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Neons & Pastels Party

skaty3@devan I can do $40 which is 20% off🌴
devanWe are arguing over the skirt still. I will let you know ASAP
artiffact@brensmom1 you were back quick! Thank I'll be sending them out today
brensmom1Couldn't help myself! Am looking forward to getting them!
giabevI tried on something similar to this today and it was too small. Thanks and sorry!
klynnno worries 😊@giabev
kidkutterThanks for the pic! I just need to decide if it'll fit or be to big dresses are hard to judge
sarahmichelle@plekdall Thank you for your purchase! I see that you received the dress yesterday. Can you please mark that you have received the order? Thanks again!
jstarposhThis is so cute! I have some questions about it - what's your email address?
aggie2@jstarposh Sure! My email is pinklady07@sbcglobal.net
klynnif ure purchasing another item, I can do $20 @novemberluv
coltIs this really pink?it looks yellow!
littlenookshopAdorable closet❤️
amerrifield76PLEASE consider me for a host pick! As you can see in my closet, I spend a lot of time putting outfits together and make sure to follow all posh rules! I would really appreciate it! 🙏🙏🙏
brensmom1Thank you thank you thank you!!!! These are great and I'll get a picture to you as soon as possible!
artiffact@brensmom1 so glad u like it. I wear mine all the time too!
marithel@penelopeq hello, I just received an email that you have not received the item. I have shipped it a long time ago. It must have got lost in the mail or something. I will be working with poshmark to solve this issue. I hope the item will be returned to sender if not delivered so we know it's not lost. That way we can send it back to you. Thanks and sorry for this unforeseen circumstance s.
marithel@penelopeq it showed that you received the item last April 19, pls go to your "my purchases" and press the "yep" button. Thanks.
lovecolor7Curious why some poshers like you with a lot of followers never share back, almost like it's a waste of your time. Nor do you answer half your customers questions. You do realize all those people following you are the reason you have the followers right? It's circular because it's so obvious yet you are very, very rude and greedy. Unfollowed.
artiffactI'm not sure why she would leave such a mean comment.
marithel@anitacampanita yes, you can bundle both for $19
sandimassoudHello. I just added lots of great stuff!! Im willing to do bundles for a good price that will please us bith. Check them out & tell me what you would like , dont worry about the price!!
michellelynn@jarakawa87 - hi, just want to apologize for the delay in shipping this. my poshmark emails were going to spam. i will get this shipped tomorrow asap!
jarakawa87@michellelynn No problem! Thanks for letting me know. :)
sanantoniopearlLove the built in necklace! Two for the price of one :)
peacelovex47Thanks for following! If you're interested in anything or have any questions about an item just let me know. All prices are negotiable :)
artiffact@mariarri just reduced!
bmm818Received!!!! Love them, their perfect! Thank you so much! Send you a picture soon :)
michellelynn@bailey14 sorry for the delays. i was out of the country on vacay when you made the purchase. im back today and can ship first thing tomorrow AM.
bailey14@michellelynn Thank you!!!!🌺🌻🌹🌷
dkcasey0920Lol my hair looks awful in this pic, but the dress is adorable! :)
doglover3520What is your lowest?
klynn@doglover3520 this is my lowest on this, but if u bundle, I can discount a lil more
thesexyknitter@oneofakind109 I might consider that. I paid $35 and have only worn them once for a few hours. I would sell them for $30, are you still interested?
oneofakind109Uh no thanks not 30
asimpson7Would like this with jeans that I asked for for $20 I can pay today I will only buy both if jeans r still $20.
klynn@asimpson7 the jeans that u commented and what else?
glitterandrocksOh haha why am I not getting a notification for this!! Aaaahhh sorry Luv! Yay! I'm buying and thank you soooo much for the discount and reserve!!! <33
modernfabulous@glitterandrocks 🌺🌺🌺🌺💗💗💗💗💗
thesexyknitter@liah Thank you so much for your purchase! Can you please mark it as delivered as soon as it arrives, so my payment can go trough? Thanks again!
wenrellaWhat is the material?
mandisk8@wenrella ok I added a photo (the last one) material is leather, handmade in China. Let me know if ur still interested 😄
skaty3@lspacely don't be afraid to ask! It is linen and rayon and dry clean only
loveoneCan u do it for 15
awardThanks you! I can't wait to get my two "new" dresses.
luckymamaMe too. I'm glad they are going to be loved! For the price you can always re sell and make your money back and then some! Enjoy😘
lexcaveyoh okay. thank you for writing back anyways! :)
bblaiknerI need to find one of these ASAP I've looked everywhere :(
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