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Layered Up Party

kathleenmensignHave you had a chance to ship this out?
dkcasey0920@kathleenmensign No, but I should have it shipped by tomorrow. I'm between houses at the moment and picked it up today so I could get it out to you. :)
ellementsYou sent me a red dress:(
ellementsHello...still haven't received this yet. Do you know if she shipped it?
splendeur@klynn - I need some tops girl... Can't find cute ones...
klynnwhat kind exactly ure looking for? @splendeur. I have closets and boxes brand new and arely used, maybe once. Let me know, so I know where and what to pull out😉
giabevI tried on something similar to this today and it was too small. Thanks and sorry!
klynnno worries 😊@giabev
teia80Have not received skirt yet
mariahhjoDoes this come with the lace? or is it separate
artiffact@maris the lace was my own shirt. It would look good layered with other tops too!
artiffact@ysjones hey hey! When would you like this reserved until?
ysjonesI'm soooo sorry my 3 month old erased my app! I just brought it k.
lisamarueHow long is it? I'm about 5'2" , like tops to cover hips ! Lol
klynnI updated it with more pic @lisamarue I honestly think its long enough not to show any skin 😁 let me know if I can bundle anything else so I can save u shipping💰
stormydollyYes!! Thank you :) I will put my tips for the week in the bank Friday so by Saturday I should be all clear to go!! So excited :)
terryseenoOh I very much will!!! Thanks again! I know I'm going to love it!! Going to England in the fall, this will be amazing to take. :-)
serita86Ooh I love the lace and floral pattern. Perfect for the spring/summer!
trasheed @bekah...I just shipped out the cape. My apologies for the delay. I was out of town and the person who was suppose to send it had an issue with the boxes. So I got in this afternoon and quickly wrapped the box and sent it out. Please don't mind the poor packaging😱. I hope you enjoy cape when u get it. I'm soooo sorry once again 💐
clairevLOVE!! 😍😍
sheelagohTruth be told @just4posh I'm hoping someone snatches this up and removes it as my temptation :)
just4posh@sheelagoh Hahaha...I've done the same thing, so I know exactly what u mean 😉
just4posh@emilyann11 Thx for all the shares!
emilyann11Sure just trying to help my followers out.
kailau75Sorry what doing bundling mean?
just4posh@kailau75 When u purchase an item, u have to pay a $5 shipping charge. If u bundle, meaning u buy more than one item at the same time fr the same seller, u just pay that one shipping fee for all items. So if u know ur going to buy more than one item fr the same seller, it's best to bundle & the seller is usually kind enough to give u a better discount. So that's why I asked if u wanted to bundle..I'd include all the items u want to purchase into one listing at a discounted price, then u can purchase that one listing. Hope that makes sense! =)
just4posh@vintageholic sorry not trading at the moment 😔
crderr22Sunglasses and this one! Thanks @just4posh
just4poshJust shipped it, @sbmercieca! Again, so sorry for the delay!!
sbmerciecaNo problem! Looking forward to receiving it.
just4poshThx for purchasing, @ckasn! I'm currently out of town til tmrw, but will ship it out on Thursday. Hope that's okay...
just4posh@ckasn Just shipped it! Sorry for being a day late 😔
vintagelove@jojo sorry I don't have my black high waisted shorts anymore so it won't look good without something high waisted! But it is super cute on and it is cropped!
serita86@muneca1976 Our post office is closed on Saturdays! I'll be sending it out on Monday!! So sorry! I wish there were a way to notify potential buyers when a seller is out of town. 😞
just4posh@thykn I do! Chk out my listings when u have a chance...there might be some items ur interested in...
just4poshHi, @ashleymorgan...let me know if ur interested in bundling! =)
tiffanycfAwesome!! Thanks!!
just4poshHey, @tiffanycf...just checked the tracking & looks like ur pkg is scheduled to arrive tmrw. Just wanted to let u know!
zittajohnI still have my beaded gloves if you still want to trade.
serita86@zittajohn I'd sell these to you for $30 if you trade gloves with me :-)
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