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Shoe Party

southerland05Do you know if these run true to size? I wear a 6 in DC slip ons!
marithel@southerland05 I'm not familiar with DC shoes but this run pretty true to size
mentoaktapusWhat condition are these in? Love them! Can u post of the bottom?
klynn@mentoaktapus will do and tag you.
rbravo8Darn you have such cute sandals/shoes. I wish I was your size 😠
nancij @marithel Recd the shoes. Fast shipping and just as stated! Thank you.
marithel@nancij you're very welcome and thanks for the update.
awrb1206Haha someone bought them before I even saw the picture. Darn.
sarahmichelleOMG, I totally just assumed it was you! @awrb1206
jillybeanny@klynn Hi. What's your best price? Do you make trades?
klynn@jillybeanny that's the lowest dear, given its brand new.
marithel@jayaielel sure, I'll make a bundle listing for you and what freebie would you like? I have iPad skins, lipstick pencil, earrings and fashion rings to choose from. Thanks.
jayaielelOoh! Freebies? Wow! Ok what kind of ipad skins do you have? I'll get one for my husband...;)
xekira2Super cute!!! Thanks 😊 and for the brushes too 😄 loves it!
klynnYay!🎉 @xekira2 I'm glad ur happy😊
cvz15I got my new shoes today and I love, love, love them! I might just sleep in them...why? Because I can! Thank you!!! :-)
klynnCoz I was having second thoughts and wanted to keep it😁 but don't worry, like I said, it's already urs 😊 @cynan
cynanOk thanks..
splendeur@klynn - lol!! Ok 😊
klynn@splendeur --- I'm jealous! I wish I was napping too. Nap sounds about good that time, but I got restrained to be out instead 😣 bundling: I actually shipped something twice that's a lil over 4lbs, and it was okay. Juz FYI 😁 So, will u be listing more? Coz I do have to get more of ur stuff 😝 and would rather juz bundle again. Also, let me know what else u'd like from mine so I can put it together for u 😊 Questions? Ask moi😉 Oh, I'll be out again, owe another friend gallivanting time, so wouldn't be able to respond as quickly as I'd like, but will do when I can.
omayra6@glitterandrocks beautiful! Pictures do not do them justice. Thanks a million.👍
glitterandrocks@omayra6 Yay! Theyre super cute arent they?! Im glad you like them, have an amazing trip!! Show those boots a good time ;)
gigimariebecHi-I'm good with the price of 69 for these so let me know when you are ready for mr to send the payment.
chicandfrugal@gigimariebec - hi! I changed for you. If you buy within the next few hours I can ship in the morning 😄
janbode13My foot is more a six then a 61/2 are they more in the big side?
janbode13Nvm saw there sold
klynninterested? @muscleanje perhaps there's other items that craves ur eyes, I can bundle and save u shipping😊 let me know
klynnbundle w/ the arm candy @helloparis ???
tammysuarezWould u consider a trade?
madimillerLove your closet,great style! I hold a promotion in my closet every Monday and Friday. Monday is #FashionWeek and I pick a outfit a fellow posher composed to feature in my closet! Friday is Look Of The Day were I pick an item from another fellow posher's closet and grate it in my closet! You should check it out,I'd love to see what you could come up with and feature something for you!😘💕
samarudatoo bad not my size! but super cute! btw you have a cute closet! happy new year darling!
samarudatoo bad not my size! but super cute! btw you have a cute closet! happy new year darling!
elva09080925 now!!
gailThanks @klynn. I'm going to see what else you have - shipping cost for one thing just isn't justifiable.
klynnI couldn't agree more @gail I do exactly the same thing, I never purchase one item only, it has to be two or more.
seedshell414They are very cute indeed however when I think of jelly shoes I imagine they would be a choice for a summer showers day. I am looking for jelly heels. Saw them once and can't find them anywhere!
klynn@xekira2 lucky! Email me pls klynna67@yahoo.com Thanks
eve28Amanda.. Thank u so much.. I love the shoes.. They're so cute and look like new.. By the way thank u for d little card.. I'm so happy i made this purchases.
pinkcrazy6@eve28 I'm glad you like them : )
susannicole@nicholette22 yes, I did - very promptly and everything was really nice. I highly recommend her!
nicholette22Thank you for your honesty ! 🙌
laurentabariayou have an amazing closet hun! will def check back! plz checkout my closet- everything must go! i will give you an amazing price on anything you want... no offer is a low blow. i would really appreciate it. thank you
roadtovegan@sweetlou75 New super duper lower price on these and many other items in my closet!! :D
sonyabarbiHi, I received the order but wanted to let u know I was a little disappointed they were so dusty dirty with hairs on them:/ kinda yuk. But I will clean them up.
pinkcrazy6@sonyabarbie I'm sorry you were disappointed serves me right for asking my boyfriend to help me pack orders
mack10988Got these in the mail today. Awesome shoes! Amazing silhouette! I have a few pairs of Ivanka pumps and now I have these great booties too! Thanks!
msmelg1980I'm sorry I haven't been on very much. What is it that you need?
msmelg1980Things have been so crazy for me, did I answer your question?
pinkcrazy6@reenz thanks but I don't see anything I need right now
krisdThese are my size! If someone would buy my stuff here, I'd buy 'em!
aditishayCould you bundle with pink three strap tank, for $20?
aditishayI still have not received the shoes and tank??
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