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Designer Accessories Party

klynn@asos I only have the big one left
klynn@asos I only have the big one at the moment
klynnsoRRy @closetfreak, thats way tOO low. Keep in mind, i juz reduced the price on this recently, and this is brand new w/ tag and authentic. I can probably give u discount if u bundle.
closetfreakWould u take off $5 for shipping? Or trade?
303This is 100% Original?
klynn@303 everything is authentic in my closet. If I list something that's not, I'll indicate it. If u want to bundle two items u commented, let me know.
bedizzledhi ! I was wondering if you have a gift bag provided with this item? i would like to gift it was a gift to a best friend of mine for her birthday ! thank you 💗
klynn@bedizzled comes in a box
martivision@klynn is this bracelet sold ? What is lowest you'd sell it for?
klynn@syltai @martivision they're no longer available for purchase :/ sorry
klynnJuz kEEp in mind @mslow79 that u can always reseLL it here, like everyone else is doing😉
klynnwanna bundle this...❔ @klilyx
jamie024@lmruk how about we meet half way at $100?
lmrukNo thanks I could go to outlet
klynnFYI, Poshmark is raising their shipping price this Thursday @nycrews take advantage of the $5 shipping between now and Thursday😊 Let me know if I can bundle anything for u😉
yengkeepop@klynn TRADE ?????
lspacelyOops sorry. Another Brighton seller has the other bag. You have any more?
emoney13@ispacely Congrats on your Purchase :) interested in anything else?
nagemrunsWill do!! I'm in bed (LOL) but I'll chat tomorrow about lowering it =] TY!!! 💛
marithel@nagemruns I'll mail it out tomorrow thanks. 👍📫
marithel@cynan I might maybe when bundled and in the future but for now I can do $30, thanks. 😊
cynanOk. I'll check if i can see something else to bundle.
inanciI've been looking for a bianca! Let me know if you'd be willing to trade!😇
jamie024@inanci sorry, I don't trade.
marithel@glamourgirl the matching bracelets were already sold, only the rings are available, I only have the gold bangles available as of the moment.
marithel@glamourgirl I'll give you a good deal with these rings and the girls jackets bundle. 😊
klynnH&M @melflo78, but the jewelry are from Macy's, thought I'm selling them together. If u choose to buy the dress alone, it'd be $25. It's brand new w/ tag. I was going to give it as a present, but end up not doing so, hence the listing 😁
4conkeysCan u model this if possible? Is it a pretty true to size 4?
seedshell414They are very cute indeed however when I think of jelly shoes I imagine they would be a choice for a summer showers day. I am looking for jelly heels. Saw them once and can't find them anywhere!
klynn@xekira2 lucky! Email me pls klynna67@yahoo.com Thanks
obers27Sorry was out of town... It was here when I got back yesterday. It's great. Thamks'
marithel@obers27 thank you for updating. Enjoy your new tote, I'm glad you like it.
monicalynnI'm ready to buy if you mark it to $10
marithel@monicalynn it's ready for you thanks
paula6877Yes please do! She like a purse around the same size. She prefers the inside divided into 2 parts but will also take an open one like this.
susannicole@paula6877 ok cool I will see what I have and hopefully there's something she likes!
brkcuzafordham@lwhitesel I just took $5 off the price on case you're interested!
brkcuzafordham@weavers2 thank you for your purchase! When you receive the package i hope you love the bag, and if you could click delivered so I can get the poshmark credits I'd appreciate it!
mack10988Got these in the mail today. Awesome shoes! Amazing silhouette! I have a few pairs of Ivanka pumps and now I have these great booties too! Thanks!
serita86If you post something similar to this , please tag me! Thank you :-)
marithel@serita86 I sure will
brkcuzafordham@dunkin22 I'm gonna stick with $32 just to try and break halfway with the price, I'll change it now in case you're interested!
mayavandewielHi Susan, just received the wallet im very happy with it!! and what a lovely letter ^__^. thanks!
susannicole@mayavandewiel wonderful! So glad it will be getting some love 😊
rebelle10Awesome thank you!
bsgriffin@rebelle10 - reserved and ready whenever you are! 😊
bella90@mendi_da_bo55 it's barely there that's why's bottem right towards middle
sexyitaliabebeHi love my event is coming up, I'd love to wear these there 💗
najmar411@bella90 What is your absolute best price, I could take it off your hands today....no pun intended. I have been looking at this for a long time .
linzluvslabelsThese have come down to $25.00 right? I read in former post to Chic...that that's what you could take for them? It still says $50.00. I pray I'm right about this....thanks so much. Let me know. Always my best, Linz. : )
bsgriffin@linzluvslabels - changed the price for you! 😊
modernfabulous@amandajane your bundle is ready 😃
modernfabulous@amsndajane hi honey, could you please mark your bundle received. Thank you 💙💙have a great day 💋
novemberluvYea they sent me an email saying it was attempted too. I will check with the post office tomorrow, thanks.
t_na85@ktbby here's a green one that sold. Hee hee...
jessicasdream@hotmama yay you got them I will be sending them Monday morning they are all packaged up 🎀
hotmamaThanks sweety... I saw a friend of mines and she has then in silver and gold lol i cant wait :-)
sofichan@klynn - Aw sorry, just sold this! I'll be sure to tag you if I post anything similar.
klynnthanks😊! I've been eyeing on it, but I lost my credit card, and the new one hasn't arrived😔
hihaho@sofichan oh it's gone! I saw a yellow tag (just like the "sold" one on your cover shot.
sofichan@hihaho - Funny! I never saw it. Sounds cool though. Would be a good feature!
klynnif ure purchasing another item, I can do $20 @novemberluv
coltIs this really pink?it looks yellow!
toastybitThanks! They fit:) going to a wedding in boca Raton and I plan on wearing the silver ones!!
sofichan@toastybit - great!! So glad they worked out : )
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