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Updated Nov 12
Updated Nov 12

Meet your Posher, Tommye

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Hi! I'm Tommye. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave me a comment so that I can check out your closet too. :)


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rposen and 11 others like this
sunnimoments @thomastommye - Welcome to the Posh Community. Thank you for visiting my closet. We ALL have been NEWBIES.😊 If you have questions, just ask. I wish you Amazing BUYS & Awesome SELLS. Helpful Tips: 1)UPLOAD Clear Pics & SHARE❤SHARE❤SHARE❤ your items. 2)Join many of the Daily Time Slot Parties - SHARE❤ your items. 3)FOLLOW💙 other Posher to Increase Customers & Build Relationships. (These tips will help you EARN the title: Posh Ambassador).         💘MOST IMPORTANTLY "HAVE FUN"💘
Nov 12Reply
select_stock Hi Thomas. I’ve got the pit measurements reading at about 13”. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.
Apr 02Reply
select_stock It seems the pit is closer to 17.5”. The last measurement was taken above the chest.
Apr 04Reply
megmacneil84 Hi there! Thanks for purchasing from my closet. I’m trying to make it to the post office it’s been a crazy week. And we have a garage sale going today. If I can’t make it. Your flats will go out first thing Monday!!! I do apologize. I always try and get my stuff out within 1-2 days normally. Have a lovely weekend!
Apr 13Reply
bmkh Hi fellow posher! Please check my closet for Indian outfits, vintage items, artsy stuff and more! 💥🌼💕☺️ Also please reach out if you have any additional questions 🌸
Apr 20Reply
jaimiefarley Hey there !!! I just saw the counter of $25! I would totally do that if you still are interested!!!! Just re offer if you’d like! Have a great weekend!!!
Apr 26Reply
nianquinn Thank you for your purchase. I’ll get it shipped out for you tomorrow. Enjoy your evening!
Jun 04Reply
mrnblue Welcome to Poshmark!🌺
Jun 13Reply
designerbeb Hi.. if you love blazer’s, designer clothes and lovely lingerie... come take a look in my closet 🌺
Sep 02Reply
therosehouse Hi I’m Donna! Thanks for visiting my closet and remember if if you like an item but not the price then make me an offer! Happy Poshing! : )
Sep 26Reply
grammytata2012 Hello. Nice to meet you. I invite you to check out a special bundle savings in my closet. Sending positive vibes. Wishing you the best experience on Poshmark.
Sep 28Reply
grammytata2012 Hello. Nice to meet you. I invite you to check out a special bundle savings in my closet. Sending positive vibes. Wishing you the best experience on Poshmark.
Sep 28Reply
grammytata2012 I see you liked something from my closet. Good news! Today is closet clear out. Items $12.00 or more will receive 10% OFF and $4.99 discounted shipping. 1 DAY ONLY 10/01/2019 until 11:59pm PT CLICK LIKE on any ITEM that is $12.00 OR MORE ***SHIPPING DISCOUNT IS ONLY GOOD FOR 6 HOURS*** send me a note that you are ready for your discount
Oct 01Reply
klogue01 @thomastommye : Hey! I just wanted to let you know those measurements you requested are posted. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions! Thank you for your interest!
Feb 16Reply
fireflyclass Hi! I just accepted your offer on the Brooks Brothers pink button down, but wanted to let you know I won’t be able to ship it until next week. If this is not ok- let me know and we can cancel the order. Thanks!
Feb 16Reply
thomastommye It is ok
Feb 16Reply
cynthiaguz @thomastommye thanks for the likes I appreciate it, bundle for a discount 😊
Feb 18Reply
grammytata2012 Thank you for your order. We appreciate your business. Your order will be shipped out tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it!
Feb 20Reply
mrsmichaelcaton Thank you for your purchase! The Brooks Brother leather bag is gorgeous-you will love it! I’m shipping it tomorrow am! Sorry for the delay-somehow I missed the notification. Enjoy!
Feb 27Reply
drgmtown62 Thank you for shopping my closet! Your order will go out tomorrow 😊
Feb 28Reply
joanofmart I’m sorry I missed your earlier offer on blouse. I will send a new offer
Mar 01Reply
flygirly Thanks for your purchase! I will have that out tomorrow.
Mar 11Reply
dcarroll531006 Please return if you wish and I will cancel the order. I apologize as they were not bent when shipped. I would never knowingly sell a damaged item.
Mar 11Reply
dcarroll531006 Please keep me posted on what you find out. Thank you!!
Mar 11Reply
flygirly I was able to drop off your package today so it should start tracking later.
Mar 12Reply
flygirly Thanks for the nice rating 💕
Mar 15Reply
treasurefound4u Your purchase is packed and ready for USPS pick up today. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!!!! Allie
Apr 01Reply
rockycash Hi Tommye... I hope you are enjoying this friendly and helpful community of Poshers. Wishing you much success with many sales! Thanks for visiting my closet and liking the Angel Frame Pin. If you are interested in purchasing any of my items, a ten percent discount is offered on bundles of 3 or more items. Have a wonderful weekend and stay healthy and safe during this difficult time in our country.
Apr 04Reply
blingnthings Hi Tommye! It's so nice to meet you 😀 I hope you are loving your Posh experience and have made some great finds 🎀 Please stop by my closet when you have a minute - I have lots of fun items for everyone and I'm open to reasonable offers. Have a great day and stay healthy ✨ 💝 Carol
Apr 18Reply
cnicholas126 I am very happy that you were happy with your purchase. I thank you.
Apr 18Reply
barbershopper Hi - I truly apologize for cancelling your order. I do not think I have the jeans anymore as I have not been able to find them in any of my inventory. 😣 I am SO sorry! I really apologize and I hope you've been staying safe and well. ❤
Apr 23Reply
rinkerrags Thank you so much for purchasing the Tinkerbell earrings! I took them to the post office this morning so you’ll see them soon! I hope you love them; I think they’re beautiful!
May 07Reply
spndlrnthegrass Tommye, Thank you for your purchase. Your package will be shipped today. Jan
May 07Reply
erica1327 @thomastommye Hey I sent you a counter offer. You can change it back to $11 and I'll accept it. I only put $12 cus they would only let me start at $12. Just let me know if you are still interested hun! Thanks!!
May 13Reply
spndlrnthegrass Hi Tommye, Thank you for your rating...enjoy your purchase. Jan
May 15Reply
melllaaa_2011 Hey! 👋 welcome to the wonderful world of Poshmark 🤗 let me know if you have any questions and feel free to check out my closet as I sell your favorite brands! 🎀 happy poshing!
May 25Reply
aysha_h Hi there :) I’m selling a striped top super similar to the one you liked but for less! Let me know if you’d be interested and feel free to send over an offer 💕
Jun 11Reply
reneemaeve Hi Tommye! I hope you were happy with the Lane Jewelry Box. If you could take a moment to rate the purchase, I would truly appreciate it (then I can get paid for it:) Hope to see you again! Tonya
Jun 18Reply
thomastommye I have not received the product yet
Jun 18Reply
inlovewithluxe @thomastommye Feel free to make me an offer on the great blazer in my closet
Jun 22Reply
inlovewithluxe @thomastommye feel free to make me an offer on the items you are interested in
Jun 22Reply
alfredlongoria Hello, my apologies on the delay your purchase. The client I’m working with who owns the Terry Mugler Skirt is trying to locate the original Jacket that is paired with the Skirt. She was not aware that the pair had been separated by a previous seller. We contacted the previous seller and are awaiting a reply. My hope is to get the skirt sent out in the mail tomorrow morning. Alfred @ My Chic Shed
Jun 29Reply
stefanieveliz Hello you just put an offer on a spanx pants and I just want to be clear that it will be 20 for only one pair of the pants. Either the red or blue
Jul 09Reply
thomastommye @stefanieveliz Thank you, are you ae to do bundle for both?
Jul 09Reply
stefanieveliz @thomastommye yes but they are both not worn and new so maybe a higher price for both
Jul 09Reply
thomastommye @stefanieveliz would you fo 35 for both?
Jul 09Reply
stefanieveliz I changed the price and put that it’s both of them for 35 so u can purchase it now
Jul 09Reply
thomastommye @stefanieveliz now I can't see them to buy
Jul 09Reply
stefanieveliz @thomastommye I’ll will ship them as soon as I can
Jul 09Reply
mjfaith158 @thomastommye Did you get the jean skirt? it says delivered
Jul 10Reply
madsbutcher934 Hi! So I am out of town rn so they will not get shipped out still Thursday, hope that’s okay:)
Jul 18Reply
cflores_rose Thank you so much for your purchase! I'll be shipping it Monday!
Aug 02Reply
ballie333 Hi! Thank you for the purchase. Making sure you saw the earrings are on a separate listing? Let me know if you want those to match.
Aug 03Reply
thomastommye @ballie333 I did not. would you do $20 on those and include shipping with the necklace?
Aug 03Reply
ballie333 @thomastommye I could do $60 for both! Want me to cancel the necklace only order and you can create the bundle with only one shipping label? Also, not sure earrings are true brooks brothers, but they match perfectly and were a given to me as a set
Aug 03Reply
maryznak Hello) How are you? I would like to invite you to visit my wardrobe) May be you will find there something interesting) Thank you! Hope to hear you soon 😉
Aug 11Reply
adrianasaysque_ Thank you for purchasing from my closet I will be mailing everything out beginning of this week ♥️
Aug 23Reply
maizeybe Thank you for your purchase! Due to the holiday on Monday the PO will be closed so your package will be shipped on Tuesday. Enjoy the holiday weekend!😊
Sep 05Reply
theartluxe89 Thanks for your purchase with @theartluxe89! Today our country observes Labor Day, your package will be mailed out tomorrow. Thank you. 😀 Enjoy the Holiday!
Sep 07Reply
kimberleebd @thomastommye I am shipping the riding pants tomorrow!! So sorry. I just moved and had to find them in my packed things!!! Thank you so much.
Sep 10Reply
thaizs Hey love , I’m so sorry I looked everywhere and cannot find the blue vest although I do have the white one , I would like to ask you if you would like to cancel the order and purchase the white one only
Sep 11Reply
thomastommye @thaizs thank you. Yes please cancel.
Sep 11Reply
juliacwhite Thanks for liking my shelves. Offers welcomed
Sep 16Reply
mainlineshopper Hi You purchased the Brooks Brothers belt from me. PLEASE accept the belt so I can get paid. Thank you.
Sep 16Reply
thomastommye @mainlineshopper when did it arrive? I am looking through my orders.
Sep 16Reply
thomastommye I found a BB belt I received and paid for on Sept 6th. Is this the one?
Sep 17Reply
mariedobson @thomastommye Thank you again for your purchase. The vest and cufflinks will be shipped today. Take care! 🍁🌻
Sep 21Reply
adrianasaysque_ Hello 🌸 just dropping by to inform you I have added dresses 👗 I know we are the same size, let me know if you are interested or have any questions. 🌻🌼🌸🌺 have a blessed day 🙏🏼
Sep 24Reply
chaluka23 Thank you for your purchase. I appreciate it. Your package will be shipped on Monday morning. I hope you have a great weekend.
Sep 26Reply
chrissy2529 Thank you for your purchase ❤️ we are shipping this out 9/28/20
Sep 27Reply
xmissclassyx @thomastommye Thank you for your purchase! 🙏🏻 I’ll ship it out tomorrow morning ✨🎉🎊🤗❤️ Happy Poshing!🛍
Oct 03Reply
whats4dinner Hi, thank you for your purchase of the vintage sewing box. I shipped it out today!
Oct 20Reply
manoswoman Tammy, we have a shipping issue regarding the trunk and decorative balls. Shipping everything together, boxed, weighs 10+ pounds. The additional cost to me is $19.95. In addition to the 20% Poshmark will take, this will leave little money to me for these beautiful items. My suggestion is that you cancel the order and break it in to two orders. I will pay the shipping on the second. Please let me know if this will work for you.
Nov 05Reply
manoswoman Back again. Looks like we can't cancel the order. So I will send the balls separately from the trunk and pay the extra shipping, which I hope will be less.
Nov 05Reply
manoswoman 3rd time. Sorry. This has been a real hassle. USPS wanted $35.00 for the 2nd package. Repacking everything to go via Poshmark label.
Nov 05Reply
eljay123 Hi! Hope you’re well! Would love for you to check out my closet, I have a lot of petite items from Ann Taylor and banana republic. Have a great day!
Nov 11Reply
innarich Thank you very much for your 5stars rating!
Nov 18Reply
lapatatedouce @thomastommye hi   😊 hope you're having a great day 💐 would you please take a look at my closet and if you see anything you like in my closet I will give you 25% off as my welcome to you on your first purchase 💕 enjoy posh 🛍🛍 I also send gifts with purchase 🎁🎁🎁 have an awesome day 💝💝
Nov 23Reply
lapatatedouce @thomastommye hi Tommye 😊 I appreciate you taking a look at my closet. i bundled your likes and like I promised gave you 25% discount and will include an additional gift for you with your purchase. please go to your offers or bundles to see my offer.
Nov 23Reply
lapatatedouce @thomastommye hi Tommye thank you for your purchase 😊 I will ship tomorrow. please make sure you look for your gift 🎁 inside the box when you receive it 💕💕💕💐💐💐
Nov 23Reply
baobabkrave 🌹🌹🌹
Nov 27Reply
lapatatedouce @thomastommye hi Tommyec😊 your beautiful brooches shipped out. I packed the individual in tissue paper to protect the crystals and put also a gift bag with a gift for you inside the box. its a medium size box and inside of it a smaller box with the brooches and gift 🎁 enjoy them 💕💕💐 thank you again for your purchase and i will give you a discount again if you decide to purchase again from my closet 💕💕
Nov 27Reply
kdhscott Hi! Thank you for your purchase. I'll ship Monday. Happy holidays 😊🛍☃️🎁
Dec 05Reply
2ndtimeclothing @thomastommye Hi Tommye! Thank you for shopping in my closet and purchasing some great items! I have them all packaged - however the weight is DOUBLE what is allowed on Posh. I sent you a message in the bundle on how we can correct this. 😉 Bear Down AZ!!
Dec 13Reply
melodiefsimon Hi Tommy... I won’t be able to ship your bundle purchase until Monday, January 4th. I’m out of town. Thanks Melodie
Dec 31Reply
rooteddrawers Hey there! Thanks so much for your purchase! I will have this sent out for you tomorrow. 😊 Happy New Year!🌟
Jan 03Reply
zebra37577 Hello Tommye! Thanks for the like on the lighthouse print. Please feel free to make an offer on it and anything else you like.
Jan 14Reply
monajean59 thank you for your purchase, I'll ship it out today 🙂
Jan 15Reply
ticklemedee62 Good afternoon😁 the very least I could take on your bundle is 120. I'm sorry😞 Enjoy your sunday😊
Jan 17Reply
monajean59 thank you for the 5 star rating, I hope you liked your purchase and free gift
Jan 20Reply
rposen Hi Tommye! It’s great to meet you!🥰
Feb 01Reply
rockinfrocks413 @thomastommye Hi Thx for the likes in our closet We are offering 50% off 2 items or more Just add your likes to a bundle and offer half off Have a good weekend 😊
Feb 19Reply
rockinfrocks413 @thomastommye Hi Thx again for your purchase !! Just wanted to let you know that you will be receiving x2 boxes from me ... and the 3rd one you Purchased yesterday is going out today after work Thank you Have an amazing weekend 😊❤️
Mar 05Reply
larrykersten Thank you for the great rating. I hope you love your clothes. If there is anything else I can help you with in my closet please let me know. Thanks again.
Mar 12Reply
degas3011 3 items for only$25 --> make a bundle
Mar 15Reply
runwayrachel Thanks for your purchase. I’ll ship both items your way tomorrow ❤️ have a wonderful weekend & cool name by the way 😎 cheers! -Rachel
Mar 19Reply
kathiewilliamso Hi! I just wanted to invite you toy closet where I sell handcrafted earrings.
Mar 22Reply
myhealingcraft Hi 🙋‍♀️ just passing in your closet to invite you to see mine when you have time. Maybe you will like something I’m selling crafts☺️
5 days agoReply
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