly like this!!! 😢
katjo@tracy 👆👆👆😊
katjo@tracy Hi😃wondering if you received my last message or did it get lost in your busy newsfeed?😳
jamie024@tygrrkttn sure! I'll do it tonight when I get home. Im the same way with T's. This is a moderate scoop neck. I don't think I wear a cami underneath.
jamie024@tygrrkttn I posted a pic of me wearing the T. Sorry it took so long. 😃
lauragreshop@jamie024 I just had to have this for spring! I'm excited to get it.
jamie024@lauragreshop it's perfect for spring!! 🌷🌺🌻 I'll ship it out today!
garmingirlThere is nothing wrong with retail therapy :-) I am finding all kinds of stuff in my closet with tags still on! Oops! Ha ha
coltHow long do you keep things in reserve?
cathym12345Easier to hit ur name and I was already following u! Lol
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