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Hues Of Blues Party

aggie2@wimpersnoodle I think it depends on how tall you are 😊 I measured from the waist to the hem. It's about 14" I added a pic to show!
ssaucierInterested in a trade? :)
hotpinkmeluvIdk if this is too much to ask 😏 is there a way u could put it on just to see how short it is...coz I'm pretty short , I'm 5 feet if it's at least mid thigh then I would want it
klynn@hotpinkmeluv this will juz go below ur butt 😁 not long enough for mid thigh :/ Remember, ur 💰returning customer discount💰 applies to any item purchase😉
dkcasey0920Love the pockets!
sthompson@skaty3 so cute! And great for spring AND summer!
chicandfrugal@murphy7516 - k! Reserved and lowered the price for you. Just purchase by Friday please 😄
murphy7516No prob
siennethreads@roadtovegan thank u! I'll package them up and send out today! 
marycakeJust creeping through all your stuff and I have got to say you are my favorite poshmarker, your taste is immaculate :)
klynn@asimpson7 it's available, but price is as is; it's already marked down
klynn@asimpson7 if u want to bundle, I might lower it
chicandfrugal@britttx0 - changed for you!!! 😄
sandimassoudHello. I just added lots of great stuff!! Im willing to do bundles for a good price that will please us bith. Check them out & tell me what you would like , dont worry about the price!!
roadtovegan@real_hw_of21228 thanks! You too! :)
roadtovegan@real_hw_of21228 just checking to make sure you're happy with all of your items.:) it doesn't show on my end that you accepted the order, so just want to make sure you're happy.:)
l31l4n1@carlibugg I have another pair of jeans like these in your size - ill tag you when I list them
carlibuggKk sounds good thank u!!:)
stephanie_faeBut thank you, when I have the money for it, i'll be sure to look at more of your cute clothes
skaty3@stephanie_fae ok, no problem. 😊
l31l4n1@keba has this come in yet? Poshmark said that they will email me if it was returned to their headquarters but I haven't heard anything yet....
kebaNo nothing came lets wait and see what can be done for now we have to sit tight and hope the problem is resolved
ashleyforealGrr missed out on this gem!
yvettehoneyWhat's the lowest price you will go?
klynn@emmysun yes it is. Just comment on the other items pls
emmysun@klynn thx for the reply. Never mind, I thought the jeans were $25.
chicandfrugal@carlibugg - yay!!! I'm so glad 😄 I'm actually having a one day sale today where you get 15% off two or more items. Let me know if there is anything that catches your eye 😊
carlibuggKk thanks I will!!:)
sami123Thx Srry bc wen i look at the price it say Q12 and I wasnt exactly sure wat that ment
skaty3@sami123 that's weird...hmm well anywho no problem! Ask any questions you want 😉
lisamarueHow long is it? I'm about 5'2" , like tops to cover hips ! Lol
klynnI updated it with more pic @lisamarue I honestly think its long enough not to show any skin 😁 let me know if I can bundle anything else so I can save u shipping💰
marithelHi @phambenny11 I just added a pic if I measured it right. It falls at 34 inches thanks
marithel@avs reserved for you.
kikiwspCan you take a pic showing the straps?
lins713Would you be willing to trade this?
klynnr u still getting this?👆 @bribri123
jennfoI just wore this skirt today in white and black! Very cute!
stacy_eI just got them. They are practically brand new! :) and the packaging was so cute! Thanks!!
pinkcrazy6@stacy_e I'm glad you like them : ) thanks again for your order
aggie2@blueeyes75 Sorry for the confusion!
blueeyes75That's ok..... Thank u for responding :)
abcpridethanks so much! I'm lovin the shoes! :D
roadtovegan@abcpride yay! So glad to hear that! They are amazing.:)
glamourgirlI have a nasty reaction if I wear fake silver 
eve28Amanda.. Thank u so much.. I love the shoes.. They're so cute and look like new.. By the way thank u for d little card.. I'm so happy i made this purchases.
pinkcrazy6@eve28 I'm glad you like them : )
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