💗 My Shoes!!

#ClosetCrush #1: My gorgeous ivory and gold Kate spade bow flats from the absolutely darling @vivala_jamie
Seller Discount: 10% off 3+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
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treannesfrocks@vivala_jamie Just showing off my first #ClosetCrush -- the shoes I got for a steak from you!!! 😘😘
May 20 01:32PM
cocoapowderThose are adorable!!!! :)
May 20 01:53PM
treannesfrocks@cocoapowder Thank you!! I love them so much!!
May 20 01:54PM
alisonw28Really pretty!
May 20 02:25PM
vivala_jamie@tspan102 aw i'm glad you love it girl! it's great to hear from you again. much love and stay away from those sketchy websites that get your card info 💕😂
May 20 04:20PM
treannesfrocks@vivala_jamie hahahaha! You aren't kidding! What a nightmare!!
May 20 05:37PM
nlan123These are really cute!💜 awesome find!👍😘
May 24 09:31PM
nlan123@tspan102 your closet crush photos were just shared on FB by PM! Both your shoes and ring!👍
Jun 02 07:10PM
treannesfrocks@nlan123 are you serious?! I don't have Facebook! That's crazy though! See, they were good finds!
Jun 02 07:11PM
treannesfrocks@nlan123 omg I just looked on my daughter's fb! They're there! Hahahaha awesome! Thanks for letting me know, or I'd have never known!
Jun 02 07:13PM
nlan123@tspan102 you're so welcome! 💜They are definitely some awesome finds! Congrats! 🎉I can't believe you don't have a FB! lol.
Jun 02 07:19PM
treannesfrocks@nlan123 LOL everyone says that. I'm from a very, very small town where people air their dirty laundry day and night. The whole fb thing became too much for me to handle. 😂 Deleting my account was liberating hahahaha!
Jun 02 07:22PM
nlan123@tspan102 lol. I hear ya! I just delete people OR if I don't want to seem too rude, I just unfollow them so they don't show up in my newsfeed anymore lol. 👍 it does get really old though!
Jun 02 07:28PM
jenniferrleeOooh these are super cute!!! 😍😍😍 Awesome job finding these 👍👍 I'm actually looking for a cute pair of flats too 😊
Jun 14 10:27AM
treannesfrocks@jenniferrlee In what size? I will keep an eye out for you! And yes, I LOVE these shoes! Totally lucked out on these!
Jun 14 10:31AM
jenniferrleeOh you're so awesome Theresa! I'm a size 5.5 😊 Yes you did! So jealous! 😉
Jun 14 10:32AM
treannesfrocks@jenniferrlee Tiny tootsies! Yes, I will surely keep an eye out! I 💗 Poshmark matchmaking!!
Jun 14 10:49AM
jenniferrleeHaha thanks again Theresa for being my Poshmark matchmaker! 💖💖💖 lol 😆
Jun 14 11:09AM
lmpasternack@tspan102 omg omg too beautiful!!!
Aug 18 06:04PM

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