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Shoes & Handbags Party

kathrynThank you for the beautiful shoes and the lovely note. I'll step lively around town!
luxelifelisa@kathryn 😃you r very welcome!!! 😊
sassydiva75Is this price negotiable? Would you accept $90?
klynnsowie @sassydiva75 a bit too low, especially posh keeps 20% off of all sales 😔
klynnif ure purchasing another item, I can do $20 @novemberluv
coltIs this really pink?it looks yellow!
sanantoniopearlTwo purses for the price of one :)
dkcasey0920How can you go wrong with that?
klynnthanks for being patience @luv_luv😊 shipping on me on ur next purchase 😉
chibbyLove this!
tammysuarezWould u consider a trade?
madimillerLove your closet,great style! I hold a promotion in my closet every Monday and Friday. Monday is #FashionWeek and I pick a outfit a fellow posher composed to feature in my closet! Friday is Look Of The Day were I pick an item from another fellow posher's closet and grate it in my closet! You should check it out,I'd love to see what you could come up with and feature something for you!😘💕
klynnyes @star, and it needs a home where it can be shown off and appreciated more😔
klynnHi @carmaluch! I hope ure enjoying the purse😊 Please don't forget to update the system by tapping "YEP" on ur Poshmark app😉 thanks again😊
samarudatoo bad not my size! but super cute! btw you have a cute closet! happy new year darling!
nicholemhlIs the color silver or more gray?
nicholemhlIs the color silver or more gray?
darlingkimOk medium sounds perfect! Is it leather or what type material?
skaty3@darlingkim great! It is not leather and I am unsure what material it is exactly. However, if you would like to check it out the brand is Relic😃
klynnsoRRy @closetfreak, thats way tOO low. Keep in mind, i juz reduced the price on this recently, and this is brand new w/ tag and authentic. I can probably give u discount if u bundle.
closetfreakWould u take off $5 for shipping? Or trade?
klynn@jlajla welcome! It's okay, I understand. Even sometimes I ant respond right away since I'm not on posh all the time. Juz like right now... I'm about to go to work, so I can't be responding on here, so what's ur email? So I can correspond quicker. So far ur total is $62 but with discount I'm offering u, I'll do $52. Or email me if u wish, klynna67@yahoo.com
klynn@tharrington I can even do this and the other one for $95. Let me know...
aggie2@yourpalalida I completely understand! I did some research and found that the material is nylon. Hope this helps!!!
klynninterested? @muscleanje perhaps there's other items that craves ur eyes, I can bundle and save u shipping😊 let me know
klynnbundle w/ the arm candy @helloparis ???
alwade@klynn Hi, where did you get this raspberry Juicy handbag? I MUST get one, I know yours is sold. Thanks.
klynn@alwade Nordstrom,a while back
303This is 100% Original?
klynn@303 everything is authentic in my closet. If I list something that's not, I'll indicate it. If u want to bundle two items u commented, let me know.
klynnFYI, Poshmark is raising their shipping price this Thursday @nycrews take advantage of the $5 shipping between now and Thursday😊 Let me know if I can bundle anything for u😉
yengkeepop@klynn TRADE ?????
aditishayCould you bundle with pink three strap tank, for $20?
aditishayI still have not received the shoes and tank??
klynnhi @ladyfendi I'm sorry I've been behind w/ this. I just been away from my house but will for sure ship it out this Saturday (morning). I'LL try tomoRRow, but can't promise. I appreciate ur patience...
ladyfendiUr welcome 😉
enigma@luckymama the little mini dress I have up, that you liked..have I given her enough notice to buy it? I said I would hold it for her until Friday..
luckymamaLOL. DUH, I'm so sorry I held for 24 hours unless otherwise agreed when reserving. I just had that happen too. Supposedly her credit card won't work and now the "lower" price is on listing. I wish we could delete some of the negotiations. Can you tag me in the dress please
2forqtCan I expect these anytime soon?
skaty3@2forqt hey! Sorry, I have been busy with school and my birthday. I will mail it tomorrow with some others🌺
fashionablefHey there! Really love this app! How would I go about becoming a suggested user? Any tips?? Thanks again:)
shyatt30Hey so i see you host a lot.. Could you tell me how i could get some of my items in the parties? I can't figure it out and i'm new to poshmark
luckymamaI can do $35. I only get 80% 😔
luckymamaThank you for your purchase, I'll ship first thing monday😉
msmary@luckymama do you mind me using your photos to resell the boots? Wished it fit my ankles/calves. They were a bit too snugged. Thanks
luckymamaI am really sorry about that. Yes, feel free and thank you for asking.
luckymamaYes, I picked this up at an antique shop. I don't sell my Enid's! Lemme know if you're interested. It's nice to know people who love true vintage. I have one my nana and I put together as a girl!
sweeetkristen@jtillman1983 sorry! I was out of town all wkd and didn't have my iPad. I had thousands of PM notifications when I turned it on so I didn't see your msgs. But I did print the shipping label out today and will pkg them up tonight :-)
jtillman1983Thanks for the response
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