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Jamie's Closet


lissagirlHi. What's the length?
jefts36What length is this, if it's big enough I'll buy it now
whiskin82If I would have known I would take this long I would have cancelled, disappointed :(
vivala_jamie@whiskin82 usually i'm on top of shipping so i'm sorry for the delay. it was finals week for me and it's been extremely hectic. not to mention that i even had to hand the package to my other relatives just to get it to you in a more reasonable time due to post office difficulties. so sorry for the inconvenience 😔💕
vivala_jamie@tspan102 k up on your closet every chance I get!
tspan102Haha I PROMISE you, you do not want to experience this weather!! It's warmed up to 20 today, and it felt warm. That's just sad, not right at all!! You are a doll! Do not worry about the packaging at all! I swiped those shoes out of that box so fast I would have torn any beautiful wrappings hahaha!! Soak up some of that Cali sun for me bc I am a ⛄ right now!!
jenniferleexpDid you send an invoice? Thats also my paypal email :)
vivala_jamie@jenniferleexp yeah it's been sent! you can check your email mailbox now 💕☺️
jtwomey1@vivala_jamie ok. I was hoping to get it sooner but thats ok 😃
vivala_jamie@jtwomey1 yeah really sorry! I was suppose to get it sent but the holidays really got me busy for awhile. I shipped it today though!
vivala_jamie@alodiaxx aww thanks you so much alodia! And thank you for the super sweet feedback 😘💕 I'm glad you enjoy it and I will most def let you know when I'll be putting up more brandy!
alodiaxxYoure welcome❤️❤️ thank you so much!
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